The SW Experts | 6 Ways to Improve Your Relationship Starting Now
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6 Ways to Improve Your Relationship Starting Now

6 ways to improve your relationship starting now


We often forget that it’s the little things that add up and really make the difference in our lives. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator everyday will eventually lead to a healthier lifestyle. Not buying a 5$ coffee every morning will save thousands of dollars in the long run. It is the small changes we make and our self-awareness that help us achieve our goals and create a compound effect.

Maintaining a strong, happy, and loving relationship is not an easy task. But there are a few simple steps you can take daily to improve your relationships long term success.

Touch Each Other

This is so important to your relationship thriving. Hold hands while sitting on the couch, give a quick shoulder rub as your partner does the dishes, or just gently touch their waist as you walk by. Make sure your partner knows you are aware of their presence and enjoy being close to their body. This will keep you both feeling connected and loved.

Kiss Hello & Goodbye

It may sound kind of trivial but a simple kiss here and there is never a bad thing. Kissing each other before heading off to work helps keep your partner on your mind all day and makes you miss them a little more. Don’t just mindlessly peck each others lips though. Take the 5 seconds to leave an impression.

Complement Each Other

It is truly amazing how much complements can affect a relationship. Tell your partner you like their outfit, that their hair looks good, or how delicious dinner was. Go try our couples exercise which will help boost self-confidence and make you both more aware of The Little Loving Things ( in your relationship.

Say Thank You

Saying thank you goes a long way in letting your partner feel appreciated. It doesn’t matter if they always do the laundry or make dinner, you should be saying thank you every time. Never stop showing your appreciation of all the simple and sometimes menial tasks they do daily.

Eat Together

Make the effort to have breakfast or supper together every day. Even if you both sip your coffees and read the newspaper, it becomes a ritual of your relationship and an integral part of your day. 40 years later you will be sitting eating breakfast together as always and realize it is a defining part of your happy relationship.

Laugh Together

We just don’t laugh enough as adults. Enjoy your silly moments together and don’t forget to laugh. It is hard to resist loving someone who makes us laugh and it is hard to stay mad or upset when you’re rolling on the floor with happy tears in your eyes. Do a silly dance, tell an embarrassing story, or just watch your favourite comedy together, but make sure you laugh!

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Don’t underestimate the importance of the little things in life. They are what relationships are built on and without them, our foundations would crumble. Every complement, kiss, thank you, and touch, builds a stronger base for us to grow. For more tips on simple ways to improve your relationship go to LoveTripping (