The SW Experts | 10 Songs That Help Mend A Broken Heart
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10 Songs That Help Mend A Broken Heart

10 songs that help mend a broken heart

When you are going through a breakup it often feels like your pain will never go away. I know that when I was going through both my first and second breakup at first I had NO idea what to do to get through the hard times. I looked to my friends and family for advice, but never really felt like I was getting all the help I needed. I, like many girls, ended up turning to music for that help I felt I was lacking. I felt that listening to music could give me a way to escape my head, and listen to someone else’s experience, while simultaneously healing my broken heart. I have come up with a list of ten songs that I frequently listened to during my first and most recent breakup. These songs are my favorite because they each bring a different message and emotion to the table. I hope you find them as helpful and inspiring as I did. Trust me when I say music can help mend any broken heart.