Ghosting, The Social Contagion of the Millennial Generation

You get home from a lovely night out, and you smile as you recall the night’s events. Maybe, just maybe, you found someone who could end up being the One.

A few days later, you send a text so he or she knows you were thinking of them.

“Hey, you. I had a great time the other night. Would you like to go out again sometime?”

Simple, right? No strings attached. No expectations. Just an innocent desire to connect to another soul. Anyone in a getting-to-know-each-other or dating relationship is familiar with this message.

But it goes unanswered. What the heck?! Everything went fine! I mean, he or she seemed nice… Not the type to disappear. What happened??? …They could’ve said something.

The sad truth is this is all too common in the 21st century as technology becomes more commonplace. Online dating service PlentyofFish released a shocking survey in 2016 highlighting the millennial’s struggle with ghosting. Of 800 single users aged 18-33, 78 percent reported they were a ghosting victim at least once by “someone they were dating (who) suddenly ceased all communication without an explanation.”

Additionally, a 2014 investigation from Elle found equally surprising data. A poll of 185 young daters’ dating habits (65 percent of which were female) showed both men and women were just as likely to be the cowardly culprits.

Sarah Braun, an MSW student at California State University, Long Beach, and past victim, believes ghosting emerged as the popularity of online dating increased and meeting people in public settings decreased. The dynamic between the two created a lapse in social responsibility, making avoidance, and consequently hurting feelings, much easier.

“Those who ghost tend to do so to avoid confrontation, feeling negative emotions, or causing another person emotional pain,” Braun said. “Everyone is affected differently. Common feelings victims experience are confusion, uncertainty, hurt, and anger. Those who are ghosted lack closure and are often left with many unanswered questions.”

At a time in history when technology is more advanced than ever, today’s generation has an astronomical amount of information at its fingertips. As millennials, we can find solutions to today’s problems and build connections to places and people, many of which our parents and grandparents never dreamt possible. So, it begs the question: why do we, as enlightened and mindful and capable of greatness as we are, find such a damaging and viral phenomenon like ghosting even mildly acceptable?

“Such behaviour leads to the objectivization and even harsher behaviours toward others,” said Michael Southerland, MS, LMFT. “Also, it leads to avoidance of simple courtesy that is so lacking in many areas. Breaking up with someone face to face helps accept responsibility for ourselves and our relationships.”

So, how do we proceed, if we are to end this phenomenon once and for all?

“Communication is key,” Braun said. “Being honest and direct about your interest and intentions is the best way to combat (ghosting). Having this conversation may be uncomfortable, but this momentary discomfort is an act of respect for the person. It provides the person with the closure needed to let go and move on.”

But what about the rest of society, not just with you and me and the people with whom we come into contact?

“If I were treating someone who engages in ghosting, I would do my best to help them see the consequences of their behavior has on others,” Southerland said. “Acceptance of responsibility for them is the key to stopping the behavior and making them more responsible and their relationships. Thus, they would become happier individuals.”

Andrea Bolduc, another ghosting victim and a health services professional in Orange County, Calif., believes going back to more traditional dating methods would erase the stain ghosting has on dating in today’s generation. Being honest and upfront, she says, isn’t enough because honesty isn’t always objective through a digital medium.

“You can be anyone you want on online dating,” Bolduc said. “Both men and women can say whatever the other person wants to hear. We should go back to meeting in coffee shops or in public places than being behind a screen.”

New research from POF backs up her premise. A poll of 3,000 users aged 21 to 65 found that weddings might be the answer for many not having luck with online dating. Nearly 52% said weddings are great for hooking up because “it’s easy to start a conversation” while 7.8 percent said “there’s no commitment required.”

Additionally, while only 18 percent said they had hooked up at a wedding, nearly 88 percent of those respondents said it was at a wedding for a friend or relative. What seems hopeful is 15.7 percent of hookup respondents said they’d gone on to have a relationship.

Millennials, this is your personal service announcement: if you’re single and thinking about or participating in online dating, consider deleting your apps and meeting people organically when you’re not at home. Look for mixers or meetups based around hobbies or interests. Go out to your favorite place and scout for someone who catches your eye. Or better yet, dust off your dress or suit and attend a wedding. Be the real you, and you might meet someone worth your time and feelings.


