The SW Experts | 3 Power Moves for Real Love in 2016
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3 Power Moves for Real Love in 2016

3 Power Moves for Real Love in 2016

3 Power Moves for Real Love in 2016

3 Power Moves
For Real Love in 2016


1. Inhale Now Exhale Your Past.

You have to not just get over your broken relationships and your past hurts but you have to release them. They happened, you went through it, that’s not going to change. But now you have to see what you have learned from it.  No matter how bad the experience there’s always the lessons we have to learn so we don’t have to repeat it or go through it again. It’s time to graduate.  Move on up.


2. Just do you.

You no longer have to do what other people tell you that should do.  You’re taking your power back. You now only  need to relax into who you really are. Be assured that will be enough. You are an original. You are a masterpiece. Why would you want to be like anyone else. Now concentrate on self love and self acceptance. You have permission to be authentic. You’re going to love it and, what’s more, people will love the real you.

There’s nothing more attractive than someone happy and confident in their own skin and who is totally genuine. You can’t beat it.

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3. Know your Value

It is very true that we teach people how to treat us by what we put up with.  Knowing your value enables you to set strong powerful boundaries that people cannot cross.  You have decided what is acceptable for you and you don’t have to negotiate downwards either.
This is one of the surest ways to attract quality people and loving individuals into your sphere.

Get ready to have a super 2016.