The SW Experts | 3 Ways to answer the awkward “Why are you still single?” question
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3 ways to answer the awkward “Why are you still single?” question

3 Ways to answer the awkward “Why are you still single?” question

3 ways to answer the awkward 'why are you still single' question

As a single woman fast approaching her 30th birthday, the question I get asked most often is “”Why are you still single?”

As you can well imagine, it annoys me to no end because more often than not, the ones asking this particular question are people who are multi-divorcees, spinster neighbours, smug but unhappy married couples or friends barely holding onto their own relationships – in other words, not poster children for the good coupledom life.

Whether, like me, you’ve become increasingly sensitive to this invasive line of query or like some of my friends, you’re so blasé about it, you couldn’t give a damn, that five worded probe still sounds like a curse in any language.

Short of turning into the personification of literary heroine Bridget Jones in the midst of an uncomfortable dinner party, here are three ways to answer that question without resorting to bodily harm:

1. I’m having too much fun having multiple orgies with random strangers

Trust me, they’ll either be too shocked to even think of a reply or be ridiculously envious that you’re getting some action when they’re clearly not… on a serious note, though, responding with a smart ass comment lets them know they’ve crossed a boundary by asking too personal a question and should get them to back off.

[Tweet “You do not need to explain to anyone who you are #SingleAndProud”]

2. Why? Do you have someone in mind for me?

This answer within a question takes the pressure off you to explain yourself (which you shouldn’t have to!) and puts the onus on them to do something about your singledom if it bothers that much and help you find a suitable mate.

Some of the best and happy couples I know met through friends or family and has made for some interesting how we met conversations around the dinner table more than once.

3. You know, right now I am just focusing on being the best version of me so that I can make myself and my future partner happy.

Say it, because it’s the truth – you are out there dating but you’re also having tons of fun just being you, working hard, experiencing new things and making great memories.

The right partner will find you when they do and there is nothing wrong with being fabulously single as you are … enjoy it while you can!

If all else fails, you can always ask the offender to please stop asking you that question because it’s personal and none of their business.  You wouldn’t ask them why they’re still overweight/jobless/getting a divorce etc so why should they have the right to ask you something similarly awkward?

You do not need to explain to anyone who you are and what you’re doing with your life.  Own your gorgeous, successful, care-free and fabulous single life!