  • If you have any remote interest in someone, give them a chance and go out with them. Nobody suffers from some extra practice.
  • After a date, if you don’t have a desire to get to know them, let them know. You might think it’s harmless, but omitting the truth to spare someone’s feelings does more damage than being straightforward. But do it tactfully – how you craft your message makes a world of difference.
  • Only when the other person doesn’t accept the truth or becomes irrational should you consider blocking them.
  • Be mindful of what you’re looking for. If there’s something specific that doesn’t catch your interest, don’t continue to seek it out in others.
  • If you know someone who is a ghosting perpetrator, encourage them to change their ways. As the adage goes, united we stand, but divided we fall. If we are to end this phenomenon, we must do it together.
Jon Beam
Jon Beam is a communications professional from Southern California. A journalism graduate from California Baptist University, his biggest joy is helping others become their best selves and accept themselves, flaws and all. He dreams of seeing his name on the New York Times Bestseller List and is working on his first young adult novel, “Singing Above the White Noise.”

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3 Hottest Things to Say During Phone Sex

“What are you wearing?”

This is the typical way that those who want to have phone sex get things started. But maybe it’s time you spice it up a bit with some more creative ideas. Are you in a bit of rut with your partner and need an injection of hotness for your next call? Try these three things to say during phone sex.


Of course, you don’t want to sit there in silence. There needs to be sound, but maybe there doesn’t need to be words throughout the whole call. Moaning, grunting, and letting the phone go where the noises are can be extremely arousing. Put the phone down and let her listen to you imagine being inside of her while you lube up and start stroking. Or turn on some toys and start playing.

Think about finding a public space where you can still have some privacy and get yourself off over the phone. Just hearing the sounds of the streets or nature along with your moaning gives a different perspective than just thinking about you home on your couch. Some of the hottest parts of telefetish phone sex calls are when no one is talking at all.

I Won’t Judge You

One of the hottest things you can say to your phone sex partner is something like “I’m not going to judge you, you can say anything.” Once you give someone permission to be themselves without repercussions, then the real sexual desires tend to come out. Sometimes it takes hearing that you are still going to be accepted to truly let loose. This is especially true for women as we have been taught that being sexual and having lusty thoughts is inherently bad. However, that certainly doesn’t keep most women from doing so. Just prepare yourself. You might hear some freaky fantasies, but stick to your word and don’t judge. Let it be.

One Time at Band Camp

Telling someone else the sexual things you have done before, with other people, can be one of the hottest experiences for couples who are really secure in their relationship. Maybe there is a certain memory that will not leave your mind, or a technique someone once tried that sent you through the roof? If you talk about it in advance, you might be surprised to hear that it excites her to think about you with someone else. But play fair, she gets to tell her sexy stories, too.

These scenarios are easy to play out over the phone because you don’t have to think about some fictional story. This is something that actually happened to you so you just need to tell the story in detail. Talk about how someone wanted you and she will feel lucky that she is the one that ends up with you in the end.

Whether you are in a long distance relationship, or want to spice up your work days away from your partner, try these tips to take your phone sex game to the next level and leave both of you wanting more.


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Why Online Dating Sites Relies On Free Porn Tubes

Why Online Dating Sites Relies On Free Porn Tubes

If you are in the process of developing a dating site or have already built one, your first priority now should be to fashion the monetization strategy! You have to know how you will recover your investment with your web dating services.

There are a lot of ways one can earn money while operating an online dating site. You just need to match the strategy that suits your business model.

The most popular revenue models that web dating sites employ are:

● Paid memberships,

● Free for members,

● Affiliate and advertising networks,

● Digital gifting,

● Additional features and premium content,

● VIP memberships, and

● Extending the dating services by staging live events.

Though applying monetization models are crucial to the success of the dating site, it is the number of conversions that actually count towards your success!


The Oldest Monetization Trick

Using affiliate networks is one of the most conventional methods of the monetary strategy used by several dating sites.

