The SW Experts | 10 Things That Will Prevent You From Meeting and Attracting the Women of Your Dreams
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10 Things That Will Prevent You From Meeting and Attracting the Women of Your Dreams

10 Ways to prevent



The number one thing that holds most guys back from meeting a girl who really excites them is their own stupid pride. Get over yourself. Risk rejection. Stop believing that anyone gives a shit about you, your “reputation,” or how you’re being perceived. Put your pride on the line and go for the girl.


Girls aren’t going to pick themselves up. If you don’t actively make a habit of going out to meet women, you’re not going to enjoy the success you want. Meeting and dating women is a lifestyle, NOT some fad you do for a couple weeks then stop. Get into the habit of TAKING ACTION by getting over your laziness.


So many guys accept a mediocre existence because it’s easier to be complacent. If you’re not excited or satisfied with your current love life, but you’re also not making strides every day to change it, then you’re complacent. Shake yourself out of your “easy” existence and commit yourself to change.


Being too nice isn’t a good thing; it means you’re a spineless shit. There’s a big difference between being a good person and being “nice” (in fact, most “nice” people aren’t good-they’re actually manipulative). Being a “nice guy” is easy-it doesn’t require you to ever assert yourself, speak out, or put your personality on the line. Instead, “nice” guys just go along with whatever pleases other people in hopes that by being “nice” women will like and accept them. Women won’t. If you want to be successful with women, drop the “nice guy” act and start getting real.


The word “embarrassment” is vague-as it should be-since guys find themselves embarrassed over lots of things: their sexuality, their need for help, their fear of “getting rejected”. Similar to pride, your fear of being “embarrassed” will hold you back from ever making a serious change. Stop feeling ashamed about your sexuality, your need for help, or your “rejections” from women. Focusing on that stuff and feeling bad about it will only fuck you over in the long run. Instead, be shameless.

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Here’s a newsflash for you: if you’re living an unhealthy and unattractive lifestyle all day, then not much is going to change when you interact with women. It always amazes me when guys think they deserve really attractive women; yet lead a grossly unattractive lifestyle. Becoming better with women means becoming a better man. Most guys need to dramatically change their eating habits, exercise habits, hobbies, and interests. (Eating Doritos and playing videogames all day is NOT an attractive lifestyle).


Most guys who need help with women fall on both ends of the “bad attitude spectrum” when it comes to their view of women: they either worship women or they hate women. Both of these attitudes are toxic when meeting and interacting with women. Rather than absolutely loving or hating them, appreciate women for their attractive differences from men and enjoy them for who they are as people. Absolutely avoid going to either extreme of hating or loving a woman whom you don’t know just because of her gender.


Every guy has an excuse he can blame for his failure with women. “I’m ugly”, “I’m short”,” “I’m old”, “I’m bald”, or “I’m a million other things”… These are the swan songs of the failures who give up on becoming more successful with women. You’re not a special snowflake, dawg: EVERY guy has some insecurities or “excuse”. But the difference between guys who enjoy success and guys who don’t is simply this: are you letting your excuses stop you from meeting women? If you are, drop it.


Meeting women isn’t an epic undertaking akin to a personal transformation or going to the electric chair. Going out to enjoy success with women should be FUN and ENJOYABLE and should NOT be taken too seriously. If you look at dating as some monumental task that requires blood, sweat, and tears, then you’re not doing it right. There’s a direct correlation between how much fun you have when out meeting women and how much success you have with them. Knowing that, ask yourself this: why so serious?


While “hoping” a nice girl will come along or “hoping” that you will one day enjoy success with women may sound nice, it’s really just paralyzing you from taking action TODAY. The idea of “hope” always happens in the future… maybe tomorrow, or maybe the next day, or perhaps the day after that. But guess what: if you’re not taking action TODAY as in RIGHT NOW, then you’re letting “hope” stop you from enjoying success with women. Therefore, this is the final point in this “top 10” because even this “top 10” list is keeping you living in HOPE. Step up and live in REALITY, today… as in RIGHT NOW.

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