3 Hottest Things to Say During Phone Sex

“What are you wearing?”

This is the typical way that those who want to have phone sex get things started. But maybe it’s time you spice it up a bit with some more creative ideas. Are you in a bit of rut with your partner and need an injection of hotness for your next call? Try these three things to say during phone sex.


Of course, you don’t want to sit there in silence. There needs to be sound, but maybe there doesn’t need to be words throughout the whole call. Moaning, grunting, and letting the phone go where the noises are can be extremely arousing. Put the phone down and let her listen to you imagine being inside of her while you lube up and start stroking. Or turn on some toys and start playing.

Think about finding a public space where you can still have some privacy and get yourself off over the phone. Just hearing the sounds of the streets or nature along with your moaning gives a different perspective than just thinking about you home on your couch. Some of the hottest parts of telefetish phone sex calls are when no one is talking at all.

I Won’t Judge You

One of the hottest things you can say to your phone sex partner is something like “I’m not going to judge you, you can say anything.” Once you give someone permission to be themselves without repercussions, then the real sexual desires tend to come out. Sometimes it takes hearing that you are still going to be accepted to truly let loose. This is especially true for women as we have been taught that being sexual and having lusty thoughts is inherently bad. However, that certainly doesn’t keep most women from doing so. Just prepare yourself. You might hear some freaky fantasies, but stick to your word and don’t judge. Let it be.

One Time at Band Camp

Telling someone else the sexual things you have done before, with other people, can be one of the hottest experiences for couples who are really secure in their relationship. Maybe there is a certain memory that will not leave your mind, or a technique someone once tried that sent you through the roof? If you talk about it in advance, you might be surprised to hear that it excites her to think about you with someone else. But play fair, she gets to tell her sexy stories, too.

These scenarios are easy to play out over the phone because you don’t have to think about some fictional story. This is something that actually happened to you so you just need to tell the story in detail. Talk about how someone wanted you and she will feel lucky that she is the one that ends up with you in the end.

Whether you are in a long distance relationship, or want to spice up your work days away from your partner, try these tips to take your phone sex game to the next level and leave both of you wanting more.

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5 Reasons You’re Not Turning Him On


When his sails fail to rise, the reason may very well be with him. But, in some cases, the odd few, the reason may also be with you—sorry. Some men have distinctive sexual appetites, which need to be adequately serviced in order to get turned on. Whether those cravings be frisky, kinky or just super high-maintenance is for you to find out. So, if you think your bedroom powers may need some sexual healing, learn how to become better acquainted with the art of seduction by solving these 5 reasons you’re not turning him on.

1. You’re not Confident

Any man will tell you that confidence is integral to hot sex. If you’re not riding him like a power-tripping cowgirl or using killer Medussa level eye-contact, your confidence may measure low on the steam scale.

Men are incredibly attracted to confidence in bed; it’s a huge turn-on, stronger than just physical beauty on its own. Otherwise, the sex is missing that zing factor, that extra punch, which makes the women extra special and sexy.

Confidence is also linked to how openly you communicate in the sack. “Good sex is about one thing and one thing only: communication”, explains Sex Expert John Devore in his article, “Mind of a Man: Be Better in Bed”. When you boldly guide him through pleasuring you or let him know what feels right, it shows you’re a self-assured babe. You’re a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to openly share her passion.

But don’t turn into a bossy sex-monster—just be seductively forthcoming about your cravings. In the end, women who radiate with confidence are the ones who create mind- blowing and memorable sex.

2. You’re not Fulfilling His Unique Needs

A pistol in the sheets knows all about catering to a man’s individual needs. Not all men are the same sexually, so why would you treat them the same in bed? Just because your last boyfriend liked that swivel thing you do with his twin nuggets before he busts, doesn’t mean your next partner will be down for this move. It’s like bringing him to a restaurant with only one menu option—so uninteresting! Next!

So live by the mantra that some men have special preferences in bed. And as a good lover, you’ll want to learn about these desires and make them happen—within the cope of your personal boundaries though. Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. There’s a fine line between needing to be more experimental and doing 50 shades of things you wish you hadn’t.

But as long as you’re game for his fantasies, definitely go nuts. You might even learn a few new tricks, who knows.

