The SW Experts | 20 Do’s and Don’ts of dating every single moms should know
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20 Do’s and Don’ts of dating every single moms should know

Do’s and Don’ts of dating every single moms should know

The holidays are nearly upon us, and though many may say this is not the time for a single mom to start dating, I disagree. With all of the parties and festivities filling the lines in your calendar, this is the perfect time to mix, mingle and be introduced to as many single male possibilities you can find. You never know who could be your ultimate man-under-the-mistletoe!

But, if you are a single mom who’s not been out on a date in over a year (and you know who you are) you may need a few pointers.  Did you know that having a social life is as important to your overall health as eating vegetables and going to the gym?!

20 Do’s and Don’ts of dating every single moms should know.

  1. Do tell your children your dating. Keeping secrets from them is bad role modeling. Just make sure they know that they come first in your life.Do’s and Donts of dating every single moms should know
  2. Don’t let your kids pick your online dates. Yes, they know you are dating, but no they don’t get to be in charge of your social life.
  3. Do laugh at his jokes. You’ll come across as interested and happy. Men are naturally drawn to upbeat positive women.
  4. Don’t pick your new guy over your kids. See number 1.
  5. Do turn off your cell phone during dinner, but give the babysitter the restaurant tele for emergencies.
  6. Don’t dress like a slut for your date when you’re headed out the door. Also not good role modeling.
  7. Don’t forget to wear something red on your first date. Red dress, red lipstick, red nail polish. Research has found that men are turned on by red.
  8. Do tell him you have kids … but don’t dwell on the details.
  9. Don’t let dating burn you out. There will always be available men. Don’t believe me? Check online.
  10. Do let him pay for the first date. He wants to be a gentleman, and you want to be a treated like a princess.
  11. Don’t look for a replacement dad, that’s not fair to anyone.
  12. Do kiss on the first date….but don’t fully make-out it sends the wrong message about your standards.
  13. Don’t abandon your friends for your new man. Remember girls night out is important and healthy too!
  14. Do consider dating online. Life’s a big pond. There are plenty of fish and 1000’s of dating sites, use one that has trusted users like Singles Warehouse.
  15. Don’t listen to anyone else about your dating style…it’s your life.
  16. Do take up your friends offer to babysit your kids so you can go out.
  17. Don’t forget to lock the bedroom door when kids are home – if you’re gonna get busy.
  18. Do be picky this time around. You’ve earned it.
  19. Don’t worry about age – yours or his.
  20. Do remember my motto: “Dating is a journey not a means to an end.”

Do you have some do’s or don’ts to add to the list? Any questions about why these are on the list? Then leave a comment on my website, or reach out to the facebook community.

Number one on the Do list…is to live your happily even after.