The SW Experts | 4 Reasons Why I Prefer Dating Youngin’s
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4 Reasons Why I Prefer Dating Youngin’s

4 reasons why i prefer dating youngins


I don’t know what it is about me, but fetuses love me. My on-again-off-again boyfriend was two years younger than I, and ever since him, there’s been a flood of young blood flowing in my direction. Dating my ex used to really bug me. When I was 18 and he was 16, it would piss me off that he couldn’t drive yet, that his fake ID wouldn’t work in bars or that he hadn’t even graduated high school!  I was real bitch to him at times. Often, just thinking that he was younger than me, made me feel almost embarrassed to be around him.

But that was then, this is now. Fast forward eleven years, and we just recently broke up (shows how much age really mattered).  Even during our ‘off’ time, my libido would naturally attract the male youth of our nation.  Must be my mature personality… And as time passed, I came to a shocking conclusion that maybe I just prefer dating younger men?

Diary moment:  I am currently dating a 20-year-old. I repeat. He’s 20. I’m LATE 20… he’s 20. 2-0. Born in 1994. Do you know what happened in 1994?  Ace of Base. The movie Forrest Gump. The Lion King.  Kurt Cobain committed suicide. And I’m officially a cougar.

But here’s the thing though…. he’s the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. And I actually  like him.

Why I am dating a younger man.

1. Stamina.
Like horses, they can run for miles. And once that race is over, they are eager and excited to prance around that track again. No half hour wait here, they are always ready to reach your finish line.

2. They are not jaded.
How many times have we gone out with men in their late-twenties and up, and heard the same old song: “I’ve just gotten out of a bad relationship”, “She broke my heart, I can never trust another woman again”, “I was engaged once…” Like boo-hoo. So because of their fucked up past, us good gals are left picking up the pieces of their broken hearts. Remember, youngins’ ain’t got much of a past.  They don’t have a roster to compare you to.  Technically, you could end up being their past, and quite possibly their sob story. You’ll probably end up being  ‘the one that got away’ and not hearing about it.

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3. They treat you with respect.
I’m talking generally. There’s obviously a rhelm of douchebags in no matter what age category. But for the most part, the ones I’ve dated have lifted me so high on a pedestal, I was afraid to break my neck. They look at you with adoring eyes, they are impressed by your wisdom and worldly knowledge and they are so proud to call you their own. Not to mention, showing off their sexy, older woman to their friends?  You will be the talk of the playground!

4. They are easily moldable.
Who says you can’t teach a dog new tricks?  Wrong.  With youthful men, anything goes.  They’re main priority is you.  And because they’ve only been on the planet for a short time, you can easily mold them to your liking.   They are not so set in their ways and their bad habits can disappear in a flash. Obviously, you don’t want bruise their egos too much whilst molding, you don’t want Play-Doh as a boyfriend.

Four pretty valid reasons, I’d say.  So, I like ’em young. And I ain’t afraid to show him off at my next Aquafit lesson.

Amour Toujours,

La Blonde