3. You’re not Enthusiastic

There’s nothing hot about a reluctant partner who’s not in the mood. A woman who robotically opens her legs like it’s a chore is about as sexy as a two-cent hooker with bad breath—okay maybe not that bad, but still a huge turn off!

Have you ever been guilty of careless, lazy sex? You may also know it as star-fishing? That frozen position where you lay idly on the bed and wait for him to finish his business like a zombie in a coma. Yup, that’s the one! Well, that’s a huge erection killer. So, if you think that just getting naked and letting him ogle your goods is enough, it’s definitely not. At all!

Guys can sense when your half into it and want to feel desired and adored. As relationship blogger, Joshua shares, “We may not admit it, but we want to be complimented on our appearance and feel like our woman is physically attracted to us,” he explains in his article, “Ten Things Men Secretly Want From Women”. “No man wants to feel like his woman is doing him a favor by sleeping with him,” he adds.

Now, nobody’s saying you have to always be a fire-rocket, but if every time, there’s no oomph in your jiggie, you may have to start putting in more soul… and moan like you mean it!

4. Your Sex is Repetitive

Sex that’s predictable as a Seinfeld rerun gets dull. And are you surprised? If you keep doing the playing the same moves over and over again, he’s going to crave a different episode. In truth, repetition creates monotony. Suddenly, the sex starts to feel average and lackluster—it just becomes meh. New channel, please!

So how do you salvage a sex routine that’s lost its spark? Get inventive, girl! Sex expert Bobby Box suggests surprising him with a prostate massager to make things more intense and playful. “If you’re a beginner, choose a smaller size toy, so it’s less intimidating, plus lots and lots of lube,” he suggests in his article, “Masturbation To The Next Level With These Male Sex Toys.”

If he’s not into toys, you can always roleplay or change up the scenery. Sex doesn’t always have to happen on the bed, you know… let your imagination run wild!

5. You Skip Foreplay

There’s no law against skipping foreplay, but if you cut the corners too often, it can take a toll on your sex life—or at least his. Guys love BJs, especially when you enjoy giving them.

In the ideal scenario, you’ll be swallowing down his rod like its your last meal. Guys are addicted to deep throwing—it’s basically hitting the orgasmic jackpot. Yet, if you’re wouldn’t exactly call yourself a love-juice- hungry vixen, there’s ways around this.

Sex counsellor R.Esco suggests using flavored lube to make oral sex more enjoyable.” It makes blow jobs yummy and also enhances the overall experience of getting down. Most brands feature fruity flavors, but there are a wide variety of options available such as chocolate, mint or bubble gum,” she says in her article, “Best Personal Lubricants for a Slippery Ride”.

Basically, when you’re loving it, he’s loving it.

By checking off these 5 limp-proof strategies off your list, you’ll stop wondering why you’re missing the mark. So get back in there soldier, and never leave a good orgasm behind.

Rachel Esco
Rachel Esco is a stylish lifestyle blogger with an eye for dating, beauty and fashion. Known for her witty approach to advice, she’s dedicated to help men and women lead more confident, successful lives. Her know-how has also been featured on popular dating advice blogs such as Your Tango and Man Decoder.com.

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How to Give Your Partner a Massage She Won’t Forget


Do you want to give your wife or girlfriend the best massage? A sensual Montreal massage is a very popular option for people who want relief from stress, anxiety and pain. But for a lot of couples, it’s also a good way to boost intimacy and romance.
If you want to give your partner a massage yourself know that touching your woman the right way says a lot about you and how you feel. Not only will she feel relaxed with a good massage, but it will also perhaps set the mood for something more.
In this article you’ll learn how to give your partner the best massage she’s ever had.


Giving a sensual massage should be set in a private and quiet place. If you have kids, then schedule it when they’re in school or at their friends’ place. Make sure your phone is off the hook; turn off your cellphones and everything else that can serve as a distraction. Play soothing music and dim the lights. You can even just switch off the lights completely and light a few scented candles to set the mood.
You’ll also need a sheet to cover your “work area” and then another one to cover your partner’s body especially if you’re planning to do this when the weather’s a bit chilly.

