Meet Mature Escorts in Chislehurst


Your Dream Date is Just Around the Corner

Chislehurst is home to some of the best mature escorts in the business – so why not find out what makes them so special?

Are you a single man in the Chislehurst area? It doesn’t matter if you’re back on the market after a long relationship or just starting out on the dating scene, being single should be as much fun as possible. Finding some female company can be a little daunting, what with so many apps, dating nights and singles websites out there. So why not take things back to basics and hire a gorgeous Chislehurst escort for an evening of fun instead?

What to expect

If you’ve never hired an escort before, it’s fine to be nervous. After all, you hear lots of stories (plenty of them misleading!) and you may not be sure what to expect. To put it simply, if you give a mature escort agency a call, they’ll arrange a date between you and a stunning older woman who will go out of their way to make you feel good. Now, which red-blooded man wouldn’t like the sound of that?

That special something

So, why is it so good to go on dates with a mature escort? Well, their experience, for one. They’ve spent years figuring out exactly what it is that makes men tick, and they’ll certainly put their knowledge to good use during your time together. Mature women are also much more assertive and confident than some of their younger counterparts. So they dress to kill, knowing that they look incredible, and they’ll be able to direct you and show you exactly what pleases a woman too. Confidence is a huge turn-on for guys, and a mature escort will have it in abundance.

Putting your mind at rest

Many men worry that they’ll be “found out” when seeing escorts. That’s down to yet more misconception – a reputable escort working for an agency would never tell anyone about your time together. They understand that you may not want your dates with escorts mixing with your personal and professional life, so she’ll always make sure the final decisions are down to you. So where you meet, how long you meet for and what you do during your time together will be completely up to you. The best escorts in the industry are totally discreet and professional, and their number one priority is your safety and comfort.

What to do in the area

Chislehurst is a great place to go out on a date with a mature escort. It’s home to some great pubs and restaurants, so you and your date can enjoy a few drinks and a bite to eat while getting to know each other. One of the best spots for a romantic dinner is Oriel, a modern French bistro. Chislehurst is also home to those famous caves – although they’re not the most romantic place to take your companion! It’s also under an hour away from London by train, so you can always enjoy a weekend stay in the capital together before heading back home for some more fun.

Why delay? Book an escort today

There’s no reason for you to be at a loose end in Chislehurst this summer – not when there are some beautiful mature escorts waiting to meet you! These classy, beautiful and experienced ladies will totally satisfy you, and you’ll soon wonder what on earth you did before you started to spend time with them. So go on, give in to temptation!

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3 Times it is ok to hit the pause button on dating

3 Times it is ok to hit the pause button on dating

Meeting new people, going on dates, chatting online to potential mates and sitting through endless speed dating events or set-ups can and will take a toll on you and it is perfectly OK to hit the pause button for a while.

I’ve just recently taken a pause myself and discovered amazing new things about myself like exactly what it is I am looking for in a partner and how to enjoy male company without the pressure of always wondering if there is something more.

Those realizations, though, took long and hard work and were precipitated by some harrowing and tiresome dating experiences.

Here are three times it is OK to hit the pause button on dating:

1)      You’re being stood up once too often:

Sometimes, it is a simple case of you being more invested in a date than the other person is or they got nervous and freaked out.

It doesn’t take the sting out of sitting all alone like an idiot for 30 minutes, an hour etc and having people stare at you at a restaurant, bowling alley, theatre play etc with pity in their eyes.

What’s worse is if your date didn’t even have the courtesy to text or call to let you know they cannot make it.

This, you need to understand, is not your fault – someone who does this to you, isn’t the one for you so gather your dignity and let it go.

The next time you get invited on a date, let that person put in all of the hard work and enthusiasm.

2)      Online suitors are rude and pushy:

I had a guy calling me nasty names and insulting me because I wasn’t responding to his messages as quickly or as enthusiastically as he’d like.

It didn’t seem to matter to him that he wasn’t putting in the work to ask me worthwhile questions or trying to get to know me- he was angry that I wasn’t fawning over him.

I realized that if this was the way he was acting before I met him, he wasn’t worth meeting … screw it, time to log out!

