The SW Experts | 3 Stupid Simple Ways to Manage a Harem
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3 Stupid Simple Ways to Manage a Harem

3 Stupid and simple ways to manage a harem


This week alone, I have received so much love mail, that it literally dwarfs the hate mail.  That’s when you know you’re becoming the best in your field – the haters gonna hate, but they’re not even strong enough to be seen, heard, or listened to.  Ha.  I’ve received everything from helping guys get laid, to my favourite question ever:

“I have never before had so much success with women, and now I don’t know how to manage it!”

This is the equivalent of a financial planner being asked what to do with all the money his client has now.  And so now…we’re cookin’!  Haha.  Now, we can have some fun, and we can start investing some of the experience we have, into REALLY getting the most we can out of life.

But first, let’s answer this question to end all questions with…

3 Stupid Simple Ways to Manage a Harem

The key is to make each woman feel special.  But how?  Let’s roll…

#1 – Identify YOUR Thing with Women

ways to manage a haremGuys are always asking me what girls like as if all girls are the same.  Newsflash: all girls be all kinds of unique, special, and different.  So to make it stupid simple to manage a harem, let’s start with YOU first.  What do you like about every woman?  For me it’s eyes.  Lo-and-behold, every woman not only has eyes, but she has a pair of eyes that NO ONE ELSE has.  Making them part of what makes her 100% unique.  Try calling her “Lady (insert eye colour here) Eyes.”  Works like a charm.  Because it is charming.

#2 – Listen for HER Thing

There’s going to be something that’s important for EVERY woman.  For her it might be having fun over having her shit together.  For her it might be being taken super seriously.  For example, in the last 2 days I have patted several women on the head in an endearing way.  Turns out, one woman didn’t like it.  Do I condemn her for it?  Of course, not.  Whatever her thing is, listen for it, and then you can always call back on it as one incredibly stupid simple way to manage a harem.

“What makes you so unique is you don’t like having your head patted, cos it makes you feel patronised.” 

Whoa.  I listened.  What guy does that?  Moving on…

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#3 – Eat Your Vegetables

No, really.  If you want to talk about stupid simple ways to manage a harem…  You’re going to need all the strength you can muster to keep up with that many women.  I’m not joking.  Part of my success with women revolves around the fact that I’ve completely changed my diet.  I now have more energy, require less sleep, and I’m able to make it to the gym every gym day.  All of that results in much better and more fun for both parties involved.

I hope you take my advice and get yourself (and your women) in line before you get yourself into a sticky situation. Do you have any other tips for keep up your tact (and strength)?