Learn How to Do a Massage

If you’ve ever had a massage in a spa before, then you know that there are several massage techniques – Swedish, Shiatsu, etc. Each of these has different goals but you don’t really need to know everything – you just need to focus on giving your partner a good massage. Your goal should be to help your partner relax.

A few pointers to keep in mind:

Massage the muscle – not the bone or skin.
Use an even and firm pressure, not hard or deep.
Work on large muscle groups.
Use oil or any lubricant.
Know when to stop.

Find the right pressure

You want to be able to massage your partner in such a way that the effect is not superficial. But you also don’t want to do it too deeply that your strokes will begin to hurt because you’re already pressing hard on the bone.
Pressure that is too light and uneven can be very uncomfortable so be sure to be consistent all throughout your massage. You can ask your partner for feedback. Some people want hard or deep pressure while others prefer lighter strokes.
Working on larger muscle groups like the legs, shoulders, back and neck makes you more efficient in massaging her body while at the same time preventing any soreness or damage to the muscles.

Finally, don’t forget to use oil. Lubricants are necessary for skin-to-skin contact/massage, to protect it from friction and irritation. You can use Vaseline or oils that have the scent she likes.

Once you’re done massaging the special lady in your life, give her a warm towel and a drink (tea perhaps?) to end your session.

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Dating In Dartford


Your Vibrant Local Singles Scene.

Looking for love doesn’t need to be a chore – Dartford has so much to offer that you’ll have lots of fun along the way.

Looking for love can be a daunting prospect – especially if you’re a little out of practice! If you live in Dartford though, you’re in luck. This vibrant part of Kent has plenty to offer singletons, whether you’re looking for “The One” or just a little bit of fun. So what options should you explore? Here you’ll find out exactly what’s going on in Dartford, so that you can get yourself out there and meet someone new straight away.

Online dating.

Online dating is incredibly popular, no matter your age. With nearly all of us owning smartphones, connecting with fellow singletons can be done with a few swipes – you’re pretty much holding your love life in the palm of your hand. Tinder needs no introduction – and it’s great for people on the go who want to meet someone quickly. There are a great number of other dating sites out there too, such as FreeDating and Plenty of Fish, where you can see at a glance who’s looking for love in your area.

The local nightlife.

Dartford is home to plenty of pubs, bars and clubs – so it’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking to meet someone new on a night out. For a quiet drink, head to The Royal Oak. This pub is just outside of the town centre, making it ideal for those who just want to relax in comfortable surroundings. The Courthouse is slightly livelier, but still has a really welcoming atmosphere.

If you’re in the mood for partying though, you’ve got plenty of other options. The Crush Lounge is a sophisticated bar that really comes alive of an evening, and at the weekend it’s the destination of choice for many of the locals. A night out at Air and Breathe is fun no matter your age – Air is aimed at 18-24 while the more intimate Breathe is a haven for the over-25’s. With so much going on, you’re bound to bump into some fellow singletons on a Dartford night out!

Spend the night with an escort.

For some, the thought of getting out there and meeting someone is really nerve-racking. If that sounds like you, then there’s a solution. An evening with a gorgeous mature escort is the perfect introduction to dating. Perhaps you’re a little rusty after being in a relationship for a long time? Or maybe you’re just a little inexperienced? Whatever your circumstances, your escort will take the time to help you relax. Thanks to her years of experience, she knows exactly how to please a man and she’ll be able to show you how to impress a woman too. After all, who said that learning couldn’t be fun?

Here’s to finding love!

So there you have it – your quick guide to dating in Dartford! There’s no right or wrong way to go about it, just choose what feels right for you. Perhaps love is only a few clicks away? Maybe you prefer to meet someone by chance? Or does a no-strings attached date with an escort tickle your fancy? However you choose to date, Dartford is a really fun place to do it.

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Spicy survey: 4 men’s favorite sex positions

Harriet Brookes- SPICY SURVEY

Sex and especially the way we do sex is the “mirror of our relationship”… The truth is that sex is

an important aspect of every relationship – sometimes even more important than we would

dare to admit.

A recent survey found that men aren’t as prudish and traditional as you might think. The poll of

800 adults across the UK found that men’s favourite sex position is Doggy Style. The on-all-fours

move was voted as the sexiest position in this survey.

However, which other positions send men crazy?

Read here all the best to help you get some serious brownie points in the bedroom:

1.Woman on Top.

