The SW Experts | 7 Tips to Keep the Romance Alive In Your Relationship
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7 Tips to Keep the Romance Alive In Your Relationship

Trust Me It's Not You - 7 tips to keep the romance alive in your relationship

In relationships, it is so important to keep the romance alive. When the romance between two partners begins to die down, the relationship often follows that decline. Below are 7 tips to keep the romance alive in your relationship and not let it fizzle out!

1. Date Night:

Having a regular date night with your partner is one of the best things you can do for each other. Even if it is once a week, or once every other week, it is a way to continually make time for each other, connect, and keep the spark going.

2. Keep Laughing:

I have always found that humor is one of the best parts of a relationship. Laughing together is a way to keep things happy and fun. When you and your partner no longer have fun together, that is usually a sign that relationship satisfaction is declining. It is important to not be too serious all the time. Find fun things to do that make you both laugh and grow your connection.

3. Go on a Vacation:

Now, a vacation is something that couples can’t do all the time because of work and finances, but when you can, get a vacation in with your partner! Going on vacation together creates new memories and experiences together that you can look back on and share. You also learn a lot about someone when you travel together, and usually become a lot closer.

4. Don’t Stop Communicating:

To keep the romance alive, make sure you always communicate with your partner. That applies to communication about your relationship, as well as life in general. If you continually share things with your partner, you grow closer and that romance will be able to grow as well.

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5. Make Decisions as a Team:

Making a decision with the support of your partner is really important. This way, it shows them that you value their opinion, and then in turn the relationship. Valuing a partner and the relationship is very romantic, and that is sure to keep your spark alive.

6. Compliment Each Other:

No matter how long you and your partner have been together, it is important to still compliment each other and remind one another that you love them and feel lucky to be with them. A compliment from you to your partner goes a long way.

7. Do Your Own Things:

Now, all of the tips before have centered around you AND your partner, but this tip is a little different. It is a really good idea to do your own things sometimes, get your own space, and give you partner their own space. This way, you can have a little alone time, and you can miss each other a bit. This also allows you and your partner to keep your own freedom and individuality, and not feel like you always have to be joined at the hip.

I hope you found these tips useful and that they keep your spark going! Until next time be sure to follow me on my blog and on Twitter!