This method is preferred because it helps both the sites in generating shared traffic!

Also, they can earn through either CPA or the CPC model. CPA refers to Cost Per Action and CPC means Cost Per Click.

You can increase your chances of success by creating affiliations with sites relevant to your niche and in-turn advertising yourself on their website!

One example of such ingenious coupling could be with free porn tubes such as Smut6!

The Adult Way of Making Money

No matter how much taboo is attached to the word porn, it is widely available through the internet on all of our devices!

The porn industry is raking in a yearly turnover of $100 billion the world over.

With over 25 million adult sites operating globally, 12% of the revenue comes from the sites directly, and more than 30% is attributed to the web traffic.


Isn’t Porn Content Free?

Though free porn is available widely, it accounts for only a small percentage of the world of adult entertainment!

It is the ‘Premium Content’ that brings in the on-site profits. This feature gets the subscriber:

● HD quality videos

● No pop-up and ads

● Unlimited downloads

● Streaming of live cam

● Full-length videos

● Access to their favourite artist’s full library

After becoming a paid member, they can even get content delivered to their address or



More for the Subscriber

Subscriptions create cross sale opportunities!

The parent enterprise may offer content that may not be available in the market for months, accessories like clothes or toys, dating services, and likes.

These services are offered in a ‘package’ form to the member. You can subscribe for a daily, monthly, or yearly membership.

Your daily cost could range between $1-$5. But it is dependent on the content you are subscribed to, the site you are a member of, and how much time you are spending on it!


More Earning for the Porn Site

As mentioned earlier, subscribers bring in about 12% of the revenue to the site.

More profits come from third party sites like online dating services, adult stores selling sex toys, clothing, and accessories, cartoon porn, performance enhancement meds, adult gaming sites, etc.

These sites traffic is heavily dependent on mainstream adult sites.

They pay a proportion of their revenue to the adult site that got traffic to their site and receives a percentage of these sites as well for rendering similar services!


It is a mutually beneficial and advantageous relationship between an online dating and free porn tube sites!

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5 Sure Signs that You Are Ready to Become Committed

Ready to Become Committed

A marriage is something usually serious and important. It cannot be treated without responsibility and thoughtfulness. And most people do approach it in a very mature way. However, there’s always an unsolved issue. You need to answer a very complicated question: Am I ready to become committed? Have I prepared for family life? Stepping into this 100% mature phase is never easy. And while we cannot answer those questions instead of you, we are still going to help you. Here are five sure signs that you are ready to become fully committed, kindly provided by our friends from Russian Brides.


1. You know your partner deeply

Some people start relationships with and get married to people they don’t really know. As a result, they spend several years struggling to build a strong connection with an uninterested and indifferent person. When you understand that you have learned your beloved sufficiently and his or her depths no longer frighten you (because, you know, each and every of us has those horrific depths), you are indeed ready to move on to something bigger than just a fling.


2. You see future life with your partnerwedding-rings

Let’s play a game. Sit down, relax, and imagine your perfect life. You need to think of every aspect, from the biggest features (your career, the country and the city you live in, how your house looks, your hobbies…) to the smallest details (the color of your kitchen curtains, the name of your bulldog…). Done? Now add your current partner into every part of the imagined scenario. Do you like what you see? Well, you are ready for commitment!


3. You lived your own life

The concept of “your own life” may seem a bit bizarre and made-up, yet let us explain. There’s that time in every person’s life when you do everything you like (even things you know you will regret about), develop yourself in every desired direction, study, create your own universe of interests and information, and so on. If for any reason this much-needed phase remains unfulfilled, you will not feel complete. Don’t marry before completing those tasks!


4. You both want to have children

Having children is an integrant element of marriage and family life. Even though the concept of a childfree family has recently become a widespread phenomenon, most people still want to have kids. If you both want to have children and remain on the same page about every aspect of this complicated event, you are ready for marriage and everything that comes along. In the end, who would love you more than your children and significant other?


