The SW Experts | 3 Tips to Avoid Crazy and Needy Women
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3 Tips to Avoid Crazy and Needy Women

Pamela Cummins - 3 tips to avoid crazy and needy women

Men, would you like to avoid drama from women? These three tips will show you how.

The Art of Listening

Listen to her when she speaks, instead of focusing on her anatomy and what you would like to do with it. The topics she chooses to speak to you about will give a HUGE clue of who she really is. Does she talk a lot about money, material things, and vacations? If she doesn’t have much money that is a warning, she either overspends or wants you to spend money on her. A man told me how on a first date he knew a woman wasn’t right for him, when she asked him to pay her rent!

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Perhaps, the woman will tell you all about her woes – her horrible childhood, the cruel boss, or how her ex mistreated her. That is way too much information to tell someone you barely know, unless she is paying you for the session. She may just be negative or have some really deep seated problems. We all have bad times in our lives, however, stay away if this behavior is consistent!

Avoid Hookups

You can roll your eyes or curse me out for this tip, just read on. A woman who can have sex without any sort of attachment is a rarity or a prostitute. The majority of women who do hookups have a drinking or drug problem, sex addicts, or have been sexually abused. All of those unresolved issues tend to make them act out, cause drama, and will give you a major headache.

Let’s say you get lucky enough to have casual sex with a woman who doesn’t have an addiction or been abused, yay you. There is another issue you will have to deal with – attachment. Sex will change a woman’s persona once you touch her naked body or put yourself inside of her. She can’t help herself because it is part of her makeup and feelings will come up to make her want to be in a committed relationship with you. This female characteristic will even make a strong woman do stupid things like call and text you all the time. When you try to blow her off it makes her feel hurt and rejected, which causes her to react badly. Is that one night of fun worth all that craziness to you?

Be Honest with Your Phone and Text Intention

One of the top questions my clients have asked me in my psychic career is “When is he going to call?” They moan, “Why is he not calling or texting me” and “He hasn’t called me in two days.” I would cringe inside when these women would tell me how many times they called and text these men. I knew it drove the men nuts!

Men and women view time differently, especially when a man says he is going to call. A woman thinks he will call within a day or two, three days the longest. A man thinks a week or two, a month or two, maybe next year, or in another lifetime. If you want to avoid a crazy woman who becomes super needy be honest whether you are going to call or not. Hint – this works best before having sex. You could create a nightmare by not being honest.

I understand it is easier on you to say I’ll call you, this way you won’t hurt her feelings and avoid a confrontation. The problem you create is now she expects you to call and wonders why you didn’t – could he be hurt, have another girlfriend, or dead? She may start to beat herself up that maybe she wasn’t pretty enough, skinny enough, or smart enough for you? Women tend to overanalyze men and it can cause them to overreact.

The following was a one liner that came from a blind date I went on years ago – You are a very nice person but it’s just not clicking for me. That man gave me a huge gift with that one sentence! I drove home feeling very relieved for two reasons. If he said he was going to call and didn’t, it would have hurt me, even though I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go out with him again. The other reason was there was no need for me to wonder if he would call or not. I used his line for men that weren’t right for me, for my clients, and now you. It truly was a gift.

The last thing I would like to mention is if you are still attracting crazy and needy women after using these three tips, you need to look within. It is not about them, it is about you. Ask yourself, “What is within me that I need to work on that is attracting these crazy and needy women?” Perhaps, you want to be their knight in shining armor? Whatever the answer is, take the steps to heal the issue, so you can attract Ms. Right.