This was revealed as men’s second favourite sex position in the recent poll. The sexy move puts

you in the driver’s seat, and that’s exactly where he wants you. Take advantage of being in

control and set the pace to what ever makes you feel comfortable. Men like this position

because they have a great view and they can touch their partners body at the same time. “Love

being able to see her on top and really getting into it,” one guy said. “The view is great, and I can

touch her breasts,” added another.

2. Stand and Enjoy it.

This move sees you standing face-to-face, which adds to the intimacy of the act. He will enjoy it

as he can reach round and squeeze your booty. Getting down to it out of the bedroom can also

add to the thrill, so why not try it out in the kitchen or lounge.

3. The Lap Dance.

Pull up a chair and have him take a seat while you get on top. He’ll love the look and feel of you

straddling him, and having you in control will help him last longer too – which he’ll love as much

as you. The position will help you stay extra close too, making it an extremely intimate position.

4. Sexy Spooning.

This position is very intimate and allows guys to feel your body against theirs. It’s also great for

a lazy Sunday morning session as it isn’t very active. You can make it even hotter by twisting

your body and head slightly toward him so you can smooch while his hands roam.

Harriet Brookes
Harriet is a blogger from Cyprus but currently lives in Rome, Italy. She has professional experience as a blogger at dating news , a columnist in magazines and sites in Italy and Greece. Harriet has a degree in journalism and a degree in cultural management units. Harriet’s hobbies include tennis, travelling and cooking.

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The Growth of Unusual Sex Toys

growth of sex toys

Our Changing Attitudes to Sex

As we’ve grown more comfortable using sex toys, many more unusual toys have been introduced to the market.

It’s no secret that we’re a nation who love sex toys. They’ve become part of many people’s sex life and play a part in both foreplay and the main event. So it’s only natural that sex toys themselves have been changing during recent years. We’ve come a long way from basic vibrators – now there’s a toy for almost anything. With toys having all kinds of bells and whistles and coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes, there’s never been a better time to add to your collection.

Where it began

Even ten years ago, we were far less open about using sex toys than we are now. Shows like Sex and the City (remember Charlotte and her Rabbit?!) changed people’s ideas about sex, and taught them that it didn’t need to be banished to the bedroom – it could be part of a bigger conversation. So as couples and singletons alike became more comfortable using toys, the choice on offer grew. However, SATC wasn’t the biggest sexual cultural awakening. No, that one came a little bit later on…

The Fifty Shades effect

There’s no denying that Fifty Shades of Grey totally changed our attitude to sex toys. Suddenly, we weren’t just thinking about using a vibrator for foreplay and leaving it there. No, that wasn’t enough! As we read all about Anastasia and Christian’s exploits in the bedroom, it became clear that the more toys the better! Nipple clamps, Ben Wa balls and even butt plugs were on the shopping lists of women all over the world. They were keen to try out everything that they’d read about in the book with their own partners – and boy, did they! We were all having more sex than ever, and this time, the toys weren’t just a supporting act. They were part of the main show.

We’ve become more adventurous

So how has this influenced the rise of unusual sex toys? Well, we’ve become a lot braver when it comes to buying toys. Thanks to having our eyes opened by books and television, we’re much more open to trying something new. Considering that most people own sex toys, that means taking things up a level and trying something a little more unorthodox. Also, more women are blogging sex toy reviews, which means everybody else can make a more informed decision before buying – a sexy toy is obviously not something that can be returned if you change your mind!

The development of these toys

Most unusual sex toys have developed from something far tamer. For example, most vibrators take inspiration from the Rabbit – think dual clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Now though, they’re hands free, waterproof and decked out with ridges and spines to increase sensation even further. There are even some clitoral vibrators out there that can be worn over your underwear. So you don’t even need to get your clothes off to get your rocks off! Add to the mix anal toys and cock rings, and there’s no part of our bodies that can’t be pleasured.

What will you buy next?

So have you eschewed your bullet for something a little more advanced? If you have, you’re certainly in good company. More and more of us are adding something weird and wonderful to our sex toy collections. If you’re tempted to do so, then there’s plenty of choice out there. Just think about what you’d like a toy to do for you and you’ll be sure to find something that’s a little out-there to scratch that itch.

