The SW Experts | 5 Key Facts About Sex Everyone Needs to Know and Admit
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5 Key Facts About Sex Everyone Needs to Know and Admit

Key facts about sex everyone needs to knkowThe definition of sexual intercourse according to Wikipedia is highlighted as the “pleasure” that accompanies the act, both “physical” and
“emotional”, and focuses on the “physical intimacy” that occurs, as well as giving a graphic description of how the act could be done! Linking
the word “sex” to a particular person or image, can give it different connotations. Intimacy can be big and brazen and shouted from the rooftops, and is associated with images of women in slinky dresses, long, flowing hair, or manicured men wearing designer aftershave and sharp suits. In this case, SEX is associated with money and prestige. Quiet, almost insignificant sex, can be linked to placid types, who hide their personalities behind hair, glasses, low voices and shapeless clothing. There are however

5 Key Facts About Sex Everyone Needs to Know and Admit:

1. Women Want Sex as Much as Men

We all want sex. It’s part of our human nature and instinct? Isn’t sex a joyous coming together (excuse the pun) of two people who fancy the
pants off each other, at that same moment in time. It may be a one-night stand, or regular dating or marriage. It’s that meeting of
bodies, needs and emotions at the same moment; that makes the sex explosive.

2. Sex Appeal Matters

Women want good looking, dominant mates even when not looking for a potential daddy for their off-spring. A strong example of this is the
fact that women who post a photo on dating sites get twice as many messages as women who don’t; so even if it’s not your best picture, put
it on because it adds exponential sex appeal to your profile.

couple in bed3. Men Release from Sex, Women Gain Fulfilment

Sex brings out different feelings for men than it does from women. Men for example, after ejaculation have released all of their energy, and therefore are ready for relaxation and sleep afterwards. Women, have just been rejuvenated and replenished, and filled with all the love they have been craving throughout the day. Therefore, find a balance after making love, it’s just a key fact about sex that opposite sex’s are interested in different things after the earth moves!

4. Sexual Preferences Come in all Packages

Despite the difference in images of what sex and sexiness ‘looks’ like, when we’re hunting for, our Mr. or Mrs. Right, as long as it’s happening and it’s compatible, does it matter what form it takes? Don’t they say the quiet ones are the ones to watch out for, so the librarian could turn into a screaming sex kitten very quickly!

5. Everyone Craves Sex

The Journal of Research in Personality states that as a woman’s longing for a one-night stand heightens, she becomes more picky about her
partner due to thinking about getting the best of the gene pool, even when not looking to get pregnant, whereas men simply want
sex…regardless of attractiveness. The old theory was that men had sex on their mind almost constantly, and one statistic stated it was every
seven seconds. The view was that women spent hours looking at photos and profiles and dreaming of Mr Right, whilst men looked at the pictures and wondered if she’d be a good shag! A research study from Ohio State University (Psychology Today) revealed that men thought about sex between 1-388 times daily, with a median of 18, whereas women thought about it between 1-140 times a day, with a median of 10. The bottom line: even if you’re picky, you still want it!