The SW Experts | 5 Ways for Finding Local Hookups to Have Sex
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5 Ways for Finding Local Hookups to Have Sex

Finding someone to hook up with can be quite difficult if you don’t know how to go about it. When you enter an online hookup app or website, you might find so many people looking for casual sex encounters. Yet, when it comes to finding one, you will start climbing up walls with frustration. Endless days of swiping right, only to find out that no one is responding back, followed by slight depression and loneliness is a common story amongst hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. However, there are ways in which you can rectify this problem.

The trick is to break down this subject into smaller problems and solve them one by one. Often, a lot of people search online with a hoard of expectations for their potential partners, but ignore the fact that others have expectations too. If your profile isn’t filled properly or doesn’t communicate your personality properly, how can anyone know how great you are? Many don’t even take the extra effort to polish their own virtual identity, while expecting their potential partners to be witty, charming and good looking.

If you really want to find someone to hook up with, you need to first find the right place to search in. Once you have figured out the most active dating sites and apps, you need to create an eye catching profile that communicates exactly how you are and what you can offer. You will be disappointed initially of course. Not everyone finds success the minute they enter into a hook up site. Some people get extremely lucky, whereas others need to work at it a little bit. Here are some of the best ways to find local hookups for sex.


1. Find a Great Online Dating/Hookup App

There are so many dating or hook up apps and websites today like that offer numerous great features to help you find potential partners. The large number of available apps and websites gives you a great opportunity to find someone, but at the same time it also makes it hard. With so many options available it’s difficult to find out which ones are good and which ones aren’t. Here is where you need to do your research, but don’t just depend on online reviews. Look for user testimonials and see what people who use it, say about it. Nothing beats trying out the service yourself though. Most hook up apps and websites offer free trials which allow you to get a real good feel about it. You can try out the different features and see if the app has genuine users or not. Once it has passed your personal expectations, you can set up a proper profile and start searching.


2. Your Virtual Identity

Even in hook up apps, it is important to be genuine. Don’t assume that just because people in hookup apps look for casual sex encounters they will just say yes to anything you put up. Remember that responsible people will always be a little wary about strangers, especially in the online dating world. On top of that if you don’t come off as pleasing or friendly, there is no chance of finding a good partner. In these apps you only have a few seconds to make a great impression and so make use of that opportunity by setting up your profile properly. You can do this by selecting a great picture that shows off your good features, while conveying your personality and communicating well through the “About Me” section. Don’t write a boring essay that is 1000 words long. Keep it relevant and show your character through your writing. Don’t be shy about being yourself. There is always someone out there for whom you are the perfect partner.


3. Be Cautious

There are a lot of crazy people out there especially in the online community. Don’t go running off to meet the first person who said that they want to meet you. Talk with them for some time online and try to gauge their personality. If something about them makes you feel suspicious, trust in that instinct and cut it off right then and there. Use your common sense and judgement to find the right partners.


4. Communicate with Some Flair

Once you find someone who is interested in chatting with you, don’t be a bore by talking about everything under the sun. You aren’t there to make friends but to find potential partners for some great casual sex. Flirt and be naughty while chatting with the other individual. Don’t come off too strong but don’t fall back too much either. Make sure to surprise the other person by keeping the conversation pleasant, engaging and most of all fun. One question you could ask is what kind of sexual fantasies they have and which ones they haven’t been able to try out yet. This will allow you to get some good ideas on what to try out when both of you meet. Moreover, talking about fantasies will surely keep both parties engaged and interested.


5. Stop Typing and Start Meeting

Once you have found the perfect partner it’s time to get things rolling. Don’t hesitate in asking the other person out. If you don’t want to go out and would like to spend some time with each other at home instead, then communicate that with your partner and see if they are interested or opposed to it. Some people prefer going out on a small date before hitting the sack, since it allows them to get comfortable with you. Others prefer jumping on the sack right away and not waste time wining and dining. Each person has their own preferences and you need to compromise a bit from your side to take things forward. Move at your own pace, but don’t drag it too much or go too fast. Take notice of the tempo and just go with the flow. If both of you aren’t comfortable meeting at either of your homes then you guys could book a hotel for the night or even a motel. Just remember one thing; casual sex is all about spontaneity and fun.