3)      You’re bored by potential mates:

This happens when conversation at dinner or online is stilted, frustrating and/or one side. You’re doing all of the question asking and your potential mate is talking constantly about themselves, their possessions, their jobs, the weather etc but taking no real interest in you or showing that there is more depth to them.
Honestly, if you think you’d have more fun catching up on the latest Game of Thrones episode than have to attempt conversation with a vacuous individual, it’s ok to say thanks but no thanks to a second date or online conversation.

Hitting the pause button and enjoying some me-time is an amazing, freeing experience and one you should take every now and then to clean the slate for the next round of dating. Go on and do it!

Fazielah Williams
Fazielah Williams is a blogger and publicist from Cape Town, South Africa. Born and raised in the gorgeous Mother City, she’s a lover of all things chocolate, travel, magic and love. Her quest for love and meeting the father of her future children has led to a number of hilarious and often embarrassing situations which she chronicles on her blog site

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Online Dating with a Budget


With the rise in popularity from online dating, dating costs can quickly surge become the equivalent of a car payment. The online date prospects come in waves and as such, can empty a suitor’s wallet faster than he can replenish it. We know what you are thinking: Well, the guy doesn’t have to pay. We could argue all day on whether or not the guy should pay for the date, but from a guy’s perspective, that next date could be “the one”. The last thing he wants is her running back to her friends to say with a frown, “He didn’t pay. . .”

If you can’t have the woman pay for the date and you aren’t a wealthy bachelor; where does that leave us? The only answer to this question is to find a place which isn’t the McDonald’s dollar menu and is a low-cost memorable experience. That is why we have prepared a list of places for your dates. We promise they won’t break your bank.

Coffee and a Stroll

Getting coffee together is a great experience to get to know each other. You both get that extra caffeine spike which will keep the conversation flowing for hours. That is if the chemistry is right. The cost of two coffees is hardly enough to break the bank. The other side of the coin is that if the date is a nightmare; you can always eject from the short-lived situation.

Picnic on a Sunny Day

A picnic is a classic date idea and also very romantic. The idea of consuming tasty fruit while discussing childhood memories on a soft blanket is golden. It is one date that will surely have her running back to her friends to boast. The best part is that you don’t need to stuff yourself like a Thanksgiving turkey. Sandwiches and some healthy snacks go a long way for a relaxing picnic. They are also very inexpensive.

Take Fido Out for a Walk

If you are both dog lovers, taking your dogs out for a walk together is a free and pleasant experience. But what do we talk about? The ice-breaker is a given, talk about your dogs. We ensure that the awkwardness will fade like a summer’s breeze.


Most bars have billiard tables in them. Choosing to play against your date in a competitive game can have remarkable ice breaking effects. Just imagine the amount of playful banter to emerge out of that dating experience. Soon you two will be trash-talking each other like you are best friends. The billiard date is an affordable idea. That is unless you both are drinking like fish. Stick with one drink and the game of pool and this date won’t bleed your bank dry.

Watch Airplanes Take Off and Land at the Airport

This might be more of a second date idea, but it’s a creative date idea that must be included. Sitting on the hood of your car next to each other as the planes roar overhead can be a stunning experience together. It might just take you back to your childhood days. You guys can bond over childhood stories and talk about the meaning of life. It is a great relaxed date idea that won’t cost you anything but your time.


James Arnold
James is a freelance writer and founder of He is passionate about helping others succeed with dating and relationships. In his free time, you will find him running with his Greyhound, traveling, or spending time with loved ones.

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How to ruin a perfectly good relationship in 3 easy steps


It’s finally happened for you! After countless “swipe rights” and endless coffee dates you’ve finally found “your person”. The person you believe to be the missing lid to your pot. Your masterpiece! You’ve been single and independent for so long that you’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to be in a real romantic relationship. Please do yourself a favor and don’t ruin it! If you don’t want to keep this new flame going here are three easy steps on how to ruin it.

Step one

Involve every single person you know in your relationship. Sure go ahead and tell your Mother, your best friend who you rarely speak to (but gave the title to years ago), your co-workers, and finally your caring yet oh-so nosy neighbor. Involve everyone in your fabulous date details, your relationship disagreements, and let’s not forget your amazing energizer bunny sex life. Stop right there! By giving outsiders a front row seat into your relationship you’re setting yourself up for what would be known as a disaster. Not every detail should be discussed. Your private matters and battles you should be fought together to strengthen your bond. Plus not everyone will be thrilled about your new relationship and their poisonous advice could ruin your happiness.