5. You got rid of all the “extra options”

Let’s see how it works: In the modern world of mobility and rapid changes, when people start a relationship, they often leave some “extra options” – people they text from time to time, keeping them close enough to don’t lose connection, just in case if something goes wrong with current relationship. Well, if you eventually dispose of all those people and felt confident about your partner, you are 100% ready to become committed.

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What do You Need to Know about Volgograd Brides and Marrying Them?

What do You Need to Know about Volgograd Brides

If you are into dating with a Russian girl or even into the creation of a family with her, it is crucial to understand what is their mentality, character, preferences etc. What is more, you need to get deep into Russian traditions to build strong, as well as successful relationships with them.

Sounds a bit challenging, but dating with Kovla  is worth it. Volgograd women strive for the creation of a family, strong and friendly; career is not as important as the upbringing of children. These charming girls believe in passionate love that could last forever. They dedicate themselves to husband and children, make all they can for keeping their family together. Women are brought up in the patriarchal family in Russia; thus, they adore men and like being obedient.


Apart from that, these ladies are famous for their beauty and charm. They always want to stay beautiful, spend a lot of time trying to please the man, they love. Thus, you can experience all advantages of real volgograd brides dating.


Reasons for Going Out with Volgograd Lady

  • Invite them for a dinner, and they won’t come with empty hands. Even if you say that there is no need in bringing anything, Volgograd girls will take snacks, drink or a gift with them;
  • They know how to look good. Russian girls never live home without beautiful makeup, hairstyle, stylish clothes etc. If you are looking for charming wife, who will make jealous all your friends, these women are the best choice;
  • Russian girls are extremely hospitable. If you enjoy spending weekends in the company of friends or relatives over the glass of wine or cup of coffee, you should marry one of these women;
  • You will never be hungry, as there always will be tasty food at home. Volgograd brides are good in cooking because they help their mothers prepare dinner since early childhood; thus, they know secrets of amazing dishes. What is more, Russian cuisine is incredible!
  • Russian parents are just cool. They treat a husband of their daughter as their own son, and you will always feel their love and support. Sometimes, they will care for you more than your own parents.
  • Volgograd brides are extremely straightforward. You won’t have a problem with guessing what is on their minds. They express their opinion and set the exact goal of their life. Forget about reading between the lines with these girls.
  • Although they do not speak English very good, but Russian accent is lovely. You will enjoy listening to these women talk. What is more, you have a chance to learn some Russian and use it in everyday life, if you do not want other people to understand you.
  • Volgograd wives are caring mothers for their children. Thus, you son or daughter will be the happiest in the world. Even if you have children from the previous marriage, they will treat them as their own;
  • Russian girls have an excellent sense of humor, and you won’t be bored. Get ready to learn several fun stories every day or laugh along with them.


What do Russian Girls Like about Men?

There are several things, which make foreigners attractive:

-Women believe that European men will give them safe and stable life, which they cannot find in Russia;

-There is less percentage of alcoholics abroad. Thus, it is less likely to find a husband, who drinks a lot;

-Standards of living are much higher in foreign countries, and this fact gives them hope for well-being;

-European men are well-bred; they are polite, chivalrous and full of respect to woman;

However, it is hard for Volgograd brides to understand the pragmatism and equality of genders, which are widely spread abroad. They are taught since early childhood that the social role of women is to bring up children and be a loving wife, while the husband earns money.


Challenges, which You can Meet in Marriage with Volgograd Brides

To create family abroad is challenging for women, so they are under the pressure at the beginning of this path. Language barrier prevents them from having warm conversations, which they have had at home. It is crucial for a husband to understand her need for a heart-to-heart talk and help them with that.brunette-girl

Other problems, which brides can meet are:

-Moral issues;

-Spiritual understanding;

-Nostalgia for Russia;

-Not enough closeness with relatives.


Where to Meet Russian ladies, and Volgograd Brides in Particular?

With the rapid improvements in modern technologies, people get acquainted online, talk, learn more about each other, and the start dating. There are a lot of dating services, which will let you find your beloved one in  Russia and create a perfect family with her. Do not miss your chance to become happy.


