The SW Experts | 5 ways to step into that Masculine Power
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5 ways to step into that Masculine Power

masculine power


I have worked with men as a dating and life coach for a few years now. I have sat with you in person or on the phone and I read your painful emails. The struggle is real out there gentlemen and I know it.

I’d like to tell you that women will one day wake up and just get it. One day they will realize that you have feelings too; you just don’t share as easily and quickly as they do. One day women everywhere would even learn how to speak to you in a way that makes sense.  Lord knows if I could wave a magic wand on them I would.

In a modern world full of women who idealize fairytales and prince charming fantasies, men like you reading this know that it’s all crap.  You are out there being compared to movie characters, the last four jerks she dated and daddy issues galore. I am sorry that my people do this to you.

For now, it’s in your hands.  But don’t worry – you got this and I got your back.

I want you to stop thinking 50 shades and Chick Flick mentality. Let’s leave that to the ladies. I want you to pay no attention to the women that quickly reject you or don’t return messages on dating sites. I want you to look at who you are and not who or what you are not. You do not need to be feminized, changed, taller, wealthier to have a great woman and relationship. You need to be you. Side note – you is not a grown ass man, with no goals, flopping on a friends couch and in a dead end job. If you haven’t figured that basic stuff out yet, you are not ready to navigate your way through a relationship.

If you are a good man, with aspirations, working toward having your shit together and ready for love; I invite you to step into your masculine power.  Deserving women everywhere will thank you for stepping up.  The rest can hang out with the couch floppers – and they won’t matter anyway.

5 ways to step into that Masculine Power

  1. Take charge – In the beginning of relationships, this means planning dates and not entertaining the “Where do you want to eat dinner”?, back and forth. Just pick and take the opportunity to bring her into your world of favorite hot spots. Give her a tour of what it means to be courted by you.
  2. Be authentic and deliberate – Flirt and be direct with women who interest you in authentic and genuine ways. Staying out of the friend zone hinges upon not being just “friendly”.
  3. Bitches have no traction – Don’t just pump the brakes on princesses. Stop the car and kick out unnecessary passengers. Women that prance around like you owe them something have no place in a real man’s life. Leave that for teenagers and pick up artists.
  4. Put you first – No, don’t eliminate being kind, but take care of your well-being in all aspects. Are you self-aware? Do you take time to create fulfilling activities in your life?  If you are not sure how, I have a free resource that you can snag to help you take a look at where you are neglecting yourself and what you are unnecessarily tolerating. It never hurts to take a look inside the man and figure out your happy!
  5. Delete what doesn’t serve you – Clean out the casual observers on social media. Go through your home and de-clutter every inch of it. Make your time valuable and create boundaries on whom you give it to and how you spend it. Take down your dating profile and actually get out there among the living and meet women who are just as sick of swiping right.

Up-leveling to a more masculine power sets the tone for things and relationships to come. THAT is the man that women really want. He is hunter, gatherer yes; but he knows what it takes and really embraces what it means to be a man on all levels. He is not some hyped-up version of what romance novels say he is. He, meaning you, are a man that is “prince charming” in every sense of the word. The real damn deal!