The SW Experts | 5 Body Language Clues for Singles
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5 Body Language Clues for Singles



1. Eye contact

You are weaving through a crowd at the neighbor’s party and you see him. Your eyes lock. Your heart beats a little faster. There’s a little spark in his eye and maybe in yours. Maybe you both look away and then share a smoldering look with eyebrows raised.  AGAIN.  You’ve now spoken volumes without speaking a word.  Who is this handsome stranger you now must meet? A lingering look, widening eyes and raised eyebrows are excellent signs of attraction. Eye contact is probably the simplest way to gauge interest. But be warned. Watch for return signals.  Don’t over-do it! You don’t want to be the creepy staring girl or guy in the room. Watch for reciprocation and if not received, move on.

2. Body Positioning

So, you are at the water cooler talking to that cute guy from Accounting you’ve been eyeing as of late.  He smiles a lot and you just know you two would be great together. Is he interested in you or is he just being friendly with a co-worker? For tell-tales signs, watch his body position.  If his body remains in a sideways position in relation to yours, he is almost half in and half out. He’s halfway engaged with you and halfway engaged with the exit. This may be a friendly co-worker situation. But, Bill is now facing you at the water cooler when he smiles. Steal a glance at his feet. Are they pointed in your direction? This is a much more positive sign of interest. His attention is on wholly on you.


3. Standing out in a crowd

You’re sipping mojitos with friends at your favorite watering hole,  when  suddenly Mr. Hot Guy in Suit standing in the corner is talking loudly, maybe gesturing his hands and pulling away from the group. You turn to look and he’s definitely looking your way. Oh no, you are not imagining this strange flurry of activity. This is a definite sign of interest. Mr. HGIS wants to be seen apart from the group by you.

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4. Mirroring

You are finally meeting for a cocktail with that hot girl you’ve been chatting with online. But, this is a first date, and sometimes it’s difficult to tell how things are really going. She is fabulous and you are mesmerized, leaning into the table, hanging on her every word. But, is she interested? She is leaning in too. You run your hands through your hair. She twirls her hair. You slosh your ice cubes. She sloshes her ice cubes. Mirroring behavior is a very good sign there is mutual attraction and interest.

5. Change in tone of voice

Maybe you and Mr. Fabulous have been introduced and are chatting at a party.  He lowers his voice and leans in with a lower voice to tell you something. It doesn’t matter what it is. He is having a “private” conversation with you. You two are now in cahoots. There’s a very good chance he’s interested.