Ohlala touted as the Uber for Escorting Industry


The App That’s Changing the Dating Game

It seems like there’s almost too many dating apps out there at the moment. Ohlala is one you definitely won’t have seen before though.

The dating game has changed immensely in recent years, and more often than not, we’re looking for partners online. The escort industry is no different, and it’s recognised these changes in our dating habits. There are now many websites and even a search engine which you can use to find an escort near you. The latest leap forward though, is an app. From now on, you can hire an escort as simply and as quickly as you would hailing a cab on Uber. So let’s find out a little more.

About the app

The app in question is called Ohlala, and it’s the brainchild of Pia Poppenreiter. Her idea was that people could use an app to arrange instant, paid dates. She doesn’t think of herself as someone who’s offering the services of escorts. Instead, she’s a provider of dates that involve the exchanging of money. She’s relaxed about what happens during the dates, saying that that’s a private matter between the two people involved. All that she provides is a safe, easy way for people to connect and then arrange a price and location.

How to use it

When you use the app, you can see the influence of user-friendly, simple to use apps like Uber. So how does it work? Well, the male users will put in a request for a date. This request includes information such as their location, availability and the price they are willing to pay for the date. It’s then up to any available women in the area to take him up on his offer. If no one does that, then the request will disappear after 21 minutes. This puts the mind of male users at ease, as there will be no traces of their request left for anyone else to see. For the women, the app is great as it puts the decision firmly in their hands. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone! It’s a service firmly aimed at adults though, with users having to be 21 or over in order to use the app.

Giving guys a boost

This app could really work wonders for those who are new to the dating scene. Meeting someone via an app like Tinder can be really nerve-racking if you’re not very experienced or outgoing. Ohlala will allow those people to gain confidence – both with the process of using a dating app and the actual dates themselves. Of course, you don’t need to be a dating newbie to use it either. The prospect of spending an evening with a beautiful woman is a tantalizing one to any man.

A welcome development

What’s clear is that apps like this are making hiring an escort really easy, and blurring the lines between that and casual dating. Services like this mean that seeing an escort is rapidly becoming a normal part of the dating experience, and anyone with access to a smart phone can join in on the fun. Dating may be totally different to how it was a decade ago, but apps like this show us that it’s definitely a lot more fun!

Jonathan Bird
Jonathan is our Managing Director. He started Singles Warehouse in 2009 and has since watched it explode into one of the biggest and best dating resources on the internet. Proud of the #SWEXPERTS and everything they achieve, he loves to see many different messages delivered on Singles Warehouse because ‘it will resonate with someone’. A huge believer in IDIC – infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

Outside of the office Jonathan loves supporting start up companies, offering advice on growing dating businesses and playing on his xBox!

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That Single Girl 3

A few months ago I was out for drinks with a friend and we were discussing dating. He was encouraging me to get back out there, but with my job having quite unsociable hours it is tricky to meet the love of my life. I have tried dating sites and just found they ripped off vulnerable people constantly asking you for more money the further you move along the online dating food chain. He suggested that well know Swipe Left or right dating app.

“I am not in it for a booty call. I am serious and will be keeping my legs firmly closed on the first date.” I insisted.

After he wiped up the beer that he spat out at me. He ensured me that it is not just about booty calls and he has gone on dates with girls that haven’t ended the night with a wham bam thank you mam.

So I join up and my friend chooses my five photos and away we go. Swiping away. More left than right. Standard. I am incredible fussy after all.

After a few days pass there are four guys that I quite like to look of and have been talking to. The usual groundwork conversation about what they do, where they are from, how their weekend was. A few days pass and not one of them has asked me out on a date. Further days passed and the same daily conversations go on. How was work? What are you plans this evening? But no sign of actually meeting face to face.

Well over a week now, so I ask one of them about meeting up for a drink. He says he is free Thursday 7th January. (It is the 2nd December when I ask). Blank.

Later that evening one of the guys finally asks me out that Friday. Win. On Thursday I get a message from him saying he has double booked himself and Friday is off. The next free night is in two weeks time. Free night? What about a 20 min coffee pre work or on your way to football practice. Fine, your choice.