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First Date… Table for Three

Table for Three

We’ve all experienced that wonderful feeling of a great nineteen. You know… the first nineteen minutes of meeting your date and the spark that comes with it. By the fifth minute the hostess is seating you at a perfect table and by minute nine you’re ordering a cocktail. The next couple minutes bring some witty banter and by the 15 the minute you’re sipping a Tanqueray and Tonic, looking at your date and thinking to yourself, “Wow… cute and can converse… score!”

Everything is splendid until the seconds approaching the twenty-minute mark. Somehow the conversation leads your date to respond with a sentence that brings the date to a screeching halt. The verbal slamming of the breaks that brings about the dead stop are a combination of the following…”my Ex”, “my breakup” or “my past relationship”.


And with just one sentence, you pull up a chair for an unexpected, worst kind of third wheel- the EXtra wheel.

Mentioning your Ex on a first date is the equivalent to taking a fire hose to a birthday cake. The flame goes out, the cake gets soggy and there’s no longer a chance for a wish. Recently I was on a date and experienced the EXtra Wheel, and the conversation was a textbook reminder why bringing up the Ex on a first date is the wrong move:


Your new date doesn’t need a visual of your Ex.

My date gave me a play-by- play description of his Ex, coming just shy of showing me a photo. Seems the EXtra wheel on my date was 34, Indian, skinny, hairless and quiet. I’m sure he’s quite handsome, but as a 51-year old white guy with muscles, hairy chest and a mouth that sometimes works all too well, I wondered why on Earth he’s even attracted to me. Knowing the appearance of your date’s past before you even start a first memory with them is not the best of beginnings.


Hearing about how your date processes a breakup before you even make out is just wrong.

A first date kicks off the discovery phase, and it doesn’t need to begin with failed relationships of the past. Hearing a sad story, an angry tale, or even a narrative of a civil ending isn’t the way to begin something new.

It’s a big neon sign saying your date isn’t over it.

Going into great detail about your Ex on a first date is perhaps the biggest red flag. Their thoughts and focus is on the past and not the present. It illuminates how your date isn’t ready to begin a new chapter with a new co-star.

When your date pulls out the EXtra chair, your best line of polite defense it to immediately change topics. If your date refers back to the EXtra chair, give the change of topic defense one more try. A third time brings your absolute right to say, “Let’s not discuss the Ex, ok? I’d rather discuss you!”.

With your polite defensive move, the party of three should go back to a party of two. However, there’s always the chance that if your date isn’t over the past and will likely shut down, bringing about the end of your date sooner than later. If that happens, wish them the best in their dating adventures and move onto the next opportunity. Chances are there’s a date on your horizon who’s more than happy to enjoy a table for two and a 21 st minute that’s all about a party of two.

Craig Rogers started his career as a Dating and Relationship Expert with a web-based community designed to help those experiencing the aftermath of a break-up. He has written countless articles taking from his own personal break-up and dating experiences, sharing humorous stories of hope and recovery. A 2013 Emmy nominated producer, Craig has also enjoyed hosting and producing cooking segments on QVC and Home Shopping Network. Craig lives with his two dachshunds and is currently writing his first book on relationships. For more information on Craig Rogers, please visit and follow him on Twitter @CraigRogersNYC

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Should Men Be Afraid Of Dating a Model?


Why Your Worries About Escorts are Unfounded!

Many men worry that they’re not going to match up to a gorgeous escort, but that’s simply not true!

Sometimes being single is difficult. If you’ve been on your own for a long time, your self-esteem can plummet. You might think that you’re never going to find anyone, or that a lot of women are out of your league. Well, that’s simply not true – and there’s something you can do to get back into the dating game. By spending time with a beautiful model, you’ll be able to gain that much needed confidence. If the thought of seeing an escort leaves you feeling nervous or insecure – here’s why it could be one of the best things you’ve ever done.

You’ll learn from your time together.

A lot of men worry about not being able to please a woman, especially if they’re inexperienced. Hiring an escort can help you to finally put those worries to bed.

Thanks to your escort’s wealth of experience, she’ll know exactly what feels good and what doesn’t, and will be very happy to give you some guidance. Once you’ve mastered those all-important skills of seduction, you’ll feel much more confident about not only seeing escorts, but women on the dating scene too.

