The SW Experts | 10 Ways To Keep a Man’s Attention
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10 Ways To Keep a Man’s Attention

keep his attention

For a lot of women, it`s easy to start the relationship with a man and so difficult to keep this relationship! There are lots of advice about keeping a man hooked and happy in a relationship: you may find what you have to do and what can destroy your life with your special man. But you should always remember that every man is different and if something that makes one man pleased may make another irritated.

Here we present to you 10 secrets and relation tips on how to keep a man`s attention and make your relationship happy.

  1. Don’t be easily available. It`s so nice to spend a lot of time with the person whom you love most of all. But for keeping attention he must miss you. Don`t be ready to come when he asks you, don`t always take his call. Make him miss you and your attention to him!
  1. Look fascinating. Your man has chosen you from other girls. So, try to keep his first impression. Make him be proud of you and your great look every day.
  1. Show interest in his hobbies. Be interested in him if you want that he is interested in you. Everybody likes to talk about themselves… about their hobbies and passions. Ask your significant other questions that show him you get to know him all the time. Try to use this interests in your everyday life situations such as if he likes fish cook his favorite dish for dinner to please him or if he likes jazz turn on his favorite jazz song during your lunch.  
  1. Treat his relatives like your own. Men love their nearest and dearest people, especially moms and dads. So, if you want to get your relationship closer and more trusting treat and love his family as though it was yours.  
  1. Smell lovely all the time. Always smell good near your man. That helps you to pay special attention to you.
  1. Don’t be a completely open book for your man. When your man knows everything about you and you are so predictable for him, he`ll lose his interest in you very quickly. You should keep a bit of mystery. You shouldn’t tell him everything about your past and about your plans for the future.
  1. Let him win sometimes. No one likes being a loser. When you constantly correct his actions and make decisions without his opinion be sure that your relationship is doomed to break up! Make him feel like a man and choose where you`ll spend your weekends and what restaurant you`ll visit this evening.  
  1. Show appreciation and flirt with your man. He can make a cup of coffee in the morning and bring it to you in your bed, but he`s forgotten to put sugar in the cup. Oh, no! The surprise is awful without sugar! But if you smile and say you appreciate everything that he does for you and how much your relationship means to you he`ll be hooked on you forever! Of course, one of the best ways how to get your man’s attention when you’re apart from each other is to send cute flirty text messages during the day. Such messages help you to say your special man once more time you always think about him.
  1. Be happy and interest. Be an optimist in everything and make your life interesting and exciting. Notice in everything only positive things and you’ll be really happy with your special man!
  1. Make him depend on you. Inside every man is a little boy who needs a firm hug and a wise advice from time to time. Help your man to meet the challenges in such a way that he can’t deal with issues without your help.

Remember these 10 ways how to keep a man`s attention and be happy in your relationship with your loved one.