The SW Experts | 4 Steps To A Mind Blowing Orgasm
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4 Steps To A Mind Blowing Orgasm

4 steps to a mind blowing orgasm


The best way to boost your own sexual confidence is by giving your partner an earth shattering, leg twitching, giggle inducing orgasm. Knowing that you just incapacitated them for a few minutes by making them cum so hard that it broke their brain is a powerful feeling.

The 4 Steps

It’s going to take some trial and error, but it’s the best kind of trial and error. When you’ve finally hit that mark and caused your partner to see stars you’ll feel like a Sex Hero! Here are the 4 Steps to giving your partner a mind blowing orgasm.

Foreplay Begins Far in Advance

If you want to completely rattle your partner’s mind then you need to start laying the foundation well before the actual sex, we’re talking days before. You need to build up the anticipation. Start off with some passionate hugs and kisses, try to get a good make out session on the kitchen floor going. Get them really horny before leaving for work in the morning with some sexy words. Keep them horny and preoccupied with sexy thoughts all day. Learn to spice up your foreplay with the perfect tease and really set the mood.

You Must Orgasm Second

Getting horny is a reciprocating cycle. The more horny they get, the more horny you get. But when you cum most of that energy disappears. So you must be strong and resist the urge. Channel that powerful sexual energy back into your partner. Use the force!

You Must Get Them Close to Orgasming At Least 3 Times

Think of it as a sexual roller coaster. You’re building sexual momentum through the highs and lows of the ride so you have lots of energy built up for the finale. We’ve found that building up to orgasm at least 3 times before the final explosion gets us the best results. Don’t be afraid to go for more, but there is such as thing as too much, it’s a delicate balance.

Use different techniques to get your partner close to orgasm. Try your hands, then your mouth, then some sex, or some toys. After the third build up it’s time to combine all the techniques for the final explosion! 

When You do Finally Make Them Orgasm, Look at Them in the Eyes

This is extremely powerful. You’ve just spent days building up your to a point of sexual tension like they’ve never experienced. Once you do finally make them cum stare deeply into their eyes and share that moment with them. It’s an incredibly deep sexual connection that you can only have with that one person.

Nothing is more satisfying that seeing your partner curled into a spasming ball of pleasure. With these tips we’re positive you’ll get the results you want. Now get to work.


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