The SW Experts | 5 Things YOU Need To Check When It Comes To Sexual Health
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5 Things YOU Need To Check When It Comes To Sexual Health

5 Things YOU Need to Check when it comes to Sexual Health

Ladies and gentleman, we know you all love sex!  However you really must think twice before sleeping with your random Tinder date!  Since no one wants to catch heroes or warts from someone here are our top 5 things you should do before jumping in the sack!

1. Let’s get to the point! CONDOMS…

Yes, they can be annoying but if your going to sleep with a stranger, remember you know NOTHING about them!  Yes they maybe nice, clean looking, and say the right things.  But c’mon people you honestly don’t know! So wrap it up!!

2. Uh Oh … The condom broke now what?!?

Here you are probably in the most awkward situation with a stranger.  Who wants get pregnant by someone they know zero about?  Well you are in luck (if that’s what you want to call it) because Plan B is now over the counter.  If you take it ASAP up to 72 hours after sex you most likely will not become pregnant.   Some even purchase it ahead of time just in case.

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3. Get tested for YOU!

As much as we think we are safe, we aren’t.  People under the age of 25 believe it or not are said to account for 50% of STI’s.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to get tested once a year, so that at least you have a baseline of where your sexual health stands.  You never know what sneaky little devil can be hiding in his/her junk!

4. If you want to ever get pregnant always get tested for…

Chlamydia!!  The only positive thing I can find here is that if this is caught early enough it can be treated with antibiotics.  If left untreated ladies it can lead to infertility down the road.  If you are having unprotected sex get tested at least once a year.

5. There’s an app that can help you track your sex life?

Yes there is!  Why not when there’s an app for everything.  It is called the SAC app (Sexual Activity Calendar) and it’s available for free on iTunes.  Not only can you put in what you did on your date, it also can add up your top 3 hookups!  It’s like your virtual little BlackBook of escapades!  Click here for the link.