The SW Experts | 5 Reasons Why Women Cheat
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5 reasons why women cheat

5 Reasons Why Women Cheat

five reasons why women cheat

It’s a perennial question. Why do women cheat? Unfortunately, there is no one perennial answer, but there are a lot of documented and observed reasons detailing this phenomenon. Some of the most common are preventable and very easy to detect. Take a good look at your relationship and see if any of the following are present.

1. She Is Feeling Under Appreciated.

Are you taking her for granted? Did you stop doing those “little things” to show her that you care. You have to show your love. You constantly need to let her know she is appreciated and is your highest priority. When you starve a woman of her emotional needs, she will seek them elsewhere. Never let her feel unloved or just like a friend. When you stop doing your best, it will show. She’s going to notice and will slowly drift away.

2. It’s Not Like It Once Was

Has the magic faded? Do you no longer feel that electrifying vibration when you see each other? Maybe you’ve stopped doing those fun things together and everything has become all business. All business to the point where there is no pleasure. To the point where there is no laughter anymore. When she feels unhappy, she will feel the opposite when she is around other people she’s having fun with. One of those people might just be the other guy…the new guy.

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3. She Has Intimacy Issues

This one is hard to accept and hard to be angry about. She has been going through patterns of intimacy avoidance her whole life. It is a common result of early childhood trauma and/or sexual abuse. These circumstances often lead both women and men to addictive sexual behaviors. She could have some unresolved childhood issues that have crossed into her adult sex life. This is when it’s the hardest time to be compassionate, but that compassion is what she really needs.

4. Vengeance

Some women exact vengeance when you have cheated on them and some seek vengeance as a solution to their relationship problems. You know the feelings. If you’ve cheated on her, she will feel hurt, angry, deceived, sad, etc…But that’s only one possible reason. She may cheat on you for other issues in the relationship that have been unaddressed. Unresolved conflicts. Too much fighting. It is usually an issue of communication. This is one of the most important reasons for open and clear communication and the maturity to address any relationship problems head on when they first arise. When you let them fester and build, she could just go and find her own solution.

5. The Pure Thrill

That’s it. She’s just a thrill seeker. Some women do it as an adventure to see how far they can go or what they can get away with. It could be about nothing more than the adrenaline rush. If you’ve got a thrill seeker on your hands, however, it is likely that you have a similar personality. It’s just a matter of you being Okay with how she seeks her thrills.