The SW Experts | 5 Reasons Why Women Should Not Fake Orgasms
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5 Reasons Why Women Should Not Fake Orgasms

Tapas Wynn - 5 reasons why women should not fake orgasms

Not every woman experiences orgasm every time she makes love. So if you are feeling odd while your girl friends brag about the earth shattering and mind blowing experience, you need to read on.

Faking orgasms does not favor you at all and here are 5 reasons why.

1. Faking damages your sexual self worth

Faking an orgasm makes your mind feel that the only way you get close to an orgasm is by faking it and thus it will never get you there. You start to think that you can never achieve an orgasm.

You want to let your mind know that you need an orgasm but faking it does the opposite. With time you will start feeling there is something wrong with you which is not the case. Get that urge back as you go into sex and talk to your partner. In turn you get to improve your sexual health.

2. Ruins your partner’s trust in you

A fake orgasm is known in the way it is expressed. A partner who can tell the difference will know when it is a fake one and lose trust in you. Instead of igniting a rage of argument and mistrust between you and your partner, you should just be honest.

It’s not like you are not enjoying the sex. Just keep true to yourself and enjoy. Better relationships are based on honesty. A better sexual experience is based on honesty.

3. Your partner won’t ever learn to please you

A fake orgasm makes a partner think he or she is a pro at what they do. This will in turn lead to them not pleasuring you better as they know they are kings or queens of great sex.

Never let your partner disservice you, don’t be afraid to hurt their feelings, it will only help them please you better. Don’t fake; guide them to better sex for you.

4. You won’t be able to share the joy of other ladies

Once your partner fails to satisfy you fully, you will lack that contributing power when it comes to those cheeky chats with your girlfriends. As they talk of the joys of an orgasm you will feel left out.

Your experience of an orgasm is fake to the extreme. You need to savor the sweetness of an orgasm. Achieve this by enhancing your sexual intimacy with your partner.

5. You are failing other ladies out there

You have been with a certain partner and you are faking an orgasm. Chances are you two will not be seeing each other for a while. By hiding the truth from him, you are giving disservice to other ladies out there.

Your partner will not learn and will give the same mediocre experience to other women.
Look out for your fellow ladies and make yourselves stronger. Tell your partner the truth. And who knows next time, you might get a partner that was taught well to give that most coveted orgasm!

With a fake orgasm, every sexual experience is fake at best. Talk to your partner about what gets you in the mood. You can guide your partner to a better orgasm for you. If it’s oral that gets you going, ask them to get down on you and love you to heaven. Communicate.. Talking only does you and your partner a great favor and enhances your sexual intimacy. To have a healthy sexual relationship or life, you need to think of how you should be handled. You are a lady and you rule in bed. Get that orgasm. It’s your right. Stop faking.