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Why Do Men Prefer Adult Webcams Over Porn?

Why Men Prefer Webcams

Men are wired for variety. Even if we are completely comfortable with being monogamous as a 21st century social construct, our lizard brains are still wired with that latent urge to mate with as many partners as possible. Our biological drive to ensure species survival and the proliferation of genes cannot be stopped, and our brain is tricked by the images it sees on the screen – be it webcam or porn.


What does this have to do with men preferences? Why do they love cam girls more than pornstars? It all has to do with interaction and how they perceive the image on the screen. Sex is like a drug to most of us, and it can easily become addicting. The most important fire to put out is our desire for pleasure.

Porn is a passive action, adult webcams are active actions.

Webcams Let You Dominate The Action

Men love the fact that they can interact with the models and dominate the entire conversation. It’s actually not hard to tell the cam girl to do whatever you want. Tell her to wear a sexy costume, undress, recite a poem or just masturbate. For instance, you can do this at http://www.camsloveaholics.com/.

When men watch porn, it’s just them and the video player. Webcams involve deeper actions. It’s another league, for those who want something else.

It’s Live. You Call the Shots. Anything Can Happen.

When watching adult webcams you practically decide that those sleazy porn directors should not have all the fun. Although they probably hate their jobs (and the male performers as well), that does not mean you can’t have ideas for live action. You kind of take their job. Adult webcams are putting you in charge to decide what the models should do right now.

Cam Orgasms Are More Satisfying

There is much difference between orgasming and ejaculation. Watching cam girls means genuine interactions that allow you to explore your mind and your deepest desires. When you want a fast release you can go for a porn movie, but when you want a real experience you have to heavily engage with a cam model in order to reach a stronger orgasm. It’s much better than a movie that is completely impersonal.

No Acting

There is no one behind a camera that is directing the set. Camming involves talking to a real human being who can understand your deepest sexual desires. This is one of the most amazing things when it comes to cam models. You see a real person behind that screen who talks to you. It’s very engaging.

It’s way more than just you and that videoplayer

Pre-recorded videos do not boast that much real life. We are social beings and we crave for a little bit of interaction. Cam websites like camsloveaholics.com offer you the chance to be part of a circle of viewers who will chat both with the performer and with each other. You might even get a one-to-one private show if you want. Build a relationship. The social possibilities are limitless.


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Is it possible one night stand turns into love?


Does one night stands ever lead to a successful relationship? You may be ashamed to say it but let’s face facts: One night stands are becoming more and more common these days. You may not even be going out looking for one and it may still be the result of your good, relationship-minded intentions. Some men/women would not want to have anything to do with each other after a one night stand. But can a one night stand in some cases turn into love and a relationship? And what do you think would make someone have a relationship after a one night stand?


What do you do after a one nighter?

Can you really turn it into something serious? Is it possible after a one night stand to be born a special connection? The answer is yes, if you follow these rules… Sometimes it may seem like getting into a relationship is almost impossible. That  gets even harder when you wake up next to a one night stand. But if you follow these steps, you’ll be able to take a moment of bad judgment and turn it into something much more…

  1. Communicate. After sex start talk. There’s no more awkward a moment than waking up next to someone you just had sex with that you don’t even know. It was a one night stand. What do you say? If you want more than just that one night of sex, you need to address the awkwardness with some humor and make your intentions clear. Take her out to breakfast. See if you match up for more than a night and put in the effort. It may result in exactly what you were hoping for!


  1. No more sex. Forget sex for a while to get to know him/her better. If this is going to be a real relationship, it can’t just be about sex. The worst thing is to keep having more sex. Jumping back into bed only takes you back to the one night stand. Besides, if you want a relationship, don’t treat her like a booty call or ongoing fling. Respect her and yourself – and control your urges.



  1. Give a change of a second date with him/her by having a romantic dinner this time. Research has revealed that starting off a relationship with sex can sometimes be better than waiting to be more intimate before indulging in it. Sexual intercourse can in fact help you to open up to each other more easily, should you so wish to. When you are more frank and intimate, there is less pretence and you can expect to start off a relationship in all its earnestness.