You’ll become more confident.

Spending time with a beautiful woman will really help you to build your confidence levels. If you’re on a night out and you’re seen with your escort, you’re going to be the envy of all your friends and colleagues. Now, if that’s not going to give your ego a boost, there’s no knowing what will!

Just knowing that you’re the center of your escort’s attention will help you to feel a lot better about yourself – particularly if you feel that that many women are too good looking for you. Your escort will give you all the confidence you need to get out there and approach some really stunning women.

Your one-stop escort agency.

If you’re looking for an escort, give Elite VIP Models a call. They’re one of the most prestigious escort agencies in London, and have some stunning ladies on their books. They’re available to come and visit you at your home, your hotel or accompany you on a night out.

If you’ve never hired an escort before and aren’t sure what to expect, don’t worry. Your very own beautiful model will take the time to find out exactly what it is you need from the date, and go above and beyond to satisfy you. It doesn’t matter what kind of lady you’re after either. A classy English Rose, an exotic beauty or a Mediterranean temptress – they’re all working at Elite!

So to arrange your dream date, pick up the phone and let their friendly team help you to pick the perfect girl.

Go on, give them a call!

There’s no need to feel insecure because of your single status. Everyone deserves to have fun when they’re playing the field, and some no-strings dates with escorts will help you to do exactly that. With lots of gorgeous women waiting for you to name a time and place, there’s no excuse not to make the plunge.

Going back to the original question – should men be afraid of dating a model? With so much to gain from the experience, absolutely not!

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Who Pay’s?

who pays

Times are Changing

Times have changed to where women are now asking men out. However, for whatever reason, the expectations of who pays have not. This is unrealistic! He who asks, pays. Ladies if you ask a man out, make sure you are ready to flip the bill as you would expect him to pay if he asked you out. So many women complain that chivalry is dead when, in fact, it’s the women who have changed the rules. Equality means expect what you’re willing to give. To expect something for nothing is insanity! Now men, you should always practice basic manners; now that means pulling out her chair, open her door, and stand when she leaves the table. This shows respect and appreciation for her. No matter if this is your first date or years into the relationship, making sure you’re both treating each other with respect needs to be priority. You should both bring something to the table. This is done by matching each other; splitting the bill, offering to pick up the tip, etc. Never expect something you yourself cannot give and always offer to help.

Appreciate Eachother

Couple with drinks in restaurant, woman giving man credit card

This shows your appreciation, respect, and the ability to collaborate with each other. There will be instances where you or him will want to plan a special trip or a night out, then DO NOT expect anything from you partner. This would be the one of the times that you’ll be solely responsible for the bill unless they offer to help. This is not a 50/50 split it is more like picking up the tip or something small. Never expect something in return for your generosity and always be mindful of the others feelings. One can feel taken advantage of or unappreciated for their generosity, that can start to create tension. This is a good way for a great relationship to fail real fast. Most marriages end due to money issues, so if you can’t get it together before then, what does that say for you? When sole responsibilities are put on one individual, it doesn’t say much for the other person. Making sure equality, courtesy, respect, and generosity are shared will make for a successful date and possible relationships. We all want someone we can share our life with, so why wouldn’t you show them what a great partner you will be?

Have a great one,


Tracy Limon
I am currently working towards my MS in Family and Marriage Therapy emphasizing my studies in human sexuality. I help identify problematic areas that men and women face individually or in relationships. I’ve recently started blogging to utilize my education and help others identify those differences, mistakes, and bad habits that they have yet to conquer. It is my belief that we need to understand our own expectations before we can place expectations onto others.

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Online Dating Advantages You Most Likely Have No Idea About

Online Dating Advantages

Online dating is nowadays really popular and much more accepted than it used to be. People of all ages are using it to find love or just to have some fun. However, others do not even consider it because of various misconceptions. You may want to join an online dating site and not even know it. Think about the following advantages and you will see if this is for you or not.

High Transparency

An important advantage associated with online dating is that it is transparent. People can get rid of so many complications and after just a few conversations an individual can know if a person should be met or not. At the same time, you do not have to communicate with many individuals until you find someone of interest. You basically get to know much about the other person before you meet him/her.

