The SW Experts | 3 Key Ways to Tell You’re Over Your Ex
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3 Key Ways to Tell You’re Over Your Ex

If you’ve recently gotten out of a relationship, you might be wondering how to tell if you’re finally over your ex. You may want to get back into the world of online dating, or ask your cute co-worker out on a date, but you don’t want to bring any baggage from your previous relationship into it, and start thinking about your ex, when you’re trying to get to know someone new!

3 Key Ways to Tell You’re Over Your Ex:

Key ways to tell you're over your ex1. When you see the same make and model of the kind of car they drive, you don’t freak out wondering if it’s them.

2. The first thought that comes into your mind when you receive a text message is not hope or wonder if it’s your ex.

3. If you hear a breakup song on the radio, you don’t start to cry, think about wanting to leave a flaming bag of s*#! on your ex’s doorstep, or call or text them.

Take the time you need to heal from one lover, before moving on to someone new. Remember, everyone comes into your life for a good reason; that doesn’t mean that your relationship with them will last forever. Therefore, be grateful for the time you shared, and when you’re ready and accepting of the fact that it’s time to move on, go right ahead!