  1. If you keep thinking about him/her after the night you spend together then something more than just sex is going on. When you share sexual pleasures with your partner for the first time, sparks fly. Sometimes, these sparks refuse to die away the next morning following the encounter. In such cases, the partners might feel an inseparable attraction towards each other. This would trigger more and more meetings and sexual escapades and could even develop into a casual relationship.


  1. If you find your sex partner to be a comforting friend, going ahead with a relationship with him/her could seem just right. You never know…

See also:


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Frequency of Sex: What’s Normal and How to Get There?

Frequency of sex

When it comes to sex in marriage and long-term relationships, what’s enough and what’s normal?

If you’re trying to measure a “normal” in your sex life, you’re probably frustrated. Either you feel like you’re not getting it enough or you feel like your partner is bugging you way too much for sex. Either way, it’s not ideal.

Statistically, 2-3 times a week is the average amount of time couples have sex, and many sex therapists will tell you to shoot for that frequency if you find you both can’t come to a good balance. If you and your partner have discrepancies in your libidos and cannot find satisfaction in your frequency of sex (one partner wants it more while the other wants it less), you can definitely shoot for twice a week. The number isn’t the important part though. Sure it’s the average (but is everyone being honest anyway in all these surveys we’re doing? I have to wonder.).

There really isn’t much medical data, if any, to back up that anyone needs to have sex twice a week to be normal. There is no normal. And because there is no medical reason to have sex twice a week, and there is no “normal” sex life, both partners really need to learn how to achieve a happy sex life through balance, give and take – compromise. That’s the sound advice.

Blah, blah, blah, but you’ve heard that before, and you’ve both tried talking about it already. You both end up frustrated at the end of the conversation because you can’t seem to come up with a solution. You need a plan that works not a statement that you need to achieve balance somehow. If it was that easy, you’d be doing it already!

Say you and your partner decide that you are going to have sex at least twice a week. You mark it on the calendar and stick to the schedule. What happens then? Has it solved your sexual frustrations in your relationship? Are you both happier for it? You’ll find that in most cases, you’re not. Why?

Because you’re doing it wrong.

Not the actual sex act itself. I can’t speak for that. The sex doesn’t matter so much anyway. It’s the learning about each other as you stick to the sex schedule that will reap you rewards. It’s what you discover about your individual sexual drives and how to share in physical intimacy that will catapult your relationship from stagnant and frustrated to satisfied. If  you can focus on those relational aspects during the sex schedule, a 2 times a week sex calendar system can do wonders for your marriage. I’ll show you how, but first you may wonder, why suggest 2? Why not 3? Or 5 for that matter?

Shooting for sex twice a week is a good starting point because it’s manageable (not too often for the infrequent partner and not too sparse for the partner who desires sex more often). If  both of you agree that it’s physically possible in your lifestyle, start there. This doesn’t mean that you will suddenly become happy just by having sex twice a week just because statistically, most “happy” couples have sex 2-3 times a week. After all, in successful relationships, it’s the happiness that leads to sex rather than the other way around. So the schedule by itself won’t work. Simply having sex twice a week won’t accomplish happiness or long-term balance in your sex life; you have to talk about sex during this twice a week schedule, and then you’ll flourish…if you do it right.


Here’s how:

  1. Schedule sex twice a week (or a number you both agree to meet)
  2. Stick to the schedule no matter what
  3. Talk about how you feel after having sex – where you completely not in the mood before and then you got into it later? Where you excited to have sex and then disappointed when your partner groaned, “Ugh, okay, let’s get it over with.”
  4. Listen to one another without giving a response (no matter how difficult that might be)
  5. Next time you have sex, have the same talk again, AND this time, you can respond to what your partner said to you the PREVIOUS time you had sex – “I was really hurt that you weren’t in the mood to have sex when you told me that, but I understood your reasoning when you kept talking. Here’s where I need more clarification though…”
  6. Keep the schedule for one month
  7. After the month has ended, talk about what you both learned about yourselves, your partner, and your sex life in general
  8. Set up new schedule for next month (could be the same or different)
  9. Keep it going month to month
  10. Keep talking with respect, love, and an open mind.


At the end of this 10 step process, you should learn a great deal about yourself and your partner. You’ll both learn why you have an imbalance and how to fix it. You’ll also be well on your way to creating your new “normal.”

