The SW Experts | 16 Ways Sex Toys Will Enhance Your Sex Life
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16 Ways Sex Toys Will Enhance Your Sex Life



When you were younger you used toys to transform you into a world of imagination and make believe. You spent hours playing with dolls or action figures pretending to be Barbie or GI Joe. As you grew older toys lost their wanderlust and adulthood took over. That is until now! Here are 16 ways that sex toys will enhance your sex life!

  1. A couple that plays together stays together! Introducing sex toys to the bedroom will add some serious spice to your dull “only waiting until the weekend” sex routine. Swings aren’t just for playgrounds!
  2. How about a little mutual masturbation? Add a little vibrating c-ring and clitoral vibrator (i.e. bullet) to your genital massages and watch some serious fireworks occur.
  3. Studies have shown that women in relationships use sex toys more often than single women? Why is that? If you don’t use it you’ll lose it. Sexual desire that is. Work those erotic muscles single ladies. Don’t wait for Prince Charming to get you off!
  4. You can go from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. Sex toys help to stimulate and awaken you to the pleasant sensations of particular erogenous zones. The male and female G-spot can both be reached by using a G-spot penetrating sex toy.
  5. Nothing says I love you quite like oral sex! Add an edible lubricant to a male masturbation sleeve followed by your nice warm tongue and send him into pleasure heaven.
  6. Skype sex is the new phone sex! Skype-sexing or FaceTiming while using your vibrator raises the kink in long distance loving to a whole new level.
  7. Blindfolds and surprises! Blindfold your lover and use a seduction feather tickler to follow down their spine and send them into satisfaction overdrive.
  8. Yes, a paddle can be used as a sex toy with delightful punishment! Tap into your inner dominatrix! Wear some leather and go to town.
  9. Dealing with conflicting libidos? If your lover doesn’t last as long as you would like them to a sex toy can help finish the job. Don’t leave her hanging gents. A nice clitoral stimulator will help in multiple ways.
  10. Ladies, having a bullet in your toy chest is like having a black dress in your closet. No matter where you go it will always make you look and feel fabulous. Simple yet powerful and effective.
  11. Sex toys can help prevent STD’s. Using your dildo, sleeve, or clitoral massager before you go out can ease some built up sexual tension. The goal here is to help prevent unnecessary one-night stands.
  12. Want to try anal play, but are too scared? Using anal beads or butt plugs can help introduce you to a pleasurable erogenous zone. You can create your own beginners guide to anal with these two toys.
  13. Using a lubricant with your toys will also help turn them into an adult Slip ‘N Slide. Splash!
  14. Sex toys help you create a fantasy world where you and your lover get lost in an oasis of climatic memories. Bring a toy or two on vacation. Add some adventure and fantasy to your repertoire!
  15. In a dating and sex drought? Your sex toy will always be a loyal companion. It’s not going anywhere unless you run out of batteries. It’s always one orgasm away!
  16. Using a sex toy can help assist you in the wonderful world of self-pleasure. Finding out what you like and what turns you on is extremely important in being a phenomenal lover. Using a sex toy will help you find your specific sweet spots.

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Sex toys are completely fun and delightful. They can take your sex life from a 7 to a 10 in a matter of minutes! Don’t knock it until you try it! Have a question about which toy is right for you? Visit to explore!