The SW Experts | 5 Love Destroyers
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5 love destoyers

5 Love Destroyers

5 love destroyers

1. Playing Games

Stop with the game playing! No one has time for games and all these rules. We are all adults now! Everybody’s grown. Who can be bothered to play your “hard to get” game? Who can be bothered to jump through all your hoops? Life is too short. If a guy is interested in you and you like him then stop throwing up road blocks. Stop giving him tests. You are not a prize. Just be real. Just be yourself.

Isn’t it time to be honest about who you are, what your values are and live in line with that? If someone doesn’t fit then they just don’t fit.

2. Too Much Praying Already.

Stop with the praying. Meaning Stop with the over-spiritualising. Please – Just Stop! You have to pray AND. Although the good book says Ask, and it will be given. It also says seek and you’ll find. Knock and it will be opened. These all mean you are proactive. Don’t ask and wait. Ask, seek, knock, make an effort. Sitting at home watching reality tv, drinking red wine each night is not going to bring Mr Right to your door. Neither will constantly telling yourself and your girlfriends that there are just no good men out there. God helps those who help themselves. If you desire a job, once you’ve prayed would you not make sure you have the right qualifications, brush up your skills, put out your CV, expand your networks, attend relevant industry seminars/conferences and go on interviews? A husband will not just turn up out of the blue because you have prayed. Give God something to work with. There ARE suitable marriage partners out there. Create opportunities to meet someone suitable. Go out and change up your routine. Look lively! Going to the same old church meetings and seeing the same old folk week in, week out, year after year is not enough! It hasn’t been enough up to now, after so many years, so do something different. Outside the church walls. Go out, develop new interests, pursue a new hobby, think outside the box, Pray and DO SOMETHING! Do something today.

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3. Ignoring your Intuition.

Please listen to your intuition. It will never steer you wrong. NEVER. Sometimes we cannot find Real love because are entangled in relationships that aren’t good for us. If something feels off, don’t wait for your mind to figure out what’s wrong, get out of that relationship.

4. Dating Mr Unavailable.

Dating someone who isn’t available. This is always a complete waste of time and emotional investment. If this man is married, in another relationship and merely using you for his own ego, or sexual predilections or penchants, you’ve got to know this is going nowhere. Find the courage and strength to up and leave. It may seem exciting especially with its forbidden nature but as you get older and not so desirable he may seek to replace you as your currency is losing value, and as you begin to tire of always fitting in with his agenda, it’s always a dead end. Time to knock this one on its head. You are better than that!

5. Break your cycle.

Stop dating the same person but with a different face and name. Do you have a certain type? As in, the wrong type! If you have just the worst taste in the opposite sex, sit down and break it down. Are you still always going for the “bad guy”? Are you still thinking you can fix him, you can change him? What do you need to change about yourself is the question. Work this out and you’re on your way!