Step two

Don’t be considerate! Your world is and will always be the focus. Your time, your goals, and whatever else it is you feel that’s more important than sharing in your partner’s life as well. Don’t think about their time, schedule, or life! In your new relationship you’re the only one that matters. Try going this route and you’ll find yourself exactly where you started. Back on a dating app!

Step three

Act way too cool! Yap you’ve got it! Keep your Facebook status to single, don’t post any of their pictures, and act like you’re still dating multiple people. It’s ok if you’re not because you still need to act cool, so you don’t appear like you’re actually falling for this person. Don’t answer their text messages right away even if your phone is glued to your hand as always. Please don’t answer their call either! Acting way too cool, like this person actually doesn’t matter to you will eventually have them thinking they don’t! Soon it will be goodbye you! Guess what? You can be cool all by yourself again!

Your assignment will be to do the complete opposite to keep your new relationship alive. Now that you know how to ruin a perfectly good relationship in three easy steps please avoid these mishaps! Try keeping your relationship to yourself for a change, be considerate, and don’t act too cool! You deserve an amazing relationship!

Tia Nicole
Sex toy educator/intimacy aficionado with Passion Parties! Helping people put SPICE back into their bedrooms!

Website – Twitter – @AllThngsCuteEtc. Facebook – IamTiaNicole

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Ohlala touted as the Uber for Escorting Industry


The App That’s Changing the Dating Game

It seems like there’s almost too many dating apps out there at the moment. Ohlala is one you definitely won’t have seen before though.

The dating game has changed immensely in recent years, and more often than not, we’re looking for partners online. The escort industry is no different, and it’s recognised these changes in our dating habits. There are now many websites and even a search engine which you can use to find an escort near you. The latest leap forward though, is an app. From now on, you can hire an escort as simply and as quickly as you would hailing a cab on Uber. So let’s find out a little more.

About the app

The app in question is called Ohlala, and it’s the brainchild of Pia Poppenreiter. Her idea was that people could use an app to arrange instant, paid dates. She doesn’t think of herself as someone who’s offering the services of escorts. Instead, she’s a provider of dates that involve the exchanging of money. She’s relaxed about what happens during the dates, saying that that’s a private matter between the two people involved. All that she provides is a safe, easy way for people to connect and then arrange a price and location.

How to use it

When you use the app, you can see the influence of user-friendly, simple to use apps like Uber. So how does it work? Well, the male users will put in a request for a date. This request includes information such as their location, availability and the price they are willing to pay for the date. It’s then up to any available women in the area to take him up on his offer. If no one does that, then the request will disappear after 21 minutes. This puts the mind of male users at ease, as there will be no traces of their request left for anyone else to see. For the women, the app is great as it puts the decision firmly in their hands. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone! It’s a service firmly aimed at adults though, with users having to be 21 or over in order to use the app.

Giving guys a boost

This app could really work wonders for those who are new to the dating scene. Meeting someone via an app like Tinder can be really nerve-racking if you’re not very experienced or outgoing. Ohlala will allow those people to gain confidence – both with the process of using a dating app and the actual dates themselves. Of course, you don’t need to be a dating newbie to use it either. The prospect of spending an evening with a beautiful woman is a tantalizing one to any man.

A welcome development

What’s clear is that apps like this are making hiring an escort really easy, and blurring the lines between that and casual dating. Services like this mean that seeing an escort is rapidly becoming a normal part of the dating experience, and anyone with access to a smart phone can join in on the fun. Dating may be totally different to how it was a decade ago, but apps like this show us that it’s definitely a lot more fun!


Jonathan Bird
Jonathan is our Managing Director. He started Singles Warehouse in 2009 and has since watched it explode into one of the biggest and best dating resources on the internet. Proud of the #SWEXPERTS and everything they achieve, he loves to see many different messages delivered on Singles Warehouse because ‘it will resonate with someone’. A huge believer in IDIC – infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

Outside of the office Jonathan loves supporting start up companies, offering advice on growing dating businesses and playing on his xBox!

Visit his Website

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Dating After 40…UGH.


