Dating In Dartford

Your Vibrant Local Singles Scene. Looking for love doesn't need to be a chore – Dartford has so much to offer that you'll have lots of fun along the way. Looking for love can be a daunting prospect – especially if you're a little out of practice!... Read more

Declaration of Independence from Online Dating

Acts of declaration are obviously the new black.  Americans are about to celebrate their Declaration of Independence from the UK.  The UK just declared their independence from the EU.  In the next few weeks, the Republicans and the Democrats will... Read more

Profile Polygraph Test- Three Must-Truths for Online Dating

When it comes to a job search, which is worse… being rejected by a recruiter because your resume is lacking a few key points needed by the employer OR having an interview cut short because your actual skill sets are far below the embellishment... Read more

Online Dating Advantages You Most Likely Have No Idea About

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Advice For Dating After a Divorce

Have you been through a divorce and/or out of a long term relationship? Should you date or wait? For a lot of people in these situations it can be pretty intimidating, especially if it has been years. For some it has been 10yrs ­ 30+yrs since dating... Read more

3 Times it is ok to hit the pause button on dating

Meeting new people, going on dates, chatting online to potential mates and sitting through endless speed dating events or set-ups can and will take a toll on you and it is perfectly OK to hit the pause button for a while. I’ve just recently taken... Read more

That Almost Becky with Great Hair

Leave it to Beyonce to create a worldwide search for Becky. Speculation is that the Becky in question not only has great hair, but also has enjoyed a little bedroom time with Bey’s man. Thanks to her song, listeners believe there’s a strong... Read more

Four Tips for Highly Effective Online Dating Profile

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Getting Back in the Dating Scene? Three Ways to Make Your Dating Profile Appealing

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Free vs Paid Dating Websites- Is there a Difference?

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