The Straight Girls Guide to Girl on Girl Action

straight girls guide to girl on girl action

Women are much more natural than men, when it comes to affection. We kiss on the cheeks, we hug, we allow ourselves little transgressions like the other day my girlfriend jokingly slapped me on the butt. For us, it flows without reading much into it. So, why the straight girl’s guide to girl on girl action? For men, naturally.

The Straight Girls Guide to Girl on Girl Action

A kiss to tease.

I recently told a male friend about my trip to Asia with a girlfriend (platonic), about how we shared a room with twin beds, and how we got along famously. His eyes lit up. “Why twin beds?” was his first question. “And really nothing happened?” was his next one. His eyes were almost begging for me to enhance the mental image he had of us sharing the room and the many nights. Want to know what my girlfriend’s husband was asking her on the phone during our trip? He wanted to know what I look like for starters. I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

Have I ever kissed a girl?

straight girls guide to girl on girl actionYes. It was a wild New Year Eve’s party. I was truly tipsy and had some energy drinks as well. We were with a circle of friends loving the music and dancing merrily. A mate’s girlfriend and I started dancing with each other. We got physically close. Our cheeks touched. Our lips somehow brushed against one another. We must have had the same idea at the same time, which was: let’s be cheeky and show the guys some real action. We started kissing passionately, our tongues intertwined, and our mouths hungry for each other. Our male audience was watching us stunned. Then the cheers came. Our stunt was a big success. A novel New Year Eve’s party, indeed. Do try this at home.

A touch to entice.

The Romans were famous for their decadent ways. There was no TV series to show a scene or two of girl on girl action. Usually a steamy bath or a massage scene was their only option. What did the Romans know that we don’t? Well, for one, how to spice up their sex life. I’m not talking about massaging in the sun oil on your girlfriend’s back at the beach. I’m talking threesomes here. For those of you who are comfortable with the idea, I’d like to point out that the one guy, two girls scenario is a great way for women (who are much more natural when it comes to “feeling” each other) anyway to play and have fun. Not sure about kissing? Give her a massage and just watch the other man and woman have fun together. Follow up with a massage once in a while when they take a break. Allow your hands to discover her body. This way you’ll feel a part of the action at all times. Not only that, she will feel encouraged to return the favor and at times, and you’ll get double the attention. What can be better than that in a threesome?

Go the extra mile – with props!

This part is not for the faint hearted. Suppose you’re game for a threesome, but the guy, due to some unfortunate circumstances, had to cancel at rather short notice.  You could both go home, or, since you’re already in the mood, you could have a go at seeing what all the fuss is about. You know how to please a man. How about pleasing a woman? Need not worry, help is at hand. For the totally brave straight girl I have a suggestion. Bring toys to the party. Take turns in playing the role of the man. You’ll realise why men break a sweat. And notwithstanding the dull ache in your lower back, you’ll feel you conquered new frontiers. More power to you both as a woman and as a “man”. And what’s best, the morning after is never awkward. All you do is have breakfast with your gal pal, before you say your good byes.

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