The SW Experts | 6 Ways Men Can Follow Up After A Date
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6 Ways Men Can Follow Up After A Date

6 Ways Men Can Follow Up After A Date

6 Ways Men Can Follow Up After A Date


You just completed a fantastic date with someone new. Relationship potential is there. This new love-interest has you totally intrigued and excited so you definitely don’t want drop the ball with a bad follow-up strategy. A lack-luster follow up attempt could end any potential for future dates. To your increase the odds that your crush will say yes to a future date, here are 6 ways to follow up after a date…

1. A follow-up text

Sending a quick follow-up text it your love-interest is a great way to show that you had a fun on your date and that you’d love to go out again. A simple text saying something like, “Had a great time last night! Looking forward to seeing you again” will help lock down date #2! It takes two seconds. A short text of appreciation can speak volumes.

2. A short but sweet email

Maybe you’d like to be a bit more poetic with your follow-up and want to send more than a text. Feel free to send a follow up email if you’d like to say more than a sentence or two. Don’t go too crazy though. Sending a lengthy essay to your potential love-interest could be a bit overwhelming. A long paragraph is more than enough to show that you’re interested. Add a poem, meme, song, or funny video to put a smile on your crush’s face.

3. A quick phone call or voicemail

“Say what Dating Advice Girl? You mean actually use my phone to call my crush?” I know it’s crazy but yes, following-up with an old-fashioned phone call could be just the thing to make you stand out from the texting singles crowd!

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4. A PRIVATE facebook message

If your potential love-interest is on FB more frequently than on their phone, especially while at work…a quick private message of appreciation could be a nice work day distraction. A short, “I hope you’re having a great day…looking forward to seeing you again soon,” will make it clear that you are interested in a future date. WARNING! DO NOT POST A MESSAGE ON YOUR CRUSH’S FACEBOOK WALL!! You’ve only gone out on one, maybe two dates, so it’s important to be discreet and avoid being overly aggressive virtually. You and your crush are still getting to know each other and most likely your relationship status has not yet been discussed. Play it cool and avoid passive-aggressively attempting to stake your romantic claim publicly via social media. Your social media PDA could backfire in a major way.

5. A card, flowers or a small gift to his/her home

Opt for this follow-up gesture if you picked up your date at their house and/or if you were invited inside.
If you haven’t actually been invited to your love-interest’s place, secretly finding out his or her address could feel a bit stalky to your crush. If you have discussed addresses and such, sending a small flower arrangement or a balloon bouquet follow-up gift of appreciation could put you at the head of the dating pack.

6. A card, flowers or a small gift to his/her work

Just like having something delivered to your crush’s home, make sure to only send something to your potential love-interest if you’ve already discussed where he/she works beforehand. It would also be wise to gauge your crush’s level of comfort at work before you go hog wild in case your crush is shy and would be horrified by a big bundle of balloons hovering above their cubicle. Go small with this option since your crush will be amongst colleagues in the workplace. Honestly who wouldn’t enjoy receiving a surprise bouquet of flowers from their crush on a random Monday at the office?!

Remember a date isn’t really complete until you’ve reached out, followed up, and planted the seed for a second date. It’s up to you to do what you can to make your crush want to say yes to another fun night out with you!