That Single Girl 2

“If music be the food of love, play on.”

Now we all have those songs that remind us of good time and amazing memories. Any Spice Girl song brings me back to the school disco in the gym hall. Take That songs remind me of the heartbreak I went through when the bands split. Nirvana reminds me of my grungy college years and my first boyfriend and drunken house party. But when working your way through the steps of break up, recovery music is a make or break tool in these hard times.

Adele and Sam Smith both have written wonderful songs post break ups as they pour their hearts into their lyrics. But when I was broken hearted I remember my best friend deleting any Adele or Sam Smith song from my phone, out of fear I would jump off London Bridge after a vino or two.

I have only in recent weeks downloaded Adele’s newest album. That bad, yep I know!

So how do these great artists channel their pain into practical work? Does this busy life keep them from taking a trip to the tallest London tourist attractions or were their friends also deleting certain songs from their playlists?

Over the past few months my work and life has been manic. Living out of a suitcase, flying here there and everywhere. Having no time to write a That Single Girl update, apologies for that, let alone think about That Single Girl, me. And, those few and far between times I have thought about my love life any butterfly feelings I had for my past love have vanished.

My playlist in back in full swing and I can finally understand what all the hype was about from new album releases. With these songs capturing the pain of a heartache it’s interesting to listen to the words pouring out and knowing you survived yet another partner. You survived. I survived. You can smile again awaiting your next victim.

Time is the healer. Not Sam Smith.

Am I that single girl who survived the Adele breakup soundtrack to my life?

That Single Girl

Am I That Single Girl is, obviously, a single girl working her way through the dating world and discussing the common issues of dating, sex and relationship we all struggle with. Providing awkward stories, insight, advice and tips in a comedic way through her blog, she hopes to become the dating guru and conquer the world, making cosmopolitan free for all single ladies.

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