The SW Experts | 5 Types of Women You Should Stay Away from Online
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5 Types of Women You Should Stay Away from Online


Women you should stay away from online


With countless women populating the Internet, it is not always easy to know which women you should engage with, and which should be avoided at all costs.  One lapse in judgement can leave you stuck on that dreaded first date from hell.  Not to worry though.  Over the past decade of helping men with online dating, I have learned what some of the tell tale signs that you should avoid a first are.

Avoid Women Online With These Signs:

1.  The dis-engaged texter.

Texting may not seem like a big deal, but it is.  When a woman you start engaging with offline is bubbly, shows interest, or enthusiastic, this is usually a good sign that she will come to the date with the same type of enthusiasm.

On the other hand, when her texts or boring, monotone, and show very little interest, you run an extremely high risk of showing up to a first date with a women who is completely dis-engaged, or worse, socially awkward.  If you aren’t feeling it via text, eject before it is too late.

2.  The she looks different in every picture woman.

If you aren’t sure who the real “missy428” is, than you probably want to avoid meeting up.  The looks of a woman should be consistent with each and every picture.  If they aren’t, you are going to be in for a real surprise when ti comes time to meet.  As a rule of thumb, people tend to look the most like their worst picture in real life.  A pleasant surprise is much more rare.

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3.  The extremely brief profile woman.

When a woman has a profile that is two or three sentences, and says she “prefers to get to know someone in person,” this usually means she is not taking online dating all that seriously.  Odds are exponentially higher that you are wasting your time on a first date with someone who is just curious, but likely doesn’t like the idea of meeting someone online.

4.  The never asks a question back woman.

You email her message after message.  She continues to respond.  There is only one problem, she never asks you a question back in return.  This is a sign that you are dealing with someone who is completely self centered.   Find someone who is willing to make an effort to get to know you and not just all about themselves.

5.  The one photograph woman.

In a day and age of Facebook, social media, and smart phones, there is simply no excuse to have only one picture, unless of course, the person in question is either not real, or trying to hide something.

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