Large Member Base

Both the free online dating sites and the paid ones have a pretty substantial member base. This means that you have a really high possibility of finding someone that is interesting. In the event that you do not on one site, you can always become a member on another site. Because of the fact that literally millions of people now use online dating websites, you have a pretty good possibility of finding someone that you will have a great time with. So many found new close friends and even the love of their lives on such a site.

Saving Time

Nowadays, we rarely have time to do many things that we love. It is hard to meet new people. Also, in most cases we end up wasting much time as we date since we do not get the opportunity of figuring out if someone is of interest or not.

With online dating a lot of time can be saved. You get the opportunity of quickly eliminating the people that you do not like as you learn more about them. Then, you only date or meet those that are of real interest, allowing you to save much time.

We should also add the fact that you get to talk with the person before you actually meat them through email or through online chat. It is easy to set up meeting time when both of you are free, allowing everything to evolve faster.


People tell you that everyone tells lies in their online dating profile. It is normal to exaggerate but the most important things that you have to know are actually quite honestly shared through chatting online. It is a lot easier to talk about serious things on the internet than in person. That means that online dating is normally more honest than other options.


On the whole, online dating is much more interesting than what some think and the advantages we talked about should clearly highlight this. You want to look at the sites that feature the members you would be interested in. It is not at all that difficult to find those that have a suitable member base.

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Should You Discuss Your Fetishes on a First Date?

Should you discuss your fetishes on a first date

How Much You Should Reveal to a New Partner

Dating is a daunting process as it is – and that’s before you even get around to talking about what turns you on.

Let’s be honest, a first date is a complete minefield. So much can go wrong in a short space of time, and the list of dos and don’ts seems endless. Do you kiss or hug? Do you pay for the meal or agree to split the bill? If you’ve made it past that awkward stage and things are heating up towards the end of the evening, surely there’s nothing else to worry about. If you’re one of the many people with a fetish though, you’ll probably be wondering whether to tell your date about it. So here’s what to do next.

Finding The Right Moment

So, you’ve made it as far as the bedroom, and things are going well. What your new date doesn’t known though, is that you’ve got a foot fetish. Or a tattoo fetish. Or a maybe even a domination and submission fetish – let’s face it, there are too many different ones to count. Whichever one applies to you though, when is an appropriate time to bring it up? Well, one thing’s for sure – not right now. If you’re going to ‘fess up to having a fetish, you’ll need to talk about that before you reach the bedroom. So, let’s rewind a little.

Talk About Things First

Now, bringing up a fetish may seem like a strange thing to do while you’re getting to know each other, but hear us out. In the age of Tinder and online dating, we're rarely going into dates knowing nothing at all about each other. Perhaps you’ve been talking for a while and have built up a bit of a rapport. Maybe your conversations have turned into something a little x-rated. So if you do start talking about what you both like in the bedroom and you feel comfortable in their company – go for it and tell them about some of your fantasies. We’re not saying everything, but just give her a general overview of what you’re into. On the other hand, if things are a little awkward and you’re not sure if the spark is there, don’t bring it up.

Cut Straight To The Chase

If you’re still not sure about how talking about your fetish would go on a first date, then how about a practice run? An evening spent with an escort is the perfect way to experiment with how comfortable you are opening up about your desires. She’ll listen to what you want, and she’ll do all that she can to leave you feeling satisfied. You’ll be able to build up you to the possibility of discussing your fetish with a new lover, and she’ll show you a few ways of pleasing your partner at the same time. So you’ve got no first-date awkwardness to negotiate, and you’ll grow in both confidence and experience.

Satisfy Your Urges, No Matter How Your Date Goes

To answer our original question – it really does depend on the date. If things are moving quite slowly, then don’t mention your fetish. If however, you’re finding that the conversation is getting pretty raunchy and you can see where the night might end up, drop a few little hints. By hiring a VIP escort though, you can fulfill your fantasies and not worry about any adverse reactions. So even if that first date doesn’t go too well, you can still get your fetish fix!

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