The SW Experts | 12 Ideas to Spark Things in the Bedroom for Each Month of 2015
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12 Ideas to Spark Things in the Bedroom for Each Month of 2015

12 ideas to spark in the bedroom

Your Very Own Naughty Calendar

If you find yourself stuck for inspiration in the bedroom this year, then we’re here to help with our monthly tips.

When it comes to keeping your New Year’s resolutions, it’s easy to forget all about them come the end of January. Well, with our guide, there’s no reason why you can’t keep them up. If your goal is to kick-start your sex life this year, then look no further than our month by month calendar.

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For the first month of the year, start off small. If there’s a position you’ve always wanted to try in the bedroom but haven’t quite got around to yet, then give it a go! A book of positions is a great thing to flick through with your partner on a cold winter’s night.

FebruarySex Calendar

February may be the shortest month – but that doesn’t mean that you can slack off! This month, try incorporating food into your sex life. From chocolate body paint to drinking something hot or cold before giving oral sex, the kitchen is your place of inspiration!


It’s tempting to spend all winter underneath the covers but the arrival of spring means mixing it up a little. From the shower to in public, the only limit is your own bravery – so make March the month for adventurous sex.


For the fourth month of the year, why not indulge in a little role play? From acting out a fantasy in the privacy of your bedroom to meeting in a hotel and pretending that you don’t know each other, the possibilities are endless.


Make your goal for May to be as kinky as possible. Whips, cuffs, gags – we’re talking the lot. Introducing a little bondage to the bedroom is a great way to spice things up and explore the dynamic you and your partner have.


With summer here at last, why not treat yourselves to a dirty weekend away? There’s something deliciously naughty about checking into a hotel room with no intention to emerge until the next day. Veto a change of clothes – pack your sexiest underwear instead.


This month, why not treat yourself to a new outfit or two? A little bit of saucy dressing up is the perfect addition to any role play, and there are so many out there to choose from.


Take it from us, this month you should definitely do some shopping for some new toys. From anal beads to bullets and everywhere in between, a little bit of battery power can take a sex session from bland to buzzing.


Phone sex is a great way to keep the flame of passion burning – even if you aren’t in the same country. If you or your partner are away on business or pleasure, a steamy conversation is a way of still being intimate with each other.


When the mornings become colder and darker, it’s hard to get going. Well, by introducing a little fun to your morning routine, you’ll be a lot keener to wake up. Whether you finish then or leave the rest until later is up to you…


There’s nothing better than cosy-ing up to your partner and watching a film, so why not try watching porn together? There are a wealth of titles to choose from online and in adult shops, so add one to your basket when you’re doing your weekly shop.


Wrap yourself up for your partner this Christmas and present them with a very naughty gift. Whether it’s a sex voucher or something for you both to use in the bedroom, you’ll be seeing out the year with a bang.

Our X-rated calendar is certainly a great way to get things hot again over the course of this year. Whether you just stick to our suggestions or add even more of your own, it’s going to be a hot, hot twelve months – whatever the season!