The SW Experts | 10 Sure Fire Tell Tale Signs Your Relationship Is Over
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10 Sure Fire Tell Tale Signs Your Relationship Is Over

10 Sure Fire Tell Tale Signs Your Relationship Is Over

signs your relationship is over for good


Is Your Relationship Over?

“You’re not the same person I first met.”

“It just doesn’t seem like you care as much as you used to.”

“Honey…just because I didn’t text you back, doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”
Do these sound familiar? Do you feel like you are working way too hard to keep your relationship alive? Is it really alive, even after all of your hard work?

Hey, sometimes we’ve got to call it quits. It’s a very difficult thing to do. And you just might not know if it’s time. You may not be noticing (or could be ignoring) some definitive signs that point to the looming end of your relationship. Here’s 8. I’d say cut your losses and break it off now if you can answer yes to 3 of them:

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1. He’s Not On Top Of Texts Anymore

Remember the endless texting in the beginning? Remember that feeling you got when you would see his name pop up on your screen right after a text notification? Compare that to the way things are now. If you’re experiencing extra long wait times for replies and see that it’s becoming a pattern, there may be something wrong.

2. Excuses

“Dear, I’m sorry, but I just don’t have the time.” Or, “honey, I totally would, but we’re working on a big project at work. I need to be available just in case.” Sound familiar? We make time for our love lives. Period. And if excuses become a consistent pattern you can bet there is a problem (even if the excuses are good). He can have the best excuses in the world, but it’s the development of a pattern that signals an issue.

3. He Chooses Friends Over You

The weekend is coming. You’re conditioned to Friday night being date night. You start to get ready and he hits you with, “honey, I haven’t seen Stefan and Phillip in a long time. I think I am going to hang out with them. We can go out another night.” And then you wait and wait and wait for that “other night”…and it never comes.

4. When Fights Get Vicious

Has his fighting style gotten more aggressive? Are you hearing him say things he’s never said before? He could be showing you a side of him you’ve never seen. A side that only comes out during the worst of times. Do you really want to be around this side of him?

5. You Find Yourself Waiting On Him

It gets to the point where it’s all up to him to make arrangements to see each other. You’re waiting by the phone. You’re not planning anything until you hear from him…and then you don’t hear from him. If he used to take initiative and is no longer doing it, he has likely lost his passion or his mind is elsewhere.

6. It Doesn’t Matter To You

You start to notice YOU don’t even care what he does! He can tell you anything and it just flies over your head while your eyes roll. That’s when you’ve had enough…when you’ve already checked out.

7. When He Picks Minuscule Fights

He never had a problem with the way you do some things or your little quirks. Maybe these days he’s starting to flip out when you’re laundry winds up in “his space”. You notice it almost seems like he is looking for breakup reasons. He wants you to know the relationship is in jeopardy.

8. You Are Trying Too Hard

You feel everything is on you. You are putting every drop of your energy into coming up with ways to make the relationship better. However, he is not reciprocating or appreciating anything you do. Hard work should pay off and if it doesn’t, you’re wasting your time.

So what to do if this sounds like your relationship?

Head for the hills! He could be the type of guy who fears confrontation and won’t initiate the breakup. You may need to take the initiative. If this stuff keeps happening, the relationship is already over. When that feeling comes don’t ignore it. See it for what it is and move on…