I began dating again at age 44, more than 2 years after I decided to end my 15 year long marriage. I didn’t actually CHOOSE to start dating again…(more on that later). I really had NO interest in men. At all. I used to tell people “I just got rid of one. WHY ON EARTH would I go looking for another one???” (Yeah, the marriage wasn’t all that fun there the last uh…7-8 years!) Anyhoo…

Let me tell you something. Dating in your 40’s is a PITA. That’s “Pain In The Ass” for those of you who don’t text (or have a love of acronyms). Having not been in the dating world since the 90’s creates one ginormous learning curve for starters. Honestly I don’t even remember HOW we met people to date when I got out of college.

It started in January with a man 12 years younger than me asking “What are you doing later?” My mind began to play a list of what I might actually be doing later that day (laundry, cooking dinner for my kids, yoga, maybe writing…) before I realized that he was asking for a date. Gah! I politely declined his advance and thought he was cute for putting himself out there like that.

article image 1

What happened over the next 48 hours completely blindsided me! ALL MY PAST RELATIONSHIP STUFF CAME UP… doubts, fears, insecurities, my “failures”. Then the questions… What do I really want anyway? Do I WANT to start dating again? Then I landed on “Why the hell not?” I didn’t see any of it coming!

To speed things up I’ll tell you that I decided to spend time with that man for almost two months. One day when something juuust didn’t feel right to me, I called it off. Then I found out he had a girlfriend all that time. Then I found out his girlfriend was really his WIFE. So that was my first dating experience after divorce.

As reeling as it was, the experience catapulted me into a space I’d never been in before. I was reminded how a good kiss feels. I remembered that I enjoyed the company of a man. It was exciting to learn about someone new. And I wanted MORE.

So began what I affectionately refer to as The Year of Dating 2015. I met a lot of men online, even though at first I was completely opposed to it. I had some varied results, as is to be expected I suppose. Interestingly, the results changed for me over the course of the year, in 3 “phases”.

During phase one I was entirely out of control. Well to a degree. All I wanted was to feel that “high”. You know, the baiting, the hook, that first touch, kiss….etc. etc. It was like a game. It was thrilling! It made me feel sexy again. Wanted. Until it didn’t. I got my heart hurt. A couple of times. So I stepped back, assessed my behavior and went back in for phase two. It was better. I felt like an advanced player. I knew a little more about what to do and what not to do. I created rules for myself. After a couple of months, I was crying again, cursing the whole process.

It took me a few weeks, after swearing I wasn’t going “out there” again, to enter phase three. This time I totally changed up my approach. I looked at it more like an experiment. I chose not to care as much. I decided to stand in my own power more. The craziest thing happened! The men that started to message me and seek me out were altogether different than the ones before that. The conversations were more intelligent, more substantial, and the “creepy” guys virtually disappeared. What??? What WAS this magic? Phase 3 turned out to be much more fun and I felt so much better about myself while dating during this time.

Well, at the end of the Year of Dating 2015 I did quite a bit of reflecting. What came to me in a very clear way was that in that last “phase” I showed up completely differently than I had before. My energy was not that of a woman needing a man. It was confident, relaxed and in fact more authentic. I chose to respect myself more than the man on the other side of the chat box. If something, anything, felt “off”, either I didn’t respond or I deleted/blocked the person.

article image 2

What I learned is this: YOU choose how to show up online for potential dates. If you want to sleep around and not expect much from your matches, then post sexy extra cleavage pics and flirt a lot. Don’t be shy. You’ll get exactly what you want. (No judgment here by the way. I ran that course.) But if you are looking for a life partner or someone to really value you as you and not just a play thing, then you MUST communicate that through your words, pictures and energy online. It is ALL about what you put “out there”. It will come back to you like a big ass, in your face mirror. And be honest about what you want. I’ve heard from a lot of men that women online say things like “No hookups” but then they post revealing pics and send suggestive messages to them. That isn’t honest. It’s manipulative. Don’t do it.

Online dating is what you make of it. Decide what you want. Communicate that in a genuine way. Create some guidelines for what you are willing to allow in a conversation, a date, and beyond. Honor your decisions and guidelines. (You can change your rules whenever you want to of course.) Remember to stand in your power. Then have fun!

Becky Heart
Becky Heart is a Certified Life and Yoga Coach. She was personally trained by Martha Beck and studied Yoga Coaching through Yoga Church, the first Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Coach teacher training. Becky holds a BA in Psychology from CSU Fresno and is a member of American Mensa.

