The SW Experts | 7 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dating Single Teachers
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7 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dating Single Teachers


reasons not to date single teachers

Some professions are seriously sexy. Firemen and nurses are two that get the opposite sex hot under the collar. Now teachers get a raw deal for looking plain and being uptight, but it isn’t just how they are ‘perceived’. Single teachers are everywhere and there are good reasons why they are single. They should also come with a severe warning if you plan to date one. Here are 7 reasons why you should avoid dating single teachers.

1. Unavailability

reasons to avoid dating single teachersIf you plan to take a single teacher out, give her plenty of notice. Most of her nights will be taken up with marking, with a school event later in the evening, or planning a lesson observation. The weekends will be more of the same but add in laminating, cutting and making Power Point presentations for lessons. Time is of an essence for a teacher and you may not get a look in.

2. Minimal Sex Life

As much as they may want to have sex, be prepared for little action in this area. Morning sex is a no-no as they have to get to the classroom for 7:45 am. They will have very little energy for it in the evenings, too.

3. Talking Down to You

If they happen to spend all their days giving disapproving looks, shaking their heads, telling kids ‘I expected better from you’, it is very likely that similar kind of behaviors will creep into your relationship. Yep, you will be spoken to like you are a nine year old.

4. Expect Military Organization

Planning on going out somewhere? Then expect everything to be thoroughly planned out, with reminders of timings and equipment organised and everyone knowing their role. They are experts at this.

5. Talking ‘Shop’

Teachers will complain at any given opportunity. From the fact that they have to pay for their own cups of tea, to having to attend the school fete, to cutting out 30 individual name tags. Be expected to hear grumbles and moans most evenings or just tell her to stop.

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6. Avoiding Places

There will be bars and shops she may want to avoid due to kids calling out ‘Hey Miss!’ And not just the kids, the parents do the same! Going out with a teacher can make life tricky when you need to find somewhere to eat, drink or shop and she says no to everywhere you recommend.

7. Grammar and Spelling Correction

Teachers are so used to going over work with a red pen.  They are spelling machines (most).  It’ll be fairly common that your grammar will be corrected if you lack knowledge of the tenses.  Now having a human spell check it a good thing, so it’s not all bad on this front!

Of course, this behavior stops around July when it’s the end of the school year so the best time for dating single teachers would be between July until September—it’ll be a nice summer for it!