If you need more help in this area or any other problem area in your marriage, don’t hesitate. Get help now. If you CLICK ON THIS LINK, there is free step-by-step help provided for you. Get the FREE short videos now…why wait for it to get any worse?

I’m Kat Peoples, Ph.D. – a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC), a licensed professional counselor (LPC), and a relationship expert and coach, and most importantly, a very happy wife and mother. I have helped couples struggling with drug and alcohol addictions, sexual addictions, intimacy issues, infidelity, and spiritual issues in marriage throughout my career. After seeing so many couples struggle throughout these various challenges, I decided to commit my expertise to repairing marriages and helping couples create phenomenal love in their relationships through the Soulmate Template Relationship Coaching Program- drkatpeoples.com

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6 Hot Christmas Fantasies That Will Knock Your Elf Socks Off



Opportunity. That’s what I see in Christmas. And there are so many opportunities to nurture your relationship during the Holiday. As with all holidays, Christmas comes with its novelties. Costumes, trees, stockings, reindeer, etc…The list goes on. If you’re in a relationship and you need to spice it up, it’s always a good move to take sexual advantage over a season’s novelties.


In the spirit of crackling wood by the fire and hot elf costumes, I came up with some role playing fantasies and activities that could serve as gifts or just a great opportunity to have some fun!


  1. Sitting On Santa’s Lap

    Here comes Santa Clause, Here Comes Santa Clause…dressed up in your living room, sitting on the recliner waiting to hear your Christmas desires. On his lap you go. And you run down your list and he stops you and says, “whoa whoa slow down there Rudolf. You were a bad girl this year.” So now you think it might be a good idea to change Santa’s mind. Believe me. Santa’s gift list isn’t set in stone, but what you’re sitting on is starting to feel like it is.


  1. Erotic Gifts As Stocking Stuffers

    Having last minute trouble finding stocking stuffers? Hey! Don’t forget about adult stores and sex toys. You know those gifts that you want to open and play with immediately? The exciting gifts. The ones you think about all year long. Hopefully you put them on your list! A priceless look on your face is guaranteed when you pull a Rabbit out of your stocking.


  1. Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

    After you put the kids to bed, it’s milk and cookies time for you and daddy Santa. Feed Santa his cookies. Let him feed you. Let go and get into it. Give Santa his first gift. Take him right there by the fireplace. Just don’t wake the kids.


  1. Elf Orgy

    If your single (or swingers), throwing a sex themed Christmas party might not be a bad idea! And what hotter Christmas costume than the elf?!? So everyone dresses up like elves and agrees to an orgy themed party. Make plenty of egg nog and rage until dawn. Holiday cheer guaranteed.


  1. Take a Risk At The Christmas Party

    Don’t be shy. It’s okay to sneak off into a closet with someone. Your boyfriend, some random guy you just met. It doesn’t matter; it’s Christmas. Spread that Holiday love wherever you go!


  1. Christmas Morning Delight

    Santa gets bold this year. He wakes you up before the kids get up. “It’s time for gifts dear”. You wonder what the hell is going on and if he is serious about taking you downstairs to the tree to exchange gifts. But that’s not what happens. No no. Santa’s looking to give you more than what you can think of; he’s going to re-write your Christmas list this year.

CJ Westyn
CJ Westyn is a relationship expert and strategist residing in Princeton, New Jersey and Denver, CO. He is a Date Camp™ Coach and former co-host of dating and relationship talk radio show, Intuidate Radio®.

CJ holds an M.A. in Rehabilitation Counseling and has spent over 10 years working with couples and individuals on a broad variety of relationship issues.

CJ’s mission is to use his writing and untamed sense of humor to add value to the dating advice world by delivering helpful digital content. He strives to move people forward as he guides them through overcoming the uncomfortable yet inherent challenges we are dealt by the human condition (You know, when “life gets in the way”).

CJ’s aim is to also raise awareness surrounding cultural mores and standards that are congruent with human biology yet have earned negative value judgment due to sociocultural human constructs such as religion, ethics and tradition.

In addition to dating advice, CJ spends significant time writing comedy and performing elaborate practical jokes. In his spare time, he watches plenty of Andy Kaufman videos (for inspiration) and audits classes at Princeton University.

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