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You Only Have One Chance

you only have one chance

“Just do it”. I once heard they were the three most important words in the English language. Sure this is an article about dating, but it’s really about something that can help you take advantage of any opportunity you may find in life.

A few examples can be approaching someone for the first time, going out of your way at a networking event, taking the lead in an unfamiliar situation. It’s hard to step out our comfort zone because it’s so uncomfortable. But if you don’t step out you choose to stand in front of a brick wall without ropes to climb it.

Approaching someone for the first time in the dating world can be daunting. If you get nervous and overtaken by anxiety, that’s okay. By no means are you alone. But you have to go for it! You have to live like you only get one chance.

So here are some ways to help ease the tension of an approach or doing something socially that would otherwise be very difficult. Make sure you take the risk and use these suggestions. If you never take the risk, it’s a guarantee that you won’t get what you want.

1. Use Humor

Laughing eases tension, relieves stress and everybody loves it! Try not to take life too seriously. And don’t take approaching someone or expressing your feelings to someone too seriously. You are one of millions who is engaging in this process. It’s not a life or death matter. Start with a joke. Then focus on keeping the laughter going. Once you gain momentum, you’ll find that the rest of the work does itself for you.

2. Never Assume There Will Be A Second Chance

It’s very easy to put it off. To say to yourself, “I’ll take some time and think of a strategy and come back with it another time”. Although this may be possible in some scenarios, what if she’s not there when you come back? What if that second chance you assumed you’d had disappeared?

You must learn to act on the spot! This is a very difficult habit to develop, but the more you keep at it, the easier it gets. It is something that actually can become second hand. When we practice this, we train our brains to feel more comfortable with it.

3. Let Go Of The Fear Of Being Judged

This is one of life’s biggest fears and probably the one that holds us back the most. When we concern ourselves with how other people judge us, we make behavioral decisions based on someone’s judgement. When you find you are more influence by others than by your self, it’s time to stop and think about things.

If you do not let go of caring what other people think, your life will conform to others’ standards. You will loose “yourself”. When we act on others’ judgements, our lives become much more difficult and it will be much more difficult to achieve your dating and life goals.

4. Engage In The Process

Don’t think about the outcome. In fact, don’t think as far as 5 minutes into the future. You need to be present. When you are present, all of your attention is in the moment. When you are in the moment, thoughts of the future or outcome cannot have any effect on you. When you settle into the calm space of the present you’ll find your encounter to be much more enjoyable and authentic.

And in the end, your memories are made from what you did choose to do. The actions you took will be with you for a lifetime. Just think of how much better it will be one day to think back and remember the folly of a rejection than it will to remember yourself not taking the chance at all.


CJ Westyn
CJ Westyn is a relationship expert and strategist residing in Princeton, New Jersey and Denver, CO. He is a Date Camp™ Coach and former co-host of dating and relationship talk radio show, Intuidate Radio®.

CJ holds an M.A. in Rehabilitation Counseling and has spent over 10 years working with couples and individuals on a broad variety of relationship issues.

CJ’s mission is to use his writing and untamed sense of humor to add value to the dating advice world by delivering helpful digital content. He strives to move people forward as he guides them through overcoming the uncomfortable yet inherent challenges we are dealt by the human condition (You know, when “life gets in the way”).

CJ’s aim is to also raise awareness surrounding cultural mores and standards that are congruent with human biology yet have earned negative value judgment due to sociocultural human constructs such as religion, ethics and tradition.

In addition to dating advice, CJ spends significant time writing comedy and performing elaborate practical jokes. In his spare time, he watches plenty of Andy Kaufman videos (for inspiration) and audits classes at Princeton University.

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That Single Girl 3

A few months ago I was out for drinks with a friend and we were discussing dating. He was encouraging me to get back out there, but with my job having quite unsociable hours it is tricky to meet the love of my life. I have tried dating sites and just found they ripped off vulnerable people constantly asking you for more money the further you move along the online dating food chain. He suggested that well know Swipe Left or right dating app.

“I am not in it for a booty call. I am serious and will be keeping my legs firmly closed on the first date.” I insisted.

After he wiped up the beer that he spat out at me. He ensured me that it is not just about booty calls and he has gone on dates with girls that haven’t ended the night with a wham bam thank you mam.

So I join up and my friend chooses my five photos and away we go. Swiping away. More left than right. Standard. I am incredible fussy after all.

