The SW Experts | 6 Simple Fashion Fixes To Instantly Improve Your Winter Wardrobe
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6 simple fashion fixes to improve winter

6 Simple Fashion Fixes To Instantly Improve Your Winter Wardrobe

6 simple fashion fixes to instantly improve your winter wardrobe

Winter is on its way, and with it comes the challenge of remaining fashionable in freezing cold temperatures.

SWExperts asks Ollie Pearce, of YouTube men’s fashion channel Make Me That Guy (link: how to ensure your winter wardrobe is on point.

1. Fitted clothes are essential

We are in a fashion era where fitted clothes are an essential. These garments not only look trendier, but also help define your natural body shape.

It doesn’t mean you have to go a tailor. Just make sure your clothes fit well with your figure.

Some larger guys avoid fitted garments in order to hide extra bulk, but this doesn’t fool anyone. In fact, a fitted shirt will serve to minimise a bulky appearance especially when worn in dark colours.

Ask shop staff if you have any qualms about finding the right fitted garment.

fitted clothes

Fitted clothes like this All Saints t-shirts are an essential part of your wardrobe.

2. Avoid branding

Avoid branded clothes! Whether it’s from high end designers or sports brands, it either looks tacky and ostentatious or cheap and juvenile.

Real style doesn’t need to be labelled, and why be a walking advert?

Branded tshirts

Brand t-shirts are tacky and ostentatious.

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3. Don’t fear skinny jeans

I often encounter clients who avoid skinny jeans because they think they’ll look camp. This is ridiculous. Skinny jeans are now the norm among cool straight men worldwide.

Like with other fitted garments, skinny jeans also make your legs look longer and thinner. This accentuates your height and upper body, resulting in an overall more masculine and sexy appearance.

If you have chunky legs, find a pair of skinny jeans which have a nice narrow shape that doesn’t show off every curve and crevice. If you really think they aren’t working, then try slim jeans.

4. Decent leather shoes are a staple of your image

Shoes say a lot about a man. They are a staple part of your overall image, so ditch those old work shoes and invest in a decent pair of leather shoes.

Tan brown brogues or Chelsea boots are my two current favourites.

I’d recommend spending between £100-£250. Shoes in this price range tend to be better for your feet and have better quality leather, so will look stylish for longer. Cheaper shoes will look shabby very quickly, especially in the winter.

Unless you are a trainer expert, leave the Nikes for the gym!


A decent pair of Chelsea boots should see you through several winters.

5. Find a fitted blazer

A fitted blazer, teamed with skinny jeans and a shirt or v-neck t-shirt, is the easiest and most effective winter fashion fix.

Make sure it’s a snug fit. Too many guys wear jackets which are far too big. It SHOULD restrict movement.


Make sure your blazer is a snug fit.

6. Sort out that dodgy barnet

The wind and rain is no excuse for a bad hair-do. If you can’t even tame your own hair, you’re failing before you even leave the house.

Stick with a simple haircut. Don’t go to extreme and always make sure your hair isn’t greasy. Too much hair gel is also a bad look, as are spikey erratic styles.

If you are lost for ideas, you can Google ‘men’s hairstyles’, find a style you like and take that picture to your hairdresser.

A cheap barber is fine if you’re after short back and sides, but they’re more than likely to mess up anything more fashionable.