The SW Experts | 7 Tips for Women to Make the Most of a Weekend Getaway
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7 Tips for Women to Make the Most of a Weekend Getaway

Make The Most of a Weekend Getaway


Taking time out of your busy lives can do wonders for your relationship as well as your sex life. You are planning to make the most of a weekend getaway with your husband or boyfriend and if you want it to be a really naughty and dirty weekend, then read on.

Here are some handy and practical tips getting the most of your weekend.


1. Do all grooming before you go

You want have the maximum time together possible while away, so remove all your unwanted body hair before you away. If you have enough time, book yourself a waxing appointment 24 hours before you leave. When doing the job yourself, use hair removal cream rather than shaving as this will have better and longer lasting results.

2. Avoid overpacking

If the sole aim of your trip is to have as much sex and intimate time together, there is no point taking too many clothes. As well as making your bag lighter to carry, it will give you more space for accessories and essentials for all that sexy time together.

3. Don’t overdo your makeup

When you are away, you will want to look your very sexy best. But if you overdo not only will you waste time, but you could put your man off by looking the not your natural self. You should aim to look sexy, but smart and classy.

4. Remove uncomfortable things

There is nothing that will kill the mood of a dirty weekend more than feeling uncomfortable. This means only taking things along and wearing things you feel comfortable in. If you have bought a new outfit or piece of lingerie for your weekend away, try it out before you go. Put it on underneath the top layer of clothes you intend to wear – walk around and sit in it and use a mirror to view yourself behind. If you don’t feel sexy, or think it makes unattractive lines underneath clothes or cuts off your circulation – don’t wear it.

Apply the same thought process to shoes – if you can’t walk in them, avoid them as you want to look like a sexy seductress, not a silly tart!

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5. Don’t take forever In the bathroom

Whether you are getting ready to go out to dinner or getting ready for bed, don’t spend too long in the bathroom. If you do, you may lose his attention to the television service in your hotel room or find him sleeping at the bar downstairs. Remember, he may not notice the fen details you spent so long working on and will only be interested in how well you have accentuated the fine body he knows you already have.

6. Turn your mobile off and ask him to do the same

Remember, it’s a dirty weekend of passion and sex. You don’t need interruptions from friends or relatives. Anything that happens while you are away can wait to when you return. It’s a good idea to change your voicemail so it informs any callers that you won’t be reachable until a certain date and if it’s an emergency, they should text you.

7. Bring more condoms than you need

It is a good idea to take more condoms than you think you will need. They rip too easily and nothing ruins the passion of a heated bout of foreplay than looking for them only to discover you’ve ran out.