The SW Experts | 10 Ways to Love Yourself Even Better
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Self Love

10 Ways to Love Yourself Even Better


You get a better you and enjoy better relationships when you love yourself better.

How can you tell when you love yourself? By the way you treat yourself.

Here’s 10 Ways to self-love

1. No more rushing to judgement when you don’t look or feel your best. No more harsh words when you gain a pound or two. No more self-ridicule when you get things wrong. Instead you say, ‘I’ll do better next time, I’ll keep learning, I’ll get back on the wagon”.

2. It looks like forgiving yourself too. When we do not forgive ourselves we carry around pain that becomes an entity in itself. It lives with us. In our bodies. Creating dis-ease. Creating stress and illness. This is not a good look and doesn’t feel like love at all.

3. Loving yourself better looks like respecting your own boundaries. Like having the courage to say no and not putting other people consistently before yourself. It means respecting your own rights and your own values. It means being true to your conscience and your convictions.

4. It means living your truth. It is following your own vision for your life and not your parents. It means to stop pretending that everything is alright when it isn’t. That is honouring yourself.

5. It includes taking time for you. Taking time to renew and revive. It feels like loving the skin you’re in and lavishing kind care and loving attention on your body, after all its the only one you’ll ever have.

6. It means doing the fun things you really enjoy and doing it to the max. Knowing it’s alright. Keep yourself permission to do things just for the fun and sheer pleasure of it.

7. It is dropping those people who are full of negativity and always draining your emotional and mental energy.

8. It means really investing in your love relationship. It means not holding back. It means giving your all to the one you love because you know the love will come back to you even stronger. It means not being afraid to love and not being slow to show it.

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9. It is wisely investing in your future by making sure you are growing and developing all the time. It is owning that you are an amazing human being full of gifts and talents and honouring them and yourself by developing them.

10. Loving yourself better means getting serious with yourself and your creator’s powerful plan for your life. Loving yourself better looks like whatever you do, you go all the way in.

Be amazing and love yourself better!