The SW Experts | 6 Things Men Find Sexy
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6 Things Men Find Sexy

6 things guys find sexy

OK it’s fair to say office banter today took a direction we were not expecting. As guys in an office we’re used to hearing the girls talk about their crushes or what cheesy chat up like got used at the weekend.

Today however something unexpected happened. The girls turned the tables on us guys and asked a simple question.

What do guys find sexy?

Here’s the 6 points we came up with.


Women who are uber serious are not sexy. There’s something about a girl who’s comfortable enough to be flirty, playful and not worried about her reputation. It’s all about being a woman who’s not afraid to love life.


To be sexy you’ve got to be affectionate. Not in a ‘mummy’ way but in a ‘I’m gonna look after my man’ kinda way. We’re not looking for dinner on the table by 6 or anything else caveman-like but a little affection goes along way to making us feel special.

Willing to bend the rules

Most of the time we have to play by lifes rules right? Go to work at 9am. Make sure we’ve done our washing. There’s nothing sexier than a girl who can dump everything on just bend the rules every now and again. We’ve only got one life and enjoying it together is so important.

Great Kisser

OK this ones simple. If you can’t kiss then the action in the bedroom is probably going to be on the same level. No matter if you are looking for sensual kisses or a quick public display of affection being a good kisser is really important!

Remember this rule when kissing. It’s a sign of things to come.

Laughing at Your Jokes

I’d like to think I’m a funny guy (as I am sure most men would) but having a girl who’s laughing at your jokes can go a long way in the sexy department.

Quality Time

London Escort Girls 4 U say on their website that quality time is key and I couldn’t agree more. It’s important to get to know one another and make sure you fit. Then you’ll discover your hidden ‘sexy’.

So there’s our 6 Sexy Tips.


Dress to impress.

A girl looks at her best when she feels her best. Dress the way that makes you happy and you’ll uze Sexiness. And if you think you need to spend hours dressing up think again. Just borrow your guys shirt and walk around the house in it!

Now that’s sexy!