Public nudity and flashing – is this a new fashion?



One of the internet’s great benefits is that it can make us feel like we live in a much smaller world than we actually do. It can make us feel closer because you can connect with someone living halfway around the world in an instant. The internet can also open your eyes to subjects you’ve never considered before, like a potential rise in public nudity. If you direct your browser to sites dealing with such things you might think it’s become a new fad, but you’d be a little off the mark in that assumption.

Public Nudity is Largely Cultural

Being nude in public and being comfortable with nudity in general are largely cultural. You won’t find many topless of nude beaches in America, but in many European countries they’re as common as McDonalds. This is largely because attitudes about nudity in America are puritanical, where in Europe there’s far less concern with the effects the sight of a naked body might have on someone. Before the Berlin Wall fell down East Germans used public nudity as a form of rebellion and were thus far more comfortable with it than their West German compatriots after they were reunited.

Thrill Seekers Get Naked in Public

America’s discomfort with public nudity is precisely why so many people practice it. In the 1970’s nudist colonies were a popular way for people that felt they were outside the mainstream to express that. Those have since waned in popularity, but there are still lots of men and women that like getting naked in public simply because it causes shock and sometimes outrage. Then there are the ladies that like doing a quick flash for their partners because it’s naughty. A sexy upskirt no panties look is a great way to drive a man wild and lead to an evening of energetic lovemaking between them. They might even extend their play to public fornication.

Public Nudity Is a Good Thing

Generally, when a society at large is comfortable with public nudity it’s a positive. This is in large part because a repression of nudity and the body shaming that goes hand in hand with it is sexually repressive and that’s almost always bad. Human beings are designed to want and love sex because it leads to reproducing, which is ultimately our purpose, at least from an evolutionary standpoint. Body shaming and issues with nudity can lead to all sorts of unpredictable sexual deviancy, none of which is productive or healthy. Getting naked in public is not necessary to a healthy sex life or approach to sex, but being unashamed of your body and being okay with nudity is essential to a healthy life, so embrace it.

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6 Reasons Why Temptations Direct Will Seduce The Devil In You!


Temptations Direct has been supplying sex toys, lingerie, bondage gear and more for over 12 years, shipping across the UK, Europe and the US. They have a massive range of devilish products on offer and in the last year, since being taken over at the end of 2014, they have re-launched the brand turning the devil into a lush and curvy “she” devil that men and women love! They want to ensure that you really do get the chance to ‘bring out the devil in you’ – and their online sex shop certainly has a multitude of sins waiting for you to indulge in. The business has a commitment to ensuring customers are completely happy with the service they provide and with amazing glowing reviews you don’t have take our word for it! Their customers are already very happy ladies and gents that keep coming back for more as it seems that once the devil in you is out there’s no going back!



Fast, discreet delivery – making sure your devilish secret purchases are in plain packaging – ALWAYS!

“Very professional and discreet. Super speedy delivery. I’m very satisfied with the product I ordered, especially that I couldn’t find it anywhere else. Will definitely be back again.”


Next day delivery available – handy for when you’ve left it a bit late.

“Ordered a number of items which were really good value and great fun! Delivery was prompt and I was always kept up to speed with the progress! Will definitely be going back for more.”


Free delivery on all orders over £10.

“Temptations Direct is one of these rare companies that show so much care for their customers, paying a lot of attention to deliver a 5* service.”



 “A reliable company I always get what I am looking for.”


 Nominated day delivery – have your order delivered any weekday of your choosing.

“Great company, very helpful with good communications with customer, would definitely recommend to others.”


Free returns – if it’s not working as it should be it will be sorted.

“Fabulous range and product quality. Super service and delightful to deal with.”


Tempt tokens – collect loyalty points on every product purchased which you can redeem against future purchases.

“Bought for a special weekend. Well – definitely brought the devil out of me and the very sexy side of my special lady.”Couple toys “Great prices, easy ordering, and very discreet normal looking packaging. 5*”

Dan Woolmer
Daniel Woolmer is the Marketing and PR Manager at Managing niche dating sites which helps people find their forever Mr or Mrs Right now. Business and dating blogger who works on The SWExperts, he brings an open-minded flare and unique individual style to the business/dating scene. A passionate activist for LGBT equality, human and animal rights along with rescuing abandoned reptiles.

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6 Simple Fashion Fixes To Instantly Improve Your Winter Wardrobe

6 simple fashion fixes to instantly improve your winter wardrobe

Winter is on its way, and with it comes the challenge of remaining fashionable in freezing cold temperatures.

SWExperts asks Ollie Pearce, of YouTube men’s fashion channel Make Me That Guy (link: how to ensure your winter wardrobe is on point.

1. Fitted clothes are essential

We are in a fashion era where fitted clothes are an essential. These garments not only look trendier, but also help define your natural body shape.

It doesn’t mean you have to go a tailor. Just make sure your clothes fit well with your figure.

Some larger guys avoid fitted garments in order to hide extra bulk, but this doesn’t fool anyone. In fact, a fitted shirt will serve to minimise a bulky appearance especially when worn in dark colours.

Ask shop staff if you have any qualms about finding the right fitted garment.

fitted clothes

Fitted clothes like this All Saints t-shirts are an essential part of your wardrobe.

