The SW Experts | 5 Places to Meet Singles Over 40
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5 Places to Meet Singles Over 40

5 places to meet singles over 40

1. Get your run on.

So, you want to meet quality, fit people in a fun, party-like atmosphere? Start training for a run. Fun runs are part activity, part charity, but mainly they are social. The atmosphere is excited and jubilant, with people dressing in funky, fun get-ups. There is usually a big party at the end of the race where everyone is riding a runner’s high and runners are ready to socialize. And hey, if a runner you meet seems interested when you are a hot, sweaty mess, imagine how thrilled they’ll be when you are showered and fresh!

2. Volunteer.

Try a festival or a charity event. You will feel good that you are helping out. And if Mr. or Ms. Wonderful just happens to saunter by or ask you a question, you will be that charming, single volunteer there to help them. Volunteering offers great karma for you. You may meet like-minded people as friends, even if you don’t end up meeting a potential date. You will also have something new to add to your list of interests.

3. Meetup.

You’ve probably heard about meetup by now. Meetup is a fabulous concept for meeting new people if you are new to the area or just want to expand your social circle. There are singles groups through meetup doing a wide variety of activities in almost every city. Plus, it’s free. What a great, non-pressure way to meet people with your interests.

4. Join a club.

Join a book club, a writing club, a mountain biking club. You will be interested in the subject matter, so already giving off positive energy. You also already have something in common with new friends you will make. If you don’t meet singles, you will likely make new friends who DO know singles.

5. Walk your dog.

Yes, this is cliché, but it’s also very, very effective. You can walk your dog so many places where you can meet single people. Take Fido on the hiking trails in the hills, the walking path near the river, the farmers market on Saturday. And Fido presents a great segue into talking to YOU. Fido gets a workout and some attention. And so do you! It’s multi-tasking at its best.


So, get off the couch with that tub of ice cream and get out into the world! You will have a more interesting, fulfilling life and might just meet your soul-mate along the way.