The SW Experts | 3 Sexting Tips That Turn Women On Beyond Belief
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3 Sexting Tips That Turn Women On Beyond Belief

Sexting turns women on just as much as men. It’s true. The thing is, there’s a way to sext tactfully, and there’s…well, a boring way. Here’s what you need to know if you want to put her in the mood and have the end result be in your favor…

3 Sexting Tips That Turn Women On Beyond Belief

1. Keep it About Her

3 sexting tips to turn women on Women want to know that what she’s doing, saying, suggesting is turning you on, and that you are fantasizing about HER. Tell her how hot she looked when she left for work, and all you can think about is running your fingers up her skirt later tonight.What you need to do is get her into the “turned on” mindset. To do that, mention specific things that you know she likes, and that she’ll be surprised you remember. For example, mention how you want to kiss her neck softly, and gently nibble your way down her back, because you remember how much she ooo’d and ahhh’d last time you did. Don’t hesitate to tell her what you want her to do to you, but for the best success, follow her lead by suggesting what you’re going to do to her first. Once she knows your goal is to make her feel good, and that you’re not just trying to get her to send you a nude selfie, she’ll get on board and start telling you all the ways she’s going to kiss you back.

2. Don’t Send Nude Pics Unless She Asks

Speaking of nude photo’s, there’s a fine line between a tasteful shot and an unwelcome one. Don’t be the guy who sends uninvited x-rated shots. Always ask first, unless perhaps it’s your partner and you’ve been together for a really long time.

3. Tell Her a Story

Women get turned on with a sexting story of what you’re going to do to her, while guys are visual. Guys might only need a quick sexy photo to get turned on, but if you think of sexting like foreplay, it’ll really make her wet! Really get into the juicy details of how wet your fingers will be, how long your lips will linger, and where, and how hard or soft your going to suck, lick, and kiss different parts of her body. Trust me, if you take the effort to get into it, she’ll be extremely excited about coming home and making it a reality later.