The SW Experts | 5 Ways Sex Toys Add to Relationships
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5 Ways Sex Toys Add to Relationships

5 ways sex toys add to a relationship


There is no doubt about it, sex toys add that extra dynamic to the bedroom. Whether you are with your partner or alone, there is a toy for every occasion. We have listed five reasons why sex toys can take your relationship and sex life to the next level.

1. Learn what your partner loves

Sex toys are a great way to explore your partner’s body to see what turns them on the most. By watching their reaction and feeling their body convulse, you will now know what it takes to take your sex life to the next level. There are so many toys available, you will both enjoy working together to get your juices flowing!


2. The male g-spot

There are numerous toys on the market that will pleasure a man’s g-spot. Some men may need a bit of persuasion, but this intense feeling may be something he may have never felt before. We can assure you that he will soon keep coming back again and again for more.


3. The make sex more exciting

Even the most sexual of couples can get stuck into routines. With sex toys you can try a variety of new experiences to see what works for the both of you. Bringing a surprise toy into the bedroom will make your partner curious and aroused.  It’s fun trying new things with a partner, it’s even more fun when it ends in intense orgasms.


4. Fulfil your fantasies

Ever dreamed of being tied up and blindfolded? Perhaps you have dreamed of being spanked or receiving double penetration? Talk to your partner, be upfront and honest about what makes you feel amazing in bed. You both want the best for each other so talk about how you can make each other’s dreams come true.


5. For going solo

When your partner is not around you can have a sex toy in your handbag or in your bedside cabinet. Sex toys can hit the spot that you may not be able to reach without one. They are small, can be used and abused all whilst being a great substitute in your partners absence.


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