After a few days pass there are four guys that I quite like to look of and have been talking to. The usual groundwork conversation about what they do, where they are from, how their weekend was. A few days pass and not one of them has asked me out on a date. Further days passed and the same daily conversations go on. How was work? What are you plans this evening? But no sign of actually meeting face to face.

Well over a week now, so I ask one of them about meeting up for a drink. He says he is free Thursday 7th January. (It is the 2nd December when I ask). Blank.

Later that evening one of the guys finally asks me out that Friday. Win. On Thursday I get a message from him saying he has double booked himself and Friday is off. The next free night is in two weeks time. Free night? What about a 20 min coffee pre work or on your way to football practice. Fine, your choice.

A few days pass and he begins texting more and more frequently, asking more and more personal questions. Some questions I haven’t even discussed the answer with my best friend. I’m intrigued to find out why, basically a complete strange thinks it is acceptable for another stranger to tell them their deepest darkest secrets before meeting and knowing if or if not there is a connection. Has the world of social media and putting everything out there from behind a screen really gone that far? Is it to much to meet and actually ask these questions in person and over time? Interesting.

The personal questions keep coming and more and more texts arriving. (At times I’m confused to how someone can type that fast of reply). A robot? A bored computer hacker? Or just a lonely loser?

I don’t give any more that what I would put on the internet away to him. He could be a raving bunny boiler for all I know.

Two weeks pass. Two weeks of me replying one or two word answers or not replying at all. I do not mention our attempt at date number two at all in this time. He then informs me that he is busy and it will have to be in the New Year. Oh dear, what a shame. Block.

I revisit the app for a third time lucky attempt. I begin talking to a personal trainer who has a lot of similar interests and a good sense of humor. As much as I can tell through the screen of my iPhone. After three days I suggest meeting, thinking I am learning from past mistakes. He also gives me a date, in 3 weeks time. Third time unlucky more like.

Three weeks pass and I get a naked photo of the PT with the comment ‘Look what your missing out on.’ Hilariously he is tiny not just in his man hood but general body size. I’m more a chunky mans man, kind of girl.

Who do these fella’s think they are? Or what are they scared of? Prolonging to dating app messages isn’t going to make meeting for the first time incredible awkward any easier. It will always be horrific, best to get it over and done with sooner rather than later in my opinion. Like ripping off a plaster.

With the dating app I have given up swiping and instead deleted everything. Considering just meeting someone in the real world and not the cyber world. Retro, right?!

Am I that single girl who swipes left and right?

That Single Girl
Am I That Single Girl is, obviously, a single girl working her way through the dating world and discussing the common issues of dating, sex and relationship we all struggle with. Providing awkward stories, insight, advice and tips in a comedic way through her blog, she hopes to become the dating guru and conquer the world, making cosmopolitan free for all single ladies.

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That Single Girl

“We are going to have to share a hotel room, is that okay?” The dreaded words to hear over the phone when talking to your ex after not seeing each other for a year.

It’s been a year since I last saw my ex in person. Texts, tweets, face-time, Instagram and Facebook likes have been exchanged in that time but face to face conversation and presents has been seriously vacant. But an up coming trip (which seemed like a fantastic idea after a few frozen margaritas) means fives days in each other company and same hotel room. Let’s face it there are three ways in which this is going to go.

  1. We sleep together. Stand by for the heartbreak and agony all over again.
  2. We argue constantly and never want to speak too, let alone see each other ever again.
  3. Nothing. Nothing dramatic happens, and a friend filled few days of harmless fun occurs. Yeah right, likely story.

Place your bets now…

But can you really be friends with an ex? An ex who you were madly in love with? An ex who you planned the rest of your life with. An ex who broke your heart.

Am I just setting myself up for a huge fall? Or could this be the closure and next step I need?

As I leave the airport and get into my Uber heading to the hotel, the what the f*ck am I doing sinks in. Is this a good idea? I mean seriously. Thank goodness for my incredibly friends and chatty driver who has unknowingly calmed my nervous and put me in a very good mood for what could be the most awkward hug in the history of the human race, and also given me some fantastic tourist tips.

I stand there at reception waiting for the clerk to find my name. Hilariously in the states no one can pronounce my name correctly, therefore finding a reservation always takes a few extra minutes of my spelling my name aloud over and over again.

He has to come down and confirm the booking. As he walks over there is a very brief acknowledgement of my presents. Good start. Not.

