The SW Experts | 7 Popular Beliefs that Transform Your Dating Life Into a Nightmare
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7 Popular Beliefs that Transform Your Dating Life Into a Nightmare

 Your Beliefs Could Make Or Break Your Dating Life

Your Beliefs have the power to make or break your dating life.

It was Henry Ford who said that you are right, no matter if you think that you can do something or you think that you can’t do something. He knew that the right beliefs are the key that opens the door to success.

Today I am going to tell you that having the right mindset and feeding your brain with beliefs that have the power to inspire and motivate you, can not only lead to success in business. Having the right beliefs can also transform your dating life from a never-ending misery into a big adventure.

Unfortunately, most guys have beliefs about themselves, about women and about relationships that are anything but motivating and inspiring. Thanks to their negative thoughts they transform their potentially awesome dating life into a nightmare.

Because I don’t want you to become the next guy who messes up his dating life before he goes out to approach women, I decided to share seven beliefs with you that you should better delete from your hard disk, before you replace them with beliefs that have the power to lift you up.


 1. I Don’t Have What it Takes

In the same way as women are conditioned from an early age to be a beautiful and flawless model, men are also conditioned to fulfill a certain stereotype. A lot of young men grow up with the belief that they can only get a beautiful girlfriend if they have a six pack, join the football team and drive an expensive car.

After watching countless high school movies and looking up to one handsome popstar after another, a young man has to come to the conclusion that he doesn’t have what it takes as long as he doesn’t look like the guys he sees on television. As a result of this belief I get emails from guys who think that they are not tall enough, not handsome enough and not muscular enough.

Before you drive yourself mad because you are not as handsome as Liam Hemsworth, I want you to understand that not all women are attracted to this stereotypical version of a man. I am 100% sure that there are many girls who are attracted to you.

You already have what it takes to attract amazing women. The only problem is that you hide this ability under a lair of excuses.


2. Women Are Not So Much Into Sex

Whenever I hear a guy saying that they believe that women are just not so much into sex, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I think that it is funny that there are guys who are that naïve and on the other hand, I think that it is sad that some men are still living in the 1920s.

A man who believes that women don’t enjoy sex hasn’t realized that they have a clitoris that has the sole purpose to provide them with sexual pleasure. Please don’t make the mistake and assume that women are innocent angels who don’t have any naughty thoughts.

The truth is that women, in the same way as men, are sexual beings who want to live out their fantasies and desires, which is totally fine.


3. Once She is My Girlfriend, She is Mine

One sure way to mess up your dating life and every relationship you will ever have is to think that you own a woman, just because she calls you her boyfriend. What a lot of guys seem to ignore is that women are free entities who can do whatever they want.

Just because you are in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean that you own this person. Just because a woman loves to spend time with you doesn’t mean that you can tell her what she should and what she shouldn’t do.

The fastest way to make her lose interest in you and to force her to leave you is by giving her the feeling that she gave away her freedom by entering a relationship with you.


4. I Have to Impress Women

What do most men do when they are on a date with a beautiful woman?

They remember all the Hollywood movies in which the main character tried to impress the girl of his dreams and now they are motivated to do the same. This might work in the movies, but it doesn’t work in real life.

The moment you tell a girl about your expensive car, your designer suit, your recent promotion and your vacation in Monaco, she already regrets that she agreed to meet you for a coffee. The fact that you are lying to her in order to appear more attractive is not the biggest problem. The biggest issue she has is that you tell her the exact same stories that all the other guys have already told her.

Every woman knows that a man who is truly impressive doesn’t see the need to impress women.

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5. First I Have to Get the Money, then the Girls Will Come

A couple of years ago you had to watch at least one or two movies until you believed that all women are money-hungry gold diggers. Today you just have to type “gold digger prank” in YouTube and you will find enough proof that the only thing that women want is money.

After I talked with a lot of guys about this topic I honestly have to say that I am shocked. I never thought that so many men are convinced that women only want money. What they don’t know is that this is only true for about 1% of all women.

The problem is that you watch one or two of those gold digger pranks and after you have seen that some girls do everything to go home with a rich guy you assume that all girls are like that.

You completely ignore the fact that the guys who made this prank had to wait for hours until they found the perfect target. If they would have recorded all the girls who didn’t care about their Lamborghini, nobody would watch the video.

When you see a girl doing a certain thing, it is very tempting to assume that all girls are that way. It is important to realize that just because one girl is into money doesn’t mean that all girls are gold diggers.


6. I Just Have to Use the Right Line or Technique

There seems to be this belief among guys that all you have to do to attract the woman of your dreams is to use the right line or the right technique. I know that it sounds extremely tempting to just say a few magical words or to use a secret technique that nobody has ever heard of to attract women.

If such a line or technique would exist, everybody would use it and nobody would struggle with their dating life. The reality looks a bit different. A lot of men struggle to meet amazing women, but they don’t struggle because they haven’t found the magical line or technique.

The reason why they struggle is because they continue to believe in a lie, instead of working on themselves. If you would spend the time that you waste looking for a magical solution to your problem with approaching women and improving yourself, your dating life would look different.


 7. Success Comes Overnight

What if you realize that there is no such thing as the magical pickup line? What if you actually decide to go out and to approach women?

Then my friend, you will eventually become successful and attract the woman of your dreams.

If you really work on yourself and make the decision to become better every single day, success is inevitable.

The only misconception that a lot of men who want to play in the major league of the dating game have is that they believe that success comes overnight.

I receive a lot of emails from guys who told me that they want to give up and when I ask them how many girls they have approached, they usually give me a number between one and twenty.

I am sorry to say this but if you decide to give up after you have approached ten girls, you will never reach the success with women that you dream of. Dating success won’t happen overnight, but if you keep working on yourself it will happen.