The SW Experts | 3 Things to remember before having that vacation fling
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3 Things to remember before having that vacation fling

3 Things to remember before having that vacation fling

3 things to remember before having that vacation flingI’m about to head off on my next big international vacation and besides seeking out the best sunbathing spot on the soft white sands of my idyllic destination, I am also going to be on the lookout for the island hottie.
There is something about being in a foreign country, where no one knows me that makes me lower my walls and lose my inhibitions, enabling me to attract the opposite sex easier that when I am at home. It makes sense, though – because I am relaxed, I am happier and therefore more attractive.

Whether you’re travelling with friends or flying solo, nothing says vacation like hooking up with someone new in a strange land. Having dipped into the summer fling once or twice myself, in Italy and New York, I know the allure of a quick tryst is hard to beat.

I’m sure most of you feel the same way so for your sake and mine, I have a list of three things to remember before having a vacation fling:

1. It’s temporary

The way the sun kisses his hair and how he gazes at you with those deep blue eyes that seem to go on forever feels like you in heaven and you could easily stay here with him for eternity … but it’s all an illusion, dear reader.

Fleeting romances are just that – temporary, so do not get too attached to your Blue Lagoon Romeo and start planning your wedding.

After this whirlwind fling, Mr Perfect will exist only in your memories and photos and that’s ok. Go into it open-eyed and remember that at the end of the week, you’ll have to say goodbye to Tall, Tanned and Dashing.

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2. Be cautious

Holiday romances are good for your mind, body and soul but safety comes first too so don’t forget to pack contraceptives and ensure your valuables are well-guarded.

Don’t just wander off with your conquest into parts unknown -at least tell your friends or your hotel receptionist you’re leaving and where you’re going to so that they’re aware of it.

Never leave your drinks unattended either and only share bottled drinks with people you trust. One can never be too careful being a single female traveller.

3. Have fun

You’re young (ish) and in the prime of your life, being romanced in a gorgeous location and life is for the living. Quit worrying about what anyone will say and just enjoy the moment.

These are the kinds of adventures you may end up telling your grandchildren someday so go out there and make some unforgettable memories!

You can always get back to the art of serious dating when you’re back home but for now, whilst you are out there in the big wide world, love the one you’re with ….