The SW Experts | 10 ways to scare beautiful women away this Halloween
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10 ways to scare woman away this halloween

10 ways to scare beautiful women away this Halloween

Halloween is on its way, so here’s a horror story for you.
Every evening, thousands of men terrify the women they’re trying to attract on a night out. Beautiful women will literally run away from them at the bar, and they have no idea why it’s happening…
It’s a true story! These men might think it’s a curse or something they can’t control.
In reality, they’re probably making one of these ten common mistakes to scare women away.

1. Approaching incorrectly

Rather than approaching from her eyeline with a smile, some guys will grab a woman or simply scream at her. This is more like a scene from Dawn of The Dead than an attempt to get a date.

2. Lack of smile and eye contact

A smile and strong eye contact is must-have body language when meeting anyone.
A smile shows you’re friendly. Eye contact communicates that you’re confident.
Without either, you can come across like a serial killer.

3. Bad hygiene

Even if you’re look like Jay Hernandez in Hostel or Ryan Reynolds in The Amityville Horror, you’re not taking anyone home if you have bad breath. The same goes for dodgy teeth, dirty clothes or damp armpits.
Take a shower before you show up at the club.

4. Awful fashion

A Halloween costume might be the one occasion you can get away with dressing like a slob.
Nevertheless, it remains true that the way you dress says so much about how you value yourself.
If you’re scruffy, grubby and ungroomed, you’re going to scare women away.

5. Nerves

Like a zombie epidemic, nervous energy is infectious.
If you’re nervous, the nerves will transfer onto the woman.
Suddenly, she feels awkward and anxious around you and wants to escape.
Unfortunately, nerves never fully disappear. The only solution is to face your fear and hopefully you’ll eventually find it easier.
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6. Being too physical

Here’s a message to the men who dry-hump women without introducing themselves, or who grope their legs by the bar.
You’re creepy. You’re pathetic. You could even be prosecuted. Please stop.

7. Being too vulgar

Asking for sex within five or six minutes of meeting someone can be seen as slightly forward.
Even if she did want sex, she’s unlikely to respond well to a straight-up request for it right away.
Share your intentions in a more subtle way.

8. Cringeworthy online dating pictures

It could be a topless selfie. You could be sitting with a tiger or ten years younger than you are in real life.
There are all sorts of pictures that make a potential online partner swipe the wrong way.
Award-winning blogger Katy Horwood is particularly unforgiving of terrible Tinder profiles.
She lists all the pictures and pick-up lines that make her puke, in a post delightfully titled ‘When Will Men Stop Being Such F***ing Tools On Tinder’.

9. Social media stalking

Most women can be communicated with on several social media platforms at any time.
Nevertheless, send too many messages and you’ll be labelled a ‘stalker’ that doesn’t deserve a response.
If she’s actually into you, she’ll answer your first text message.

10. Sending unsolicited photos of your penis.

The most bewildering behaviour of all.
Seriously, I’ve yet to meet a woman who welcomes this…