The SW Experts | 3 Celebratory ways to avoid feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day
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3 Celebratory ways to avoid feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day

3 celebratory ways to avoid feeling lonely this valentines day

The Day of Love is a month away -as if we needed any more reminders with the nauseating heart shaped displays in shopping malls everywhere – and, if you’re anything like me, you’re already feeling the rising panic that you are once again single on this day.

Fret not, my fellow singletons, for since it is indeed a celebration of love, there is nothing stopping you from doing just that – celebrating!

Having rocked the solo love vibe for the last couple of years, I have found three celebratory ways to avoid feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day:

1.      Arrange a Friends’ Valentine’s Date

Grab your fellow single friends, book a table at a restaurant and dress up for a night of loving fun!

Feasting on good food and toasting your good fortune to having love, even if it is not the romantic kind, in your life are great reminders that just because you are not one half of a pair doesn’t make you incomplete.

Still feeling the love? Go dancing the night away (and maybe flirt with a hot stranger or two) at a nightclub or party.

2.      Throw a Secret Valentine’s Party

Much like Secret Santa, Secret Valentine involves inviting your solo hearts to bring along a gift of a certain value and distributing it amongst guests, before trying to steal the gifts from each other.

Sweet treats, laughter and the chance to snag that extra-large Lindt chocolate box you’ve been salivating over all evening – what’s not to love?

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3.      Attend a Valentine’s Day Speed Dating event:

No, attending a speed dating event on or in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day is not an act of desperation.

In fact, if nothing else, meeting and “dating” so many people reminds you that you are not alone and there are plenty of fish in the sea, so to speak. Not to mention, it can be loads fun!

Swap your PJs for your sexiest outfit, have your hair and nails done and rock up for an easy night of casual chatting, drinks and the knowledge that love could be right around the next seat swap.

Remember …

Valentine’s Day is but one day a year and there is no need to turn it into a pity party. Make memories with people who adore you all year long anyway. You are amazing, special and loved – embrace it and celebrate!