The SW Experts | 6 Hot Christmas Fantasies That Will Knock Your Elf Socks Off
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6 hot christmas fantisies

6 Hot Christmas Fantasies That Will Knock Your Elf Socks Off



Opportunity. That’s what I see in Christmas. And there are so many opportunities to nurture your relationship during the Holiday. As with all holidays, Christmas comes with its novelties. Costumes, trees, stockings, reindeer, etc…The list goes on. If you’re in a relationship and you need to spice it up, it’s always a good move to take sexual advantage over a season’s novelties.


In the spirit of crackling wood by the fire and hot elf costumes, I came up with some role playing fantasies and activities that could serve as gifts or just a great opportunity to have some fun!


  1. Sitting On Santa’s Lap

    Here comes Santa Clause, Here Comes Santa Clause…dressed up in your living room, sitting on the recliner waiting to hear your Christmas desires. On his lap you go. And you run down your list and he stops you and says, “whoa whoa slow down there Rudolf. You were a bad girl this year.” So now you think it might be a good idea to change Santa’s mind. Believe me. Santa’s gift list isn’t set in stone, but what you’re sitting on is starting to feel like it is.


  1. Erotic Gifts As Stocking Stuffers

    Having last minute trouble finding stocking stuffers? Hey! Don’t forget about adult stores and sex toys. You know those gifts that you want to open and play with immediately? The exciting gifts. The ones you think about all year long. Hopefully you put them on your list! A priceless look on your face is guaranteed when you pull a Rabbit out of your stocking.


  1. Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

    After you put the kids to bed, it’s milk and cookies time for you and daddy Santa. Feed Santa his cookies. Let him feed you. Let go and get into it. Give Santa his first gift. Take him right there by the fireplace. Just don’t wake the kids.

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  1. Elf Orgy

    If your single (or swingers), throwing a sex themed Christmas party might not be a bad idea! And what hotter Christmas costume than the elf?!? So everyone dresses up like elves and agrees to an orgy themed party. Make plenty of egg nog and rage until dawn. Holiday cheer guaranteed.


  1. Take a Risk At The Christmas Party

    Don’t be shy. It’s okay to sneak off into a closet with someone. Your boyfriend, some random guy you just met. It doesn’t matter; it’s Christmas. Spread that Holiday love wherever you go!


  1. Christmas Morning Delight

    Santa gets bold this year. He wakes you up before the kids get up. “It’s time for gifts dear”. You wonder what the hell is going on and if he is serious about taking you downstairs to the tree to exchange gifts. But that’s not what happens. No no. Santa’s looking to give you more than what you can think of; he’s going to re-write your Christmas list this year.