The SW Experts | 3 Sex Practices That Will Revamp Your Relationship
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Man and Woman kissing outdoors silhouetted against the sun

3 Sex Practices That Will Revamp Your Relationship

Tired of the same old bedroom routine? Then you should definitely do something about it. At least, something that is both easy and inspiring. Have a chat with your partner, there are bound to be some things you both want to try. You might even be surprised if your partner offers to visit a couple finder type of website to explore some swinging possibilities. It is important to keep an open mind, and you both might end up having more fun than you originally thought. And just to give you a slight nudge, here are some interesting sex practices you might want to try.

Care for a swing?

Swinging is a great option for couples who want to try something new, and are comfortable with having multiple partners. It is important that both you and your partner understand that swinging means a purely physical engagement with other couples, and that there are no emotions involved. If that is clear, and you both are comfortable, this type of sex practice might even strengthen your relationship, and not to mention get that spark back into your sex life. Just set some ground rules when it comes to what you both want to experience and what activities are allowed when it comes to interacting with other couples and you are all set.

Some light BDSM maybe? woman wearing fishnet tights and high heels with handcuffs hanging off one heel

Even if you are not into leather and whips, there are some BDSM practices that you and your partner might find interesting. Start with a blindfold to heighten the senses and go from there. A silk scarf for binding wrists might turn out to be just the incentive you need to make things a lot more fun. You can always get a bit kinkier with some spanking and hair-pulling action, but only if you are both comfortable with it and are willing to see what are your boundaries when it comes to deriving pleasure from a bit of pain. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Later on, you can expand on this and get far more creative if you discover that this type of sex play is what was lacking in your bedroom.

Or just some good old fashioned role play

If you feel comfortable enough with your partner, role play might be just the thing to help you revamp both your sex life and your relationship. We sometimes feel much more comfortable expressing our deepest thoughts and desires if we pretend to be someone else. This is where role-playing comes in. Even if it is just a simple boss/secretary, father/babysitter scenario that most people have thought of, there is still a lot of room for expressing what you truly want to experience and actually trying it. In addition, you can always make it far more interesting by introducing costumes or changing locations like arranging hotel bar meetings and pretending to not know each other.

There are a lot of things you can do to revamp your sex life and with it your emotional connection. Having an open and honest talk about what you want and need from your partner can be beneficial for all areas of your relationship.