2. Avoid branding

Avoid branded clothes! Whether it’s from high end designers or sports brands, it either looks tacky and ostentatious or cheap and juvenile.

Real style doesn’t need to be labelled, and why be a walking advert?

Branded tshirts

Brand t-shirts are tacky and ostentatious.

3. Don’t fear skinny jeans

I often encounter clients who avoid skinny jeans because they think they’ll look camp. This is ridiculous. Skinny jeans are now the norm among cool straight men worldwide.

Like with other fitted garments, skinny jeans also make your legs look longer and thinner. This accentuates your height and upper body, resulting in an overall more masculine and sexy appearance.

If you have chunky legs, find a pair of skinny jeans which have a nice narrow shape that doesn’t show off every curve and crevice. If you really think they aren’t working, then try slim jeans.

4. Decent leather shoes are a staple of your image

Shoes say a lot about a man. They are a staple part of your overall image, so ditch those old work shoes and invest in a decent pair of leather shoes.

Tan brown brogues or Chelsea boots are my two current favourites.

I’d recommend spending between £100-£250. Shoes in this price range tend to be better for your feet and have better quality leather, so will look stylish for longer. Cheaper shoes will look shabby very quickly, especially in the winter.

Unless you are a trainer expert, leave the Nikes for the gym!


A decent pair of Chelsea boots should see you through several winters.

5. Find a fitted blazer

A fitted blazer, teamed with skinny jeans and a shirt or v-neck t-shirt, is the easiest and most effective winter fashion fix.

Make sure it’s a snug fit. Too many guys wear jackets which are far too big. It SHOULD restrict movement.


Make sure your blazer is a snug fit.

6. Sort out that dodgy barnet

The wind and rain is no excuse for a bad hair-do. If you can’t even tame your own hair, you’re failing before you even leave the house.

Stick with a simple haircut. Don’t go to extreme and always make sure your hair isn’t greasy. Too much hair gel is also a bad look, as are spikey erratic styles.

If you are lost for ideas, you can Google ‘men’s hairstyles’, find a style you like and take that picture to your hairdresser.

A cheap barber is fine if you’re after short back and sides, but they’re more than likely to mess up anything more fashionable.

Joe Elvin
Joe Elvin is a magazine journalist finding his feet in the city of London. He is fascinated by the psychology of attraction and blogs on this subject at

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Medical Fillers For Beautiful Looks

Medical fillers for beautiful looks

Beauty is very important for people. Our face is the first thing that the other person sees during the initial encounter. In most cases, it can determine the entire course of our relationship. The way we look can make other individuals either suspicious or friendly. Anyway you put it, it is always better if you are looking good. A pretty face can make it easier to establish contacts, attract the opposite sex and it can even lead to business success. This is why individuals are willing to invest so much in order to improve the way they look.

Modern medicine gives us numerous options that help us stay young, alter our appearance and even reconstruct our face in case of an injury. Medical fillers are today one of the most common medical procedures which are used for removing wrinkles, filling the gaps, downplaying scars and acne and increasing the overall volume of your skin.

These products are usually made of natural substances which are part of our natural body. As such, they can enter our organism much easier, without any severe discomfort or changes to our health. But, have in mind that the injection of medical fillers represent a medical procedure. Having that in mind, it is normal to expect at least some side effects or negative consequences of this treatment. However, unlike other popular aesthetic procedures that are available today, fillers are regarded as the best procedure given its price, results and potential side effects.

For the creation of these drugs, hyaluronic acid, collagen and synthetic substances are used. Each product is different in its own regard. Some of them have longer effects while the others are less risky. Every doctor has its own preferences and they will recommend you some of the drugs that are being used in their own office. It is always better to choose products that have good track record. When it comes to aesthetical procedures, pricier drugs will usually give you longer effects with less risk to your health.

According to professionals from Medica Depot, the procedure is really quick and painless. On average, it lasts for about 20 minutes. After that, the first results can be seen after a few days. Maximum effect is achieved after 10 days or so. Most of the aesthetical procedures such as this are very simple. This means that it is possible to take additional shots when the initial effect stops. By doing this, it is possible to stay young and beautiful for a longer period of time. With each additional injection, the effect is longer which means that you won’t need to visit the doctor as often.

As previously mentioned, this procedure has certain side effects to it. Usually, people exhibit dermal issues such as swelling, bruising, itching and overall discomfort. If the proper precautions haven’t been made, there is a chance of severe allergic reaction. This can sometimes lead to pain, bleeding, inflammation and even issues with your head. The best way to prevent this is to go to a reputable doctor who uses only the best drugs for the procedure.


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Dating Advice for Men: Looking stylish on a budget

kezia noble title card



Kezia Noble
Kezia Noble is a celebrity dating coach. She is the world’s leading female dating expert for men and her tough love methods have earned a reputation for being ‘The Bitch With A Heart’. Published author of the best selling book ‘The Noble Art Of Seducing Women’ Kezia continues to help men from across the globe to increase their success rate with women.

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Dating Advice for Men: Fashion advice for odd sized guys

kezia noble title card



Kezia Noble
Kezia Noble is a celebrity dating coach. She is the world’s leading female dating expert for men and her tough love methods have earned a reputation for being ‘The Bitch With A Heart’. Published author of the best selling book ‘The Noble Art Of Seducing Women’ Kezia continues to help men from across the globe to increase their success rate with women.

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