A few days pass and he begins texting more and more frequently, asking more and more personal questions. Some questions I haven’t even discussed the answer with my best friend. I’m intrigued to find out why, basically a complete strange thinks it is acceptable for another stranger to tell them their deepest darkest secrets before meeting and knowing if or if not there is a connection. Has the world of social media and putting everything out there from behind a screen really gone that far? Is it to much to meet and actually ask these questions in person and over time? Interesting.

The personal questions keep coming and more and more texts arriving. (At times I’m confused to how someone can type that fast of reply). A robot? A bored computer hacker? Or just a lonely loser?

I don’t give any more that what I would put on the internet away to him. He could be a raving bunny boiler for all I know.

Two weeks pass. Two weeks of me replying one or two word answers or not replying at all. I do not mention our attempt at date number two at all in this time. He then informs me that he is busy and it will have to be in the New Year. Oh dear, what a shame. Block.

I revisit the app for a third time lucky attempt. I begin talking to a personal trainer who has a lot of similar interests and a good sense of humor. As much as I can tell through the screen of my iPhone. After three days I suggest meeting, thinking I am learning from past mistakes. He also gives me a date, in 3 weeks time. Third time unlucky more like.

Three weeks pass and I get a naked photo of the PT with the comment ‘Look what your missing out on.’ Hilariously he is tiny not just in his man hood but general body size. I’m more a chunky mans man, kind of girl.

Who do these fella’s think they are? Or what are they scared of? Prolonging to dating app messages isn’t going to make meeting for the first time incredible awkward any easier. It will always be horrific, best to get it over and done with sooner rather than later in my opinion. Like ripping off a plaster.

With the dating app I have given up swiping and instead deleted everything. Considering just meeting someone in the real world and not the cyber world. Retro, right?!

Am I that single girl who swipes left and right?

That Single Girl
Am I That Single Girl is, obviously, a single girl working her way through the dating world and discussing the common issues of dating, sex and relationship we all struggle with. Providing awkward stories, insight, advice and tips in a comedic way through her blog, she hopes to become the dating guru and conquer the world, making cosmopolitan free for all single ladies.

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Hitch App Review



Today I’m going to be reviewing a new app to the dating scene which you may have heard of, Hitch, available for iOS and Android.

Hitch is a different kind of dating app compared to most of the ones out there you’ve probably heard of. The developers have taken a different approach to the matchmaking side of the app, letting humans do the work. Their reasoning behind this is very logical and frankly surprising that it hasn’t been implemented before. The way regular dating apps match you is via a search algorithm coded into the app that looks over your profile and finds people who have similar interests to you. It also works via your location so you can obviously date people who are local to you.

Here are a few examples of what to expect from Hitch

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The way these dating apps work, is that you search for profiles, see what profile pictures and information they want you to see and decide from there whether or not you want to contact these people. This isn’t a very personal way of doing things as you are essentially browsing a catalogue to see what “product” it is you like and suits you the best. Of course you have no idea whether or not these people are real and whether or not their pictures are accurate or changed or quite frankly just a very flattering angle that in no way represents how the person would normally look. These are a lot of problems which makes online dating a bit hit and miss and for the most part is a numbers game. The way Hitch bypasses these problems, as I have mentioned above and is their primary selling point is that you let your friends do the matching for you.

This works because, to be frank, who knows you better than your friends? Some close friends even know you better than you know yourself. So who else would be better suited to introduce you to your potential other half than your best friend?

To use the app, you need a Facebook account, the app will be required to access your information like profile picture, friends list etc. The app will then import your friends list and allow you to “Hitch” two of your friends together, providing, they also have the Hitch app. This will also allow your friends to Hitch you with one of their friends who has the app.

When you get hitched, you’ll be able to chat with your match right away. This is a great feature where you can instantaneously begin to get to know your match in a more detailed way. Why wait around when you could potentially be arranging a date?

To protect Hitch users from abuse, spam and people who are generally offensive, Hitch is now invite only, so you can only add the friends you want to the app. There is also a strict banning policy in place by the developers of Hitch themselves so anyone abusive that hasn’t been reported will be banned anyway.

All in all this is a pretty cool app that has some nice features and is a brilliant half-way house between online dating and meeting people in a social environment as it was before online dating became so prominent in today’s dating world.

Psssst……to access the app, please download it from your phones app store and use the exclusive code of 91098 to get up and running.

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