The SW Experts | The 3 Magical Words Every Woman Wants to Hear
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The 3 Magical Words Every Woman Wants to Hear

 3 magical words women want

Whether youve been together 6 months or a year, you might be dating someone really great, you might falling madly in love, and you might be asking yourself, why hasn’t he told me he loves me yet? Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world; just because he hasn’t said it, doesn’t mean he he isn’t thinking or feeling it. It’s hard for men (and women) to know when the “right” time is to say those three magical words. He doesn’t want to scare you off by saying it too soon, and he might not even realize that you won’t think he’s serious about you by not saying it. If you’ve been together for more than 6 months, and he still hasn’t mentioned the “L” word, what should you do? There are some important signs you can watch for, to help determine if your relationship is headed in the right direction.

The 3 Magical Words Every Woman Wants to Hear

Does He Show You He Likes You?

the 3 magical words every woman wants to hearWhen a man likes a woman, his actions speak louder than any words. Does he take the time talk with you daily, make an effort to spend time with you, even despite his busy work schedule? Has he asked to meet any of your friends or family, and has he introduced you to any of his? Do you feel appreciated and valued by him?

Is He Emotionally Investing in You?

This is essential to your relationship. Are you creating something by being together, or are you a couple just to have something to do? If you both spend time together during the day, do ordinary things like go to the grocery store, or cook meals together, and you talk about things that dig down under the surface, you are headed in the right direction. Do you feel like your partner opens up to you and expresses his emotions? For example: does he tell you how much he enjoyed spending time with you, or how difficult work has been for him lately, or why he’s mad at his brother for not helping out with their parents. Talking about feelings is a signal to you to know that he’s emotionally investing in you.

Are You On the Same Page?

Have you talked about where your relationship is going? If not, find an opportunity to do so. That means, talk about if you can see yourselves together in the future, if you both want to live in the city or the suburbs, if you want kids, if you If you plan to even stay in the same job or city. Once you talk about where you’re going individually, you can start talking about where the two of you are headed as a couple.

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Listen to Your Intuition

Do you feel like a priority in your partner’s life? Check in with yourself and see if you feel important in his eyes. Does he plan activities with you regularly, and set aside time for things that are important to you? The way you feel reveals a lot about what’s really happening, so be sure to listen to your own concerns or on the opposite side of things, your blissful state.

A Wounded Heart

If he’s had some piercing wounds to his heart in the past, he might be more reluctant to open up to you right away. Don’t be alarmed, just let him know that you aren’t going anywhere, and that you will go at whatever pace is necessary to help him feel comfortable. I’m not saying wait five years if you don’t see it going anywhere. What I am saying is, let the relationship develop naturally, and when he feels like he can relax, he’ll finally express his true feelings, which I’m sure will be worth waiting for!

Of course if you feel like the time is right, don’t hesitate to tell him how you really feel. If love is on your mind, even if you don’t want to say it, show him. Remember, guys pay much more attention to actions than words. Show him how you feel about him, he’ll get it!