As we walk to the lifts (booking sorted and repeated apologies to the incorrect pronouncement of my name are given) the obligatory how are you, you look good remarks are mad. Then the awkward hug occurs. I mentally cringed as I went in for a hug but as we connected the embrace was just like same old same old. It was like I’d never left his arms. Do not girlyout over this; it’s just a hug.

In the hotel room we caught up. So many things had happened in our lives that we no longer discussed with one another. Yes we talked occasionally but it seems we censored our conversations ignoring the real nitty gritty things in life.

Later that evening we went for a few drinks in the bar. A text from my best friend ‘DO NOT SLEEP WITH HIM!!!! (5 angry faced emoji)’ popped up on my phone. Always amazed me how she is one step ahead of me and is in my brain shifting through my thoughts.

And we didn’t. We did cuddle (very girly I know but it was nice and better not-getting-back-to-together-break-up-goodbye-awkward sex).

Though morning glory did occur the next morning. Well he is a man with a working penis in bed with a woman with breasts, one track minded guy. I declined. Inside I was scream but I knew the moments after I would be wanting to jump of the balcony of our 24 floors up hotel room. Mini celebratory cheer inside for me being a grown up and thinking of the bigger picture.

As the days went on, there were a few cold shoulder moments post ‘no I don’t think we should sleep together’ moment, but after a brief conversation on why that would yes be amazing but then horrific, we were back on the same page.

Five days whip past. And it is time to say goodbye. A kiss, a cuddle and a promise to call more often were exchanged.

It was five days of going back in time. Not back to being in a relationship with him but back being a friend and having easy conversations and fun together. The temptation was there, but as the days went on this was not the only thing on the mind of two exes moving on and rekindling a friendship. This could have been heartbreaking but instead it concluded and closed the doors on our relationship as the doors swung widely open into our friendship relationship.

Tears could of occurred on many occasions but without trying we would never of known, and the idea of losing someone who I was once madly in love with completely from my life would of been more heartbreaking.

As I sit at the airport awaiting to board my flight I have a calm smile across my face, ready to move on complete with another true friend in my life and not just another social media companion who will like my newly posted selfie.

Am I that single girl who can be friends with an ex?


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Improve your dating life with 5 smart changes…

improve your dating life

Having problems with your dating life? Is empty or each of your dating is failed? Some are trapped in a never-ending quest for that perfect date but cannot seem to find the right one. Sometimes to enjoy a better dating life, one needs to be a bit open to changes. Some people need to try things other than the usual to be successful. Here are some different things you can do to improve your dating life:

1. Meet new and different people

The harsh truth is there are some people who are much more successful in planning vacations, family events, or even what they are going to do this weekend, rather than managing their romantic life. If you really want to improve your dating life, you have to make the effort to actually have a dating life. Go out and meet people, have people set you up on blind dates, and join groups that are designed to bring singles together. Simply by putting yourself out there may be enough to get things going in the right direction.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

You may know other people who have an exciting dating life and you’ll compare your success to their. Instead of comparing your dating life to someone else’s, focus on the things that you are doing right. Maybe you’ve been going to the gym more often and a few ladies have been checking you out. Just keep doing you and everything will work out.

3. Seek the help of friends

Trying to find that right person may not always be entirely up to you. Sometimes, you need the help of your friends. After all, friends can have a better idea of how to find a date for you based on how well they know you. Chances are, they have a friend of a friend who may just be that perfect fit for you. It might just help put you back into the dating game.

4. Look beyond the usual

Some people look for the someone to date in all the same places and fail. From bars to singles parties, some people just seem to focus on the usual places. But many times, some relationships start with a meeting in the most unusual or even the most ordinary of places. Love can blossom at the supermarket, in a baseball game, and even in a gasoline station. The main thing is that, you should not just try to look for love in the usual places. You need to open your eyes and look for it wherever you are.

5. Consider dating your friend

Some may find it weird or awkward when it comes to dating a friend. They just seem to think that someone they knew from childhood, school, or as a family friend may not be suited out to be someone they can date. But there are also some advantages to dating a friend. First, you are already comfortable with them. Second, you already know each other very well that there no longer needs to be a “time to know each other more” period. And third, the strongest relationships usually start with partners developing friendships. So it makes all the more sense that you should be considering dating a friend.

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