The SW Experts | 7 Ways You Can Make Your Date Feel Truly Special
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7 Ways You Can Make Your Date Feel Truly Special


Escorts Tell Us About Their Best Dates

Getting it right on a first date can be difficult; which is why we asked some escorts what it takes to impress them.

It’s hard to think of anything more nerve-racking than planning a first date. So to help you out, we asked some experienced London escorts what makes a date truly special. If you’re looking for some inspiration, just take a look at their suggestions.

Something a little different

It’s a good idea to think outside of the box sometimes. “For me, it’s great when a guy picks something a little different for a date. One of my favourite dates was actually going bowling – totally childish but really fun! Another great one was going to a wine tasting event,” says Elsa.

Dress to impress

Sasha always appreciates it when her date makes an effort. “You can’t beat a guy who’s dressed well. It doesn’t have to be an expensive suit, although that’s certainly impressive! No, a smart shirt and jeans are fine too. It just makes you feel like they’re going out to impress you, and appreciate what you do.” So you’ve heard it here guys – make sure you scrub up nicely!

Be a gentleman

You’ll need to be on your best behaviour too if you want to impress your date. “I like it when a man acts like a proper gentleman,” says Emma. “Complimenting you, holding the door open for you, kissing you goodnight; that’s what makes a girl feel special.”

Splash out

If you want to do things in style, don’t hold back! “It’s hard not to be impressed when your date spoils you. One memorable evening with a wealthy client ended in a five-star hotel room,” says Bella. So if you’re thinking of making a night of it and splashing out, your escort will definitely approve!

A quiet night in

For Shelly though, it’s all about a relaxed night in. “I have a client who pulls out all the stops when I visit his home. Candles, a bubble bath, and champagne – you name it! For me, that’s the ideal date.” So if you’re spending the evening at home, be sure to make it as luxurious as a stay in an exclusive hotel.

Don’t be afraid to flirt

When we asked Chantelle what makes a date special for her, she told us that it’s chemistry. “I like a guy who isn’t afraid to flirt, and who makes his intentions clear.” She even had some advice for a potential suitor. “Make eye contact, tell her she looks beautiful, and don’t be afraid to get a little touchy-feely.”

Dance the night away

As far as Nikki is concerned though, it’s all about the music. “I love going clubbing with a date. There’s just something about moving to the music and getting close to each other on the dancefloor that I love. Plus, there’s never a spare moment for an awkward silence!”

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What will you both get up to?

So there you have it, the low-down from some professional escorts on how to make a date special. After all, if there’s anyone who knows a lot about the dos and don’ts of dating, it’s going to be one of these girls! Just be sure to follow some of their